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  1. It won't. 83 high. It is cool and awesome out so far. It will be great weather for the fans. A little warm on the field for the players, but cooler than what they've been practicing in this week. That's all from meteorologist Hooky. Enjoy the game!
  2. He probably wouldn't have even played week 1 due to suspension if he was still here.
  3. The offense is Taylor made. DIE HOBSON!!!! DIE!!!!!!
  4. I don't know anything, but what instills hope for me is the difference in strategy. The old regime seemed to have their offensive game plan before the game. They were going to run the same offense regardless of who they were playing. And if an aspect of the offense wasn't working ie.. OL, then they would just hope it gets better and keep shoving the square peg in the round hole. The new regime seems to concede that something isn't working and is never going to work in the course of the game and game plan around their weaknesses. And on the other side, exploit weaknesses of the opposing team, which the old staff didn't seem to take advantage of. I could be wrong, but that's what I see and it not only gives me hope, but I'm actually excited to see what they do next. There were no surprises from week to week with Marvin.
  5. Makes you wonder how many more rapists there were in the stealer org.
  6. I could give 2 shits myself, but I think it would be hilarious if he's the one that finally brings the patriots down.
  7. He did shit because he wanted the Stealers to release him so he could choose which team to sign with, but they wouldn't and finally traded him. He probably has been scheming getting released since he got to Oakland. Now he'll play ball literally and figuratively now he got what he wants and the pats will be blown for taming the savage beast.
  8. And the lifetime achievement award for years of being painfully not funny.
  9. And I was wondering how much the turds missed Zeitler yesterday.
  10. I doubt or like to think that players and coaches don't care about moral victories, but it's great for the fanbase which can only hope for better days which I think has been stoked. As long as they start transforming to real wins. The fan base won't accept many more moral victories.
  11. Did somebody say that it was or just preemptive banging the same old drum? They lost because they didn't make plays when they needed to, but that doesn't negate the constant fucking on booth reviews. That was obviously not a fumble, but the leaguecwanted it to be. And explain to me how you can rub a pylon with your inside knee, tuck the ball in your outside arm and cross the goal line. Not the reason they lost, but discouraging nonetheless. Look no further than the Driskell TD last year. The booth said that he was giving himself up while diving into the end zone. Tell me with a straight face that Mayfield, Murray or any other QB darling would get the same call and I'll drop it forever. Yes it was a year ago, but that defined for me how the league can fuck a team if they want to. Again, not making excuses for the bengals' shortcomings, just expressing my distrust of the league. And yes, they screw other teams too based on the scenario.
  12. Somebody pushes you, not once but twice, and you wouldn't shove him back. It's a stupid penalty any way. Players shove each other the whole game and the refs pick and choose when they want to throw a flag. Roughing? It's a shove, it's not a punch or a kick. And yes, I consistently think they're ticky tack regardless of the team. Unless it's the stealers, because fuck them.
  13. And he got slammed in the helmet on that "fumble" too.
  14. Right. The game was probably over, but that the play was reviewed and it was obviously a pass but called a fumble is discouraging. It's going to be a long season if they can't get something that obvious right or they just want to fuck the bengals.
  15. Exactly. It's annoying how it's a major production to review a call. They should just have some officials in a booth behind the scenes to catch horrendous calls and non-calls and radio down. If they had that in the NFC game, we wouldn't have to suffer this knee jerk decision to review PI. Also, this would stop coaches being penalized for challenging obvious bad calls. In the TNF game, the packers had to burn their final challenge on a blatant bad call with 4 or 5 minutes left. So if there was another critical bad call after that, they're screwed.
  16. Amen to that. I used to watch all sports, now I'm down to football, hockey and rugby. And football is hanging on by a thread. And this PI review may push me over the edge. Rugby even is starting to get bogged down with reviews also.
  17. He didn't last very long on NBC. Too many complaints from viewers punching their TVs.
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