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  1. It will really suck when Charles Woodson, that he's tied with on the interception list, gets in in the next couple of years.
  2. Why would he be afraid? It is trendy, woke and acceptable to speak out about this. If he or some other celebrity wants to be really brave, they should tell people to stop rioting.
  3. It all depends on the DC obviously. All NFL teams have talented players, it depends on what Lou does with them. That's why the Pats always have a solid defense with no big names.
  4. I can't stop laughing. Hopefully these stupid coaches won't get in his way. Fuck sake. The Burrow blowing has got to a hilarious level. The same things were said after the quitter was drafted. He was going to break all of our QB records and win multiple Super Bowls. And no, this situation isn't any different. And yes, I want him to succeed obviously, but we'll see.
  5. 4-12 is very realistic with a rookie QB and a sophomore coaching staff. And an overhauled defense that will need to gel. There's no reason to get irate when somebody suggests that a QB that has never taken an NFL snap will vastly improve a 2-14 team right away. It's funny that so many people that are super optimistic about Burrow gets pissed when somebody suggests that he's not the messiah.
  6. They were saying during his film that he is a smart risk, possible 2nd round without the injuries. Nothing to lose for 7th round.
  7. Who knows what their plan is. Maybe they're going to try to get a vet FA after camp cuts or that gets released this week after his team drafts a young pup. Maybe find a diamond in the undrafted rough. After the encouraging FA so far, I'm starting to have faith that they have a plan. Blind faith most likely, but faith nonetheless.
  8. I know absolutely nothing about any of the players left, but we obviously need to go OL, but I can forgive getting another LB. We need at least 2 more. We had nothing beside Pratt. Evans and Nickerson couldn't make any other team's roster.
  9. Yeah. He has no red flags. Great off-field, no injuries, no fumbles.
  10. They had all day and that's what they came up with. And not once during the day did they think about how much Bobby Hart sucks?
  11. So what was your honest expectations, overall success wise, of Palmer. People say he's a piece of shit quitter now, but if you were to go back and read what people posted about him when he started, it won't look much different than the hoopla now.
  12. If you read my post, I wasn't saying that there was no difference between the QBs. I said that the hype and expectations are the same. Palmer was going to be the saviour of the franchise based on ridiculous numbers in one good year at USC.
  13. My son for the win: "Why? Did he kill somebody?" Lamar labels Ravens LB Queen 'Ray Lewis Jr.' http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29092590/lamar-jackson-labels-new-ravens-lb-patrick-queen-ray-lewis-jr via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app
  14. There's really no difference in the hype between the two when they got here. Palmer was going to win us multiple Super Bowls. And you have no idea if he will quit or not. Nobody thought Palmer would. You're totally missing the point.
  15. Same to you. I've always liked the dolphins since I bandwagon jumped on their perfect season. Paul Warfield and Isaac Curtis are probably my favorite players ever. Really enjoyed your posts, it's refreshing to get mew members that talk about football, sorry again that you didn't get a better, more reasonable, objective response to your well thought out scenario.
  16. Because you're basing your assessment on Burrow as what you want it to be. You're just a cheerleader.
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