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  1. Hopefully Vigil goes with him. The 2 starting LBs wouldn't make any other team's roster, let alone start. The LBs are a way bigger problem than the OL.
  2. It's always hilarious to see posts right after a loss on this board. What a bunch of whiny fucking crybabies. "This is the worst team ever! This is the worst coaching staff ever! I'm really done with this team this time! Again! Fuck Mike Brown for ruining my life! Boo fucking hoo!"
  3. Would you rather be one of the teams in the back 16 not on your list that didn't go to the playoffs 5 years in a row? We could do this all day. Ultimately, the teams outside the 8 teams that won a super bowl in the last 10 years really can't brag about shit.
  4. They don't matter. Just like the 5 straight playoff seasons don't seem to matter to anybody now.
  5. How about Colinsworth last night? I've never seen him go down on stealer cock that much before. And that's saying something. You could tell that he was really pissed that they were 1-4. Thank god it wasn't our game. I turned it off after 10 minutes begging for mercy.
  6. Jimmy Johnson was 1-15 in his first season with Dallas. FWIW.
  7. Right. Sorry. I retract my comment and will redeem myself by quoting Booger from last night: "Look out America!! (And China) Here come the browns!!!".
  8. The turds are for real. Will they get the same treatment we did when the 49ers thumped us. Will Baker Mayfield get the same treatment that Dalton did after his 0 QBR against the turds on primetime a couple of years ago? What was Mayfield's? 8-22, 100 yds, 2 ints.
  9. But my main point is in general. Why can't a coach challenge under 2 minutes? Why is there that stipulation when that is the time they would possibly need it the most?
  10. What is the logic? With David Johnson's critical reception that obviously wasn't, why can't a coach challenge in the most important time frame of the game? So under 2 minutes, a coach has to pray that the booth reviews a potentially bad call. Giving the booth a chance to pick and choose. I just want to know the logic, not have yet another debate over whether the league is out to get us. I didn't watch it live. I don't know if Taylor had any challenges any way. Just interested in your take on this asinine rule.
  11. Wish they would've traded us something for our fat version of Nugent.
  12. I think that is what he meant by his original post. I read it "Where can I watch the game without douchebag, inbred stealer fans?".
  13. I had a great strategy, but failed to execute. Since the stealers suck, their D was available on Fantasy. I meant to pick them up and play them this week since any D I play, regardless of talent, gets stomped. Easy win for the bengals.
  14. Prediction: We will have all 4 TDs overturned in the booth, have 200 penalty yards to 0 for stealers and lose 7-0 on a last minute TD pass that bounces 3 times before Scheister picks it up and Southpaw will say the refs had nothing to do with the loss. Even before anybody mentions it.
  15. It's a good thing we have PFF to tell us the line sucks.
  16. Perfect. I don't read him either, but occasionally torture myself when a link is posted here.
  17. P-dork is more annoying than booger, Berman and Collinsworth put together. He should not be covering the bengals. Collinsworth may have helped him write the stealer blowing segment.
  18. I didn't say agenda against the bengals specifically. And I said that I'm not blaming the refs for the loss. It doesn't matter what game I'm watching. There are exceedingly more bad calls it seems. And many go through the booth unchanged. And there are so many bad calls that coaches shouldn't need to waste challenges on.
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