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  1. #KARMA

    The Pharisees one is even better. Drills the whole organization and fans.
  2. #KARMA

    Captain Fat Fuck? Why didn't we ever think of calling him something so glorious? And he has Mitchell totally nailed down. That was beautiful.
  3. I should. I was actually thinking before the game on Sunday that if I had money to burn, I would buy a jersey for all 31 teams and wear which ever one the stealers played that week.
  4. I know, wrong forum. Man accused of threat toward Stealers game http://es.pn/2Deo6CQ via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app
  5. The girl at work that's been wearing all her stealer shit and trying to shove it down people's throats isn't saying or wearing shit today. The hits just keep on coming.
  6. Zing! Actually, it's too true to be funny.
  7. Coaching Staff Changes

    Fired after losing a playoff game? That's unheard of.
  8. Many on here argued that Hall could've played the ball better and that there should've been a safety deep. Both plays were incredibly lucky regardless of how the defense played it.
  9. I don't recall anybody being glad that he left, but as usual, many tend to rationalize over decisions they could do nothing about except move on. But then there's always some that are still crying over it 5 years later.
  10. You've been waiting all this time for him to win a playoff game so you could finally post this?
  11. #KARMA

    When it's all said and done, all the stealers accomplished was that they got to play one more game than us.
  12. They were playing in the Gophers stadium until the new dome/indoor/whatever was ready.
  13. Add Fouts and Eagle to the list. And the NFL network who already recorded stealers vs pats match-up programs to show this week.
  14. Only the stealers and the refs can score 2 TDs in 4 minutes against the best D in the league.
  15. Way to slide, Lee, before the headhunter got you.
  16. He's probably at the game. Can't miss his favorite team. Probably wanking one of the Rooneys in a box.
  17. Ricochet? Fucking retards, the two of them.
  18. If you're DVRing, go back to 1:16. No time out is charged, the clock doesn't run until the ball is snapped.
  19. Why do they charge a team a challenge when they reversed a call with indisputable evidence? Why be charged anything for correcting a crappy call. That rule should be changed.
  20. Let's change a 4th and less than 1 to 4th and 6 on a pitch.

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