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  1. The boycotters are protesting peacefully. It shouldn't offend anybody. They definitely shouldn'r be assumed to be racist. You don't know how they feel about the cop shootings. Boycotting because players are choosing during the anthem of all times to do their protest doesn't mean they're against them protesting at all. It's really not that hard to figure out. But feel free to assume that they're all racist even though some of them may be black, they all voted for Trump and they're the enemy because you disagree with them. It's amazing how you know so much about a large group of people. It's called a stereotype, which you're probably against in some cases. This is my last post in this thread since I know exactly what you're going to say and get called a racist for seeing both sides.
  2. Of course, power rankings don't mean shit. It's only value is that it shows how much they hate the Bengals. This is probably where they were ranked or lower, the year that the Quitter quit. And they made the playoffs, so that's encouraging.
  3. Do they have a chart for number of teeth lost from not wearing a mouth piece?
  4. Wasn't there originally a rule that they had to stand that was waived off after the protests started? I'm not arguing that there was. I'm not sure, but I thought there was. As far as Mike Brown, I don't think that he's stupid enough to think that a player kneeling has anything to do with their performance on the field. I don't know why he has a policy that players should stand, but all teams have some policies that are not football related. You continue to discredit the boycotters as not being true fans before they started boycotting. It's called a sacrifice. They decided their values are more important than their love of football. So the people that stopped watching probably don't give a shit about the Super Bowl. It's not the most important thing in their life, unlike for some fans.
  5. Sure, when you say it like it's just a random 2 and a half minutes to spin your argument. People are offended whether you think they should be or not. You don't understand it, but you don't have to. You're not an owner.
  6. You're forgetting about the key factor. The fans. It's not because every owner is racist, it's because of the impact that it's having on their bottom line. The fan base is the element that the league and owners have no control over. Since the protests were having a major impact on the revenue, the league and owners had to do something. Regardless of how many tweeters, bloggers, posters question the boycotters' decision and bash them, they're not going to change the fans' minds. And neither are the owners.
  7. I know. But thanks, snopes, for the fact check since it was a totally serious post to be checked for accuracy.
  8. Yeah, 3 pages ago. That would be great for the team if he won.
  9. Says the guy who just had 6 posts in a row complaining about people getting offended. How does somebody boycotting the NFL have any effect on your life? Who are you to decide what should be considered petty by somebody else?
  10. They waive these guys, but keep Burfict and Pacman? That's horse shit!
  11. Tremendous post. Unfortunately, many people on both primary political sides combat an opposing view with discrediting the person for thinking that way instead of respectfully disagreeing. They want people to try to understand why a player is kneeling, but write off the boycotter that is offended as a total nut job. And vice versa.
  12. It might be your sister. Does that matter?

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