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  1. Hooky

    Stealers schedule

    Me either. Probably. The pats may be the only team that trumps them on calls. That's why the Jesse James call was so beatiful. Finally a taste of their own medicine.
  2. Hooky

    Fight after the game...

    Wow, you're all over the place and inane bringing up the pick play. Intent obviously doesn't matter in PI or there would be no PI. Their intent is to break up the play. You're obviously in a contrary mood. Maybe that's your way to vent after another ass fucking by the refs.
  3. Hooky

    Fight after the game...

    OK. How about the whole fucking league? You're suggesting that a player can get suspended just by judging his intent. Where would it end?
  4. Hooky

    Fight after the game...

    So also suspend the entire stealer OL for constantly trying to take Burdock's knees out? Even if they missed?
  5. Rodney Harrison once again showed his love for the bengals, calling the no call on the OPI a great no call. Pretending like he wouldn't have bitched up a storm if that was him getting blocked with the ball in the air. Said you'll never get that call. Probably refering to the bengals. He said that you can block on the line, which would've been fine if he stayed on the line and not block 3 or 4 yards up field so bitch could slant under. It wouldn't have worked if he stayed on the line and furniture throwing bitch caught it in the backfield. That's why I don't watch any of these games since I know it's almost always going to end like that. That was the only play I watched on youtube to see how fucked we got. And I read here that Geno got a defensive holding call despite probably being held all game.
  6. Hooky

    Stealers schedule

    You're overlooking the refs.
  7. How did the refs not see that OPI that fucked us again? Answer: They did. And now, tell me with a straight face that we would get away with a block that blatant.
  8. On your way? Supposed to be cool this weekend. 50s, could hit 30s over night after being upper 80s last weekend. Probably not much different there. Let us know if you need any more suggestions.
  9. But they still repeatedly say that the stealers and rats are the class of the division regardless of the bengals being in the thick of it except the last couple of years. But I agree, it doesn't matter what they say. Just pointing out bias. It doesn't piss me off any more, it's just a joke at this point. They will blow the stealers no matter how much we win.
  10. The problem with that theory is that we've beaten the rats the majority of that era and the media still constantly talks like they own us. They will always diss us as long as Mike Brown is here. That's who they really despise.
  11. It's passed down from their uncle daddy and aunt mommy.
  12. Hooky

    Broadcast map

    Yes, they are shitty, but I don't think there's any announcers that wouldn't suck for this game.
  13. Hooky

    Broadcast map

    Are they going to spell out "fuck the stealers!"? I'll dot the !.
  14. I know it's a running joke, but it's impossible to disrespect a team that has no respect. And......fuck the stealers.

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