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  1. If they decide on Dillard, how far can they trade back and still get him? They could get some good shit for an 11.
  2. I picked Williams in the draft contest, but want them to get an LB. But I was guessing what Zac would do. I thought since he's an offense guy, his first pick would be there. Which would leave OT. Unless he really wants to shake it up and go QB. But I think he and Mikey want to give Dalton a chance with his offense. And not want to risk a rookie qb getting killed before he can fix the line. Also, the only real stud LB, Devin White, will be long gone. I won't be John Ross mad if they pick Bush or Dillard, but I think Williams is the fit if he's still there.
  3. Or Devin White to #11.
  4. Landry and OBJ will have a fist fight before the season is halfway over. And they will bully Mayfield like Ocho and TJ did to the quitter when he can't throw the ball to both of them every play.
  5. They haven't talked to me either.
  6. I would really hate drafting Murray, especially since we would have to trade up for him. But even if he fell to us, I wouldn't like it. He could easily be another Mannziel. He ran up big numbers against really crappy Big 12 Ds. I wouldn't hate Haskins, but we need to build a line that's not going to get him killed. So if we have to trade up for him, I think it would be a bad move.
  7. Your new thread title suggests that there is no deadline for guesses if it's tomorrow. It's like a bar having a sign that says "free beer tomorrow".
  8. For an example of the shield doing anything it wants, look no further than our Chargers game where for some odd reason they didn't want Driskell to have a touchdown. Giving himself up? That's what a slide is for. No other QB gets fucked like that. I know this was an irrelevant situation in the grand scope of the season, but it's discouraging to know that your team can get fucked at any given moment.
  9. The last time they were saying we would go 0-16, we went to the playoffs 5 years in a row.
  10. The bills have a Thursday night game. That's prime time.
  11. That is crap. Nobody knows why it took so long. Jack Del Rio supposedly wanted to come here. Don't believe the media making it out to be the worst job on earth. How are they young and inexperienced? The DL is basically the same as is CBs. Bates was a rookie but Williams is a vet and people were high on Fejedelem. The only gaping hole is LBs. Don't believe everything you read.
  12. You know that we have an entirely different coaching staff and haven't drafted yet? It sounds like you're assuming that our team will be exactly the same while other teams improve.
  13. Enough with the spoilers, I was looking forward to the thrilling suspense of seeing how the league is going to bone us.

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