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  1. I have no problem with the pick. We needed a kicker to hopefully be the future, but we keep the revolving door for scrub kickers.
  2. Lucky him that the bengals were that stupid. How do you draft a kicker in the 5th(?) and not give him the job? Over Fat Randy, no less. What do you have to lose? If they kept Elliot and he tanked, you couldn't find another Bullock in FA? Instead, waste a valuable draft pick.
  3. The Jake Elliot debacle still pisses me off. Hopefully boy wonder does something before the season starts. Fortunately, there are always plenty of FA prospects to easily plug in. Find one to stick this season or daft one next season TO START and DON'T FUCKING CUT HIM!
  4. Enter the Dragon. Shut up, inner Hob Knob in my head.
  5. I don't know or give two shits about his family tree. I was just saying that he looks like somebody that would fuck his sister if he had one.
  6. He looks like he fucks his sister.
  7. Hooky

    Alex Redmond Suspended

  8. Hooky

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    My sediments exactly.
  9. Nice rant, but I didn't say that I thought he was safe. I said that I don't know nor does anybody else beside Zac and this senseless ranking doesn't tell me anything.
  10. This ranking list ranks 1st in totally useless inane rankings. Since most of us agree how pointless the power rankings are, who would possibly give a flying fuck about this? I am interested to know how committed boy wonder is to Dalton, but this doesn't answer my question. I want to see where Zac ranks among NFL coaches on personal appearance while introducing draft picks and the total points breakdown. I'm sure that there is one.
  11. Hooky

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    He would probably choose to come here if we paid him, but Mikey never gets in a bidding war for a player. That's why we never get high profile FAs.
  12. Hooky

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    The defense was obviously bad, but that's not where we need help. It's the middle of the field where we got destroyed. We still need linebackers. That's the only position that would make any sense to spend that kind of money. He would make the D better, but not fix it unless he can cover tight ends and RBs in the flats. Besides, he's probably signing with the pats as I type this.
  13. My point was that nobody goes to the other football forums. Which makes them useless. It wasn't about you. I don't give two shits what you post. But nice tantrum though.
  14. That's not true. The turds haven't won shit and they are perceived positively. The Bengals could win the Super Bowl and they would still be treated like shit by the sports pundits. During the 5 years in a row that they made the playoffs, they were picked by most to not make the playoffs the following year. They hate Mike Brown and nothing will change that.

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