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  1. But the bad is that it was meaningless since Fat Randy will still win the job. Unless this is truly a new and improved regime and they give the kid a chance.
  2. It's my fault. I was just wondering if anybody was going to Family Dey which is in PBS every year. I should've known that it's impossible to post anything on here and not get some kind of argument.
  3. Anybody else going to Family Dey tomorrow? Taking the boy. Usually the only practice I go to. Not enough seats and no shade options on the practice field.
  4. Yes, he is. I think I speak for everybody, I have high hopes for Pratt to be this year's Bates. Same draft range, same desperation at his position.
  5. Downtown was a mess from 3 to 4. Fucking poured. The drive home sucked. I wonder if the bengals got anything done.
  6. I heard he did it trying to figure out what his jersey number is.
  7. Hooky

    AJ Carted off field

    My dad worked for Mead for about 40 years. That's why we moved up there, so he could work in the new Mead Tower in the early 70s. He retired in the mid-90s. I valeted for that fancy schmancy restaurant in the basement under the square in the early 80s. I used to share your sediment for going downtown. An expired reason for going to Dayton was Renaissence Records(sp).
  8. Hooky

    AJ Carted off field

    The UD basketbal is funny. I have heard tremendous things about the Pine Club. I would like to try that place.
  9. Hooky

    AJ Carted off field

    I was forced to live there for 10 years against my will. I moved back to Cincinnati first chance I got. I honestly can't think of any reason to go to Dayton.
  10. Hooky

    AJ Carted off field

    Mason is OK. I would never live there. It's definitely nothing to brag about. Milford isn't either. I live here because my son goes to school here.
  11. Hey! Leave Sugar Tits alone.
  12. Hooky

    AJ Carted off field

    Dayton is sub-par.

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