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  1. He probably spent his whole pay check on it.
  2. I did. I asked my son the same thing at the time. Just to be a dick. In my mind, he got punched in the face after the game.
  3. Good point. Me too. I always have my other favorite team that I can root for. Whatever team is playing the stealers.
  4. Yeah, I didn't get shit.
  5. That's all we have as fans. We have no input. We can have hope or we can eeyore over the future. I have some dire predictions, but hope things will change. If there's no hope, why bother?
  6. He's like a fine wine. He gives me a massive headache and makes me puke.
  7. Hooky

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    That guy's definitely cheap if he has all that money, but still cuts his own hair.
  8. Where did that Ringo Rango character come from?
  9. I didn't say there were no injuries in the 90s, reading curve. But, congratulations for coming up with one.
  10. There have been a lot of colossal busts at QB. I think that the reason that Leaf will go down in infamy as the Webster's definition is that he was such a dick hole.
  11. Yes, they suck right now. It seems like people are missing the point. My simple point is that if you were around in the 90s as a fan, to say that we are back there is ridiculous.
  12. Again, my point is that they're not there now and the people that say that are being ridiculous. An d I'm not saying they're shouldn't be concern, but to just assume that we will fall back into that abyss is very premature.
  13. I agree, but they're not 90s bad. My point is that to call them 90s bad is ridiculous piling on. I know it doesn't matter if they're better now than they were then. I just find it irritating that it is trendy to compare to an era that I don' t think any team will ever rival in suckiness.
  14. Great input. You bring up some really good points.

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