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  1. If he doesn't get cut. Or else he'll end up back here.
  2. Pick 21 Poll

    And that he had Bob capitalized cracked me up for some reason.
  3. Pick 21 Poll

    Just wait and see who Lapham says the pick is.
  4. Right. He finally fucked himself up after years of trying to fuck people up.
  5. A lot weird now. They're reportedly hosting Bodine.
  6. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/3/18/17136052/bengals-free-agency-2018-russell-bodine-visiting-bills
  7. If anybody is, it's Adam Schefter. I don't see a quote from Burdock anywhere. Stealer fans spun this like they do everything else. And Schuster had somebody read it to him and went along with it.
  8. They signed Nelson and cut Crabtree. Cue Bengals interested in Crabtree report.
  9. Yet more reporting speculation as fact just to report something. Just like the Burfict trade nonsense.
  10. Best Bengals FA news now would be that somebody besides the Bengals signs Bodine. Or he will undoubtedly be back next season.
  11. No. Find a steal in 4th or 5th. Maybe 3rd round comp.
  12. Want some Honey Badger!

    Meh. Did he even do anything spectacular last year? If he didn't have the goofy Honey Badger nickname, this probably wouldn't be a discussion.

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