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  1. I'm glad we didn't get Tak. He's bat shit.
  2. That was Renaldo Nehemiah and he sucked.
  3. They traded up for one.
  4. I will be fine with this pick if he plays significant time this year. Even if he has a mediocre season. So tired of first rounders sitting the first year. I will be really annoyed if a top 10 pick sits.
  5. I think the Sr on the jerseys is ridiculous. Just to be clear that he's not his 5 year old son.
  6. And he's a combine hero. If he would've ran a fraction slower, we would have a beast DL that's ready to play.
  7. They'll have a party on stage.
  8. The problem is that the org has more faith in the current OL than the fans.
  9. I've seen Mixon projected in the 3rd some places. Besides, the patriots are the only team that's allowed to draft him.
  10. Players aren't fast if they don't play.
  11. Where were the booers? That was just part 1. They will probably do it for every pick.
  12. The defense was healthy.
  13. Getting a defensive player that helps the opponent score less is good too.
  14. No. I kept it down. So Foster it is?