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  1. Yeah, disappointing. But it was like pay back to see the bengals do the same thing yesterday. One well deserved punch in the mouth after another. So satisfying. And yes, I'm still alive.
  2. I just hope this old ticker can handle the TSUN and the stealers in one weekend.
  3. It was vicious. And he has a history. He was caught doing the same thing at Chipotle and Home Depot in the past. His season may be over.
  4. And it was a good point that they have done a good job benefiting from those transactions.
  5. I was talking about them going after a player under contract with another team via trade. Not players acquired in the draft from teams agressively pursuing Bengals players.
  6. Can't remember the exact transaction to acquire Taylor Mays, but Mikey very rarely trades for players. He just waits for them to get thrown on the trash heap and rummages. Not that it's a bad approach. A lot of NFL trades have been disasters for certain teams, but then again, there are a lot of what ifs from Mikey not even seemingly considering trading for players.
  7. Silly rabbits. Mike Brown doesn't trade. Name the last significant player the Bengals traded for.
  8. Agree. And Denarius Moore over Brandon Tate. I'm good with the rest. Though I agree that Carter should get a shot. Since he was the only one that made a play the other night.
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