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  1. It was like watching an NFL pre-season game that didn't involve the bengals. Subpar, no vested interest. If I lived in San Antonio, my whole life and never had a hometown football team, I might be interested. But none for me, thanks. Also, having it start one week removed from the Super Bowl was poor marketing. Give NFL fans a few weeks to start jonesing for football.
  2. Great point. Wait and see if Burfict plays for another team this season and see how his persona changes.
  3. They had to sit Brown after those theatrics. If they would've played him, they would've been exposed. He was whoopin it up in the locker room after the game and Pacman said that he was laughing about it after the play. And they gave Porter a game ball also.
  4. I hear you on the FA signings, but maybe in lieu of the pleasantly unpredictable moves made so far this off-season, maybe that will change too.
  5. It wasn't. It was a play on the ball. He couldn't have known if dipshit caught the ball or not. Nantz and other dumbasses said it was violent and way late, but it was bang bang and AB stayed down and pretended that he was hurt.
  6. Where are the negative reps when you need them. You need to read BBR's post for a dose of common sense and analysis instead of Burfict got penalized and we lost. Pacman's penalty is what finished us and that was crap too. Porter should've been penalized and nullified Burfict's. You hate Burfict, we get it.
  7. One might even assume that he will get hurt again, but if he doesn't, it's a whole different offense. If he does, then have somebody ready besides Kroft. I like Uzomah, but he's not a premiere catching TE, but is really good on the other side of one.
  8. I would bring him back like last season under a similar contract, but draft a stud TE 2nd round or so and/or bring in a vet. I would take a chance on him again, but with more insurance than last year.
  9. Threaten to send her to a nursing home in Shittsburgh. She'll change her tune and beg for forgiveness.
  10. You said my post is silly, then posted that crap. I didn't say that they shouldn't have emotions. You can have emotions without being a whiny bitch. At least some of us. The coaches are there to win football games, not to have an impact on the players' lives. Though it happens incidentally at times.
  11. Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck you for bringing veterans into a conversation about two huge grown men getting in trouble for teasing each other. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  12. Ding ding ding. Winner by knock out.
  13. That was predictable and hilarious and you didn't address that both of them were doing it to each other. Real bullying cases are generally one-sided. It's not problematic to question somebody's bullying claims and it's not good that young people are trained to believe every bullying claim and often exploit them. And you're not right just because you think you are. I've been accused of bullying on line for simply disagreeing with somebody. Which trivializes real cases of bullying, And it's "jibe", not "jive". Just to save you embarrassment, not being the spelling police. You're welcome.

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