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  1. That's why it crashes. Fred overload from all of the spinning.
  2. The browns were undefeated in pre-season. That's why the shirt is funny. It's called humor. Look it up. The Bengals won 1 game in the pre-season. So your typical inbred stealer fan attempt at humor doesn't make any sense.
  3. Heath Evans is a rabid Bengal hater. Faulk's not much better. And Ike Taylor is Ike Taylor. Not sure why a guy that I seriously think is borderline retarded is seen by NFL Network as an expert on everything.
  4. It's really too bad that he didn't fuck himself up Shazier style on that hit he's bragging about. I hate to see people get hurt, but these aren't people, they're stealers.
  5. And Kaesveharn(sp) before Nelson. I agree. And as I said before, if they speed up the challenges, it won't add too much time to the game.Don't look at the play 50 times. They should be able to tell in 3 or 4 views if it's disputable.
  6. I agree, but fear that the challenges would take a long time with more factors to look at than if a player's knee was down on a fumble or the receiver got his feet in. They should also be able to challenge the roughness penalties where they throw a flag if the hit looks bad and/or a receiver stays down and looks hurt. Why can't they review it and see if there was actual helmet contact or something else unnecessary? Or if the player hit ducked into helmet contact. I've seen a few penalties where the QB was hit because he slid too late. Notably, the Alonso hit on Flacco that people were crying about. It looked bad, but Flacco slid late and Alonso couldn't stop. Well, that's how I saw it.
  7. Great points. That's why most or all of us uncontrollably vomit when we hear classy and stealers in the same sentence constantly.
  8. That is the most horribly written article I have seen in a long time. I won't comment on the content because it doesn't matter what Marvin does. We are stuck with him. Back to the writing, he was saying that it wasn't a wasted challenge because Marvin won it. That was really stupid. Coaches are limited on challenges and when they have to use one to correct a bad call, that is a waste of a challenge. I think the rule is that if you win both challenges, you get a third. But I think you should only be limited by two lost challenges. So if the refs continue to make bad calls, you can challenge until you lose two. I don't see why a coach should be charged for a challenge if he got it right. For that to not slow down the games, they need to speed up the challenges. It shouldn't take long to find something conclusive. If it's not obvious, move on.
  9. Ross to play CB?

    They should work on getting him on the fucking field, period, first.
  10. The only way he won't be re-signed is if he turns down MB's offer.
  11. Perfectly put. And if it was Burfict instead of Shazier, a stealer fan would say the same thing about him. Well, if there's a stealer fan out there that can string a coherent sentence together.

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