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  1. There should be a statue of him saying that put up at PBS now.
  2. It's been 20 years since the turds returned. Only 2 winning seasons, one playoff appearance, finished last in the division all but 6 seasons. 15 or so double digit loss seasons. And of course, a 16 loss season. Yet every off-season, the sports pundits have higher hopes for them than us. I'm sure they'll pick up somebody this offseason that is supposed to propel them to the super bowl next season also, but the turds will always be the turds.
  3. Those uniforms are amazingly awful. Each player on the browns looks like a piece of shit. Literally.
  4. You're talking out your ass as usual. Aren't the bengals one of the younger teams?
  5. You said 1-15 is unacceptable. That was their record.
  6. Great point. Jerry Jones should have fired Jimmy Johnson after he went 1-15 in his first year at Dallas.
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