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  1. Announcers go on about how tough he is for playing hurt all the time, but how tough is he if he gets hurt all the time?
  2. I think he is on concussion protocol. They said he fell backward and hit his head, but who knows. You know how the reporting is. Nobody needs to know if one of their idiots went after the rapist, but when Burdock tackles anybody at practice, it's with intent to kill.
  3. Random comment: At the game on Thursday, there was a guy who had a Palmer jersey with tape over everything but "ME". Not bad. Not so much funny as it is a clever idea for practical use of a $100 quitter jersey.
  4. It's AJ photoshopped with his jersey upside down and muzz shaved.
  5. Hey, this is the Bengals forum. Why are you posting a picture of a player in a Bengals uniform? Moderators!
  6. Rick's wrong about something? Go figure.
  7. TO was a fucking Bengal. I got it off of the fucking Bengals feed on ESPN. So it's in the fucking Bengals forum. If you don't like it, then fucking ignore it. It's not that fucking hard. I know you know how to boycott things. Just boycott the thread.
  8. I don't think there was any question from the beginning since he's not really a 7th round pick. I think they see him as a steal and middle rounds pick.
  9. "We've got to get gooder." - Marvin's profound observation after every loss.
  10. I'm sure you missed something in your analysis. DO YOUR JOB! But, seriously, I can never tell how OLs play specifically, but the absence of bad snaps and QB pressure in the 1s leads me to agree with you.
  11. Thanks. It had it's own video in there. I left after the 3rd so didn't see it either. Nice throw, too.
  12. I looked it up. Not even 4th and short, 4th and 5. Pre-season, maybe he wanted to see something in another defensive play. Or he was just being Marvin.

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