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  1. So who's left? Mixon and Willis?
  2. You should know that it is impossible for any notable free agent to not have their own thread.
  3. And why was Johnny called out when he was safe by 5 steps?
  4. Throw out what happened the first 59 minutes of the game. Porter not getting the offsetting penalty gave the stealers 30 yards and a chip shot FG, even in shitty weather. That was unprecedented for a playoff game. And you forgot to mention the stealers only TD that was obviously not and not overturned regardless of indisputable evidence. That was even admitted after the fact. How can they look at it a couple of days later and see something different?
  5. You can actually say with a straight face that the league doesn't hate this team and it's owner? How much proof do you need? If you can't see that we got a major ass fucking in that playoff game, then we can't have an honest conversation.
  6. That's horse shit. We don't address deficiencies with the team? How ironic that in attempt to sound smart that you achieved the opposite.
  7. Careful. You're getting OMGDrSouthpaw upset.
  8. It wil be funny when you keep posting this periodically for the next few years.
  9. Why are you replying to yourself?
  10. I don't think Mixon will hold out. Can you imagine?
  11. He is all over the board. He goes for the biggest reaction regardless of his opinions being inconsistent from day to day.
  12. I don't remember him attacking the stealers for having a rapist and convicted dog killer on the team and having at least one player suspended at the beginning of every season.
  13. "A man hitting a woman is not OK. Drafting Mixon says the Bengals think it is." So the stealers think killing and fighting dogs is OK, rape is OK. The ravens think murder is OK. The patriots think vehicular manslaughter is OK, etc...
  14. Not sure, but I heard that Ray Lewis is residing over the proceedings.
  15. So that's what SF stands for.