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  1. It is on tonight. 5-7 PM. Bengals are at 5:30, I think. Check your local listings.
  2. That would be like them saying they hate refs.
  3. Dillon

    That is hands down the most inane post I have seen on here and there's been plenty to choose from. Anything you post from now on will be associated with this stupidity.
  4. Dillon

    Ask Uncle Earl. He'the one that said he was apologetic. I don't give two shits what Dillon does.
  5. Dillon

    Not personality wise. No matter what he did on the field, there is nothing wrong with fans not liking a player for his actions. There is no need to let it go unless it consumes you, which doesn't seem to be the case with anybody here. There's just dislike. Personally, I still think he's a dick. And as far as being apologetic, I didn't see an apology in there. Regret and excuses, but no apology.
  6. Who Dey Backers

    Yeah. Nobody likes the Bengals here.
  7. Who do you think you are? Dave Lopes?
  8. As I mentioned in my snarky post, Gilberry and Dunlap lead with 1 from the January 1st game.
  9. It's a tie. Gilberry has 1 and Dunlap has 1.
  10. Current: Burfict Iloka Boyd All Time: Isaac Curtis Ken Riley Munoz Boobie Clark Dan Ross
  11. And that's all she wrote.
  12. Kathy Griffin

    No. She would be dead.
  13. Kathy Griffin