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  1. F.Cleveland

    Burfict "Dirty Play" vs Chiefs?

    You don't like him because you seem to conflate the Bengals national reputation with your own. Its the same reason you hate Andy. No one nationally sucks your emotional dick for liking a team with a media darling QB. It's a public status symbol you seem to crave and it's sad. I keep seeing "we" and "our" as if you're gonna go watch film and try to get better at reluctantly watching them on TV. I'll root for Tez as long as he's a Bengal. I'll root for Marvin as long as he's the head coach. I won't waste my time on here trying to convince people to do the opposite because I think I'm some enlightened, vestigial appendix whose job it is to keep Bengals fandom elite.
  2. IMO 50% scouting 50% driving trade interest to either get a team to jump in front of them or to trade up with them. If he was a serious option I don't think they trade down. If they stay where they are, this pick is either a center or maybe a linebacker/corner that falls. Depending on how they see Price, they may be willing to take best available at 21 and hope he makes it to 46.
  3. Fuck you Brandon Stokley you fucking fuck!
  4. Diggs you whore! Instant flashback to Denver game. Gross.
  5. Do Reds fans have to be nice to Cubs fans just because they are better now? No. Those people are a bunch of jackasses, win or lose. Do Bengals fans have to be honest about the play on the field when dealing with a mouth breathing yinzer? No. You tell those marble-mouthed fucks that they're only a Stealers fan because Goodwill ran a special on used piss towels and their QB is a serial rapist. Then you go on about your day.
  6. AJ "Way Better Than Dalton" McCarron is a RFA next year, isn't he?
  7. Curious if anyone on here knows anyone that has season tickets for other teams. I'm friends with a browns fan on facebook and he shared a video of him getting his. They came in a browns themed box displayed on a tray on the top with two different hats for each seat. This isn't a 20+ year season ticket holder, he's only had his for 3 or 4 years. The fucking Browns, THE FUCKING BROWNS!!!!
  8. F.Cleveland

    2017 Rookie Class

    Ball just explodes off his foot. Very consistent. Looks good to me.
  9. F.Cleveland

    Well I'm done

    It's really hard to defend either side as completely right. She says she forgave him. I'm willing to let him prove he's not a douche and maybe cheer if he helps the team win.
  10. I agree with most of this. MJ93 is not horrible. The Bengals D scheme is to get pressure without selling out to pass rush all the time. But, the thing about the front 7 is that there is a good number of different rotational roles that can be filled. You can have more than one starting quality player from each position and not have them be wasted.
  11. F.Cleveland


  12. F.Cleveland

    Possibilities at 9

    I'm with you for the most part, but I'd put OJ Howard at the front because of his run blocking skills.
  13. LT and RT are not interchangeable. CO is more suited to play the left side. He needs to get stronger and bigger and that's what I'd expect this year.

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