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  1. Maybe use Dalton and a future pick to move up into the bottom of the first if someone they want is there. Patriots hold 23 and I can’t imagine it would take anything huge added to Andy to get it done. I also could imagine a scenario, weird as it might seem, where they deal Andy and A.J. to the patriots for the 23 alone. That puts them in play for both a top tier wr or lb and a tackle at 33. Its a whole new world.
  2. Also if I’m noticing a theme, it’s stopping the run. I like it.
  3. The way I look at it is if people would be willing to pay anywhere near that, you have to admit he’s likely worth it. The fact that you can’t just buy guys like that every year with some number of draft picks should tell you the rarity and the value is just too much to take any chances with trying to hit the lottery. If he’s a generational qb, he IS the lottery.
  4. The wife and I are going to Vegas for the draft. I’m curious if anyone else has decided that they are too or if not if they’ve been to other drafts. I read they might be putting the main stage hovering over the Bellagio fountain. I also read they were shutting down a large section of the strip for three days and calling it draft town. im gonna go live in draft town for three days. Who’s coming too?
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