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  1. They lost by 3 points. What an absolute total dereliction of duty!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  2. Auden Tate? Practice squad for Philly and knows the offense. Has always had good hands just not speed. And Joe knows him.
  3. Really? Skid Row?? You Damn White Folk are Hilarious!!
  4. A PhD is a real Doctor. Am MD is a Medical Doctor, which is basically a Mechanic for Humans!!😂😂
  5. I hope that tackle didn't end his career. His fingers looked like nerve damage.
  6. That boy is stupid as shit!! BURROW was Mad as Shit after Last week and he's gonna beat the Cowboys like a Bass Drum at an HBCU Halftime performance!! 😂😂
  7. They haven't played together. That was there first time under live fire, and it was against one of the Better Dlines in the league. That is My only bitch, they should have played at least a Quarter together in each of the last two preseason games. You've gotta be beside each other under live fire to figure out what happens when it's real!! But the Athletes are there, they just have to gel.
  8. I saw that after my post. Only a really good man can adjust his views after taking criticism. Thank you for being one!
  9. You should be Happy. Statistically, he may be the Best NFL QB that has ever played in an OSU uniform!!
  10. I'm sure they can find someone on the Waived list than every Olineman on their current squad, amirite??😂
  11. They've said they reached out to every team and no one wanted to trade for him. Don't know if that's because of what they wanted or that no one wants to pay for distressed goods.
  12. I doubt it. My guess is that if they want to sign him, they will do it after the first game, Right now, his Minimum Salary is 1.12 million, which would be guaranteed if he's on the roster for the first game. if they sign him in week 2, then its a game to game contract.
  13. Didn't you just say in another thread, that we should look for cut WR's because those guys aren't any good? 😂😂😂
  14. Should Browning be the backup on this team? Inquiring minds want to know!!
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