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  1. Disqualifications in let's say the last 2 minutes should have longer-lasting consequences.
  2. I lived in the Lexington market and they showed browns games because of Tim Couch.
  3. Back in the day Phil's records gave away Soundgarden tickets with stunning regularity, and JFC they were horrible (I love their studio music, though). Maybe it was the venue? We called them Noisegarden, but that didn't stop us from going two or three times.
  4. This was my earworm the other day when y'all started talking about Zappa. How about some King Crimson?
  5. I usually watch it for the non-Bengals slot. It takes some getting used to as the jumping around can be annoying and for ADD /ADHD ppl it's downright intolerable.
  6. Collinsworth, lol https://nypost.com/2022/10/17/cris-collinsworth-drops-explicit-comment-on-sunday-night-football/
  7. I like how Zack didn't call any cutesy dumbass plays and we won in New Orleans in Week 6.
  8. yes, they said the roughing the passer call was bull when in fact the saint who did it launched at Joe with his helmet. Hendrickson needs to find Jesus and not get 15-yard flags anymore.
  9. No, that was clearly a pass and they showed several replays. I'm talking about a saints running back fumbling but he was called down by contact. No replay. Instead they switched to NY to show a TD I didn't give a shit about.
  10. Any word on whether that non-fumble by the saints was actually a fumble? They never showed a replay. Camera work and directing was generally crap today.
  11. He has a PhD in neuroscience, so he's probably very well qualified to chime in on the topic.
  12. Thanks for the offer -- one of my buddies is getting over the Rona right now. Had he first gotten it now, he might have stayed home and finding 2 tickets would be easier, lol.
  13. Seriously, still looking for 3. 4 would even work. Let me know today and I'll bring you genuine German Sauerkraut. The good stuff. Or maybe some Munich beer. Your call.
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