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  1. He's a well-known Bengal hater and user of the B-Word. He can fuck right off.
  2. Here's an interesting article (that's actually an advertisement for AWS) on how the NFL makes the schedule now.
  3. You remind me of a family I'm friends with who live in an Austrian farmhouse. They raise cattle, log and sell firewood, hunt deer and chamois (a kind of wild goat-antelope) and run a very very old-school hotel. The next "big" city where they buy everything they need is less than 10,000 people. Years ago the patriarch took a trip to Munich (metro area then was over 1M people) and was overwhelmed and decided not to do that again. It was too big for him. Anyway, good on you for not being closed to new places and experiences.
  4. I assume/hope that because of the CBA there can't be Bobby Bonilla style shenanigans with Joe's contract? The Reds only have to make two more $3.59M payments to Ken Griffey, Jr.
  5. It's ok. They never planned to deliver anything.
  6. Still waiting on consequences.
  7. What about her e-mails?
  8. I found you some more pixels.
  9. No, never. But in this case I was agreeing with you.
  10. I saw that movie in the theater in Columbus in '96 and I don't remember cheering.
  11. I read he was supposed to cut the federal gas tax for 3 months, which is pretty much useless -- in fact it's probably counter productive.
  12. Lol, wake me up when there are consequences.
  13. Joe Manchin can please die in a fire, too.
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