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  1. Well it was meant to be a rhetorical question. The Framework, which includes extrajudicial agreements between perp and victim, worked as intended. If one does not agree, then the system needs changing within the Big Framework (that thing which has been referred to as 'just a piece of paper'). There was no avocado. It was a stock photo used to make a wisecrack about people who shouldn't be trusted with picking draftees -- let alone avocados. To be clear, I'm not qualified to pick draftees, either. Here's hoping Mixon makes the best of his chances. And to Jeremy Hill: may this light a fire under your ass.
  2. Did the criminal justice system fail his victim? Did it fail us?
  3. well shit, just take one look at who drafted him. [i'm just agreeing with you here]
  4. NFL now feed seems to be ahead of NFL Network.
  5. could be true, could be bull. still a fun read.
  6. Sad.
  7. sausitch
  8. Details. I still maintain I didn't kill a man.
  9. Neither can I. But then again, I didn't kill a man.
  10. From now on just answer... "I'm here so I won't get fined."
  11. You wanna know my secret? I'm always meh.
  12. I have 0 expectations. That's how I can enjoy the wins.
  13. realist or debbie downer? shellacking the cards then the pirates? I'll enjoy that, thank you.
  14. Trailer for War of the Planet of the Apes gives away too much. F you, Hollywood.
  15. your avatar's nose looks like a schlong
  16. I'm in with Vodafone
  17. Probably just slow DNS updates.
  18. I had to install DNSet to get here.
  19. Goodbye, Sois.