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  1. But her e-mails, Jamie!
  2. you mean Superman from 1978?
  3. I did not. have. sexual. relations. with those Russian hookers.
  4. Good news, it was unlocked! Except I had to see the behemoth I've seen many times before.
  5. Honestly, @nemisis12 has brought more to the table than a lot of long-time posters -- @scharm among the least of them. I'm glad this dude is here. In the smack talk forum. or maybe Around the NFL forum. Where the fuck am I? Shit.
  6. It was probably for posting in the wrong subforum. After the initial, "haha you fools let Nelson slip away," you've stuck to X's and O's, which I find to be something this board often lacks. Thanks for contributing to football conversations.
  7. Gut instinct and irrational hatred?
  8. Despite my ... uhhhh ... thing* for redheads I find her appalling. "Danger Zone == redheads, strippers, anyone named Tiffany"
  9. She does not speak for me, and I'm as pinko as they come. So don't pin this shit on anyone but her, thank you very much.
  11. thermostat is the low-hanging fruit here, and it's really cheap so just replace it yourself. Watch the videos on youtube and decide if you want to give it a try. Just make sure you notice which way it's oriented when you remove the old one. Putting in a thermostat backwards is a classic newb mistake that will send you down the rabbit hole.
  12. Some people are more equal than others, and I think you know who I'm talking about here.
  13. If I had to rank these 4 Marvel superhero series, I'd do it like this: 1. Luke Cage 2. Jessica Jones 3. Season 1 Daredevil 4. Iron Fist 5. Season 2 Daredevil -- although arguably Frank Castle could have nudged it into the 4. place. I do have high hopes for the Defenders.
  14. I fear this would be me if I were to start:
  15. 2017-2018?
  16. Groot's origin story:
  17. I second Jason's assertion.
  18. Well it was meant to be a rhetorical question. The Framework, which includes extrajudicial agreements between perp and victim, worked as intended. If one does not agree, then the system needs changing within the Big Framework (that thing which has been referred to as 'just a piece of paper'). There was no avocado. It was a stock photo used to make a wisecrack about people who shouldn't be trusted with picking draftees -- let alone avocados. To be clear, I'm not qualified to pick draftees, either. Here's hoping Mixon makes the best of his chances. And to Jeremy Hill: may this light a fire under your ass.
  19. Did the criminal justice system fail his victim? Did it fail us?
  20. well shit, just take one look at who drafted him. [i'm just agreeing with you here]
  21. NFL now feed seems to be ahead of NFL Network.