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  1. Broncos / Chiefs got flexed out of SNF already I believe. EDIT: yes
  2. I'm going to guess that Hendrickson has you covered. I just wonder what exactly he says to opponents. I mean, he has to keep in the Lord's good graces to help out with all his awesome plays.
  3. pic taken by an English mate [buddy] of mine in Z├╝rich. I told him to yell, "WHO DEY!" but it was too late; the Bengal Fellow was already gone.
  4. ok, that also explains everyone saying Trenton Irwin was being signed even though he'd played against Shittsburgh. The rules are not as simple as they have been in years past. Thanks for the explanation!
  5. https://www.bengals.com/team/players-roster/ This says Chrisman is on the practice squad. is that not up to date or did they move him back?
  6. Disqualifications in let's say the last 2 minutes should have longer-lasting consequences.
  7. I lived in the Lexington market and they showed browns games because of Tim Couch.
  8. Back in the day Phil's records gave away Soundgarden tickets with stunning regularity, and JFC they were horrible (I love their studio music, though). Maybe it was the venue? We called them Noisegarden, but that didn't stop us from going two or three times.
  9. This was my earworm the other day when y'all started talking about Zappa. How about some King Crimson?
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