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  1. I watched the "game in 40" when I woke up this morning. What a ride!
  2. we are in the simulation, and the simulation likes to save on rendering costs.
  3. freakin' idiots. Gio was better at pass pro than any other RB we've had for ages.
  4. their only answer to the Bengal's D is, "hold." ok, "Apple" is the other answer.
  5. http://imgur.com/gallery/0rpo2D4
  6. Did he give this place up?
  7. I have had siggies turned off for years now, and it makes the site much more tolerable. I mean, that and having some key people on ignore.
  8. Good work. Need to get some orange and black and maybe a tiger on the apparel.
  9. The Pats fan who just announced their pick at 120 was the Marge Schott of New England.
  10. The Icelandic singing was weird, cringeworthy, and way too long. It's sad that all the setup for JLII and JLIII is for naught. Despite the long runtime I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  11. I enjoyed it but it did fall short of expectations. Not sad I saw it, though. The way they brought Steve Trevor back was not bad until you think about the implications for more than a minute, lol.
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