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  1. @Arkansas Bengal I'm a big fan of re-using the Game Dey thread for articles about the game, as you did here. I guess it could get hairy if everyone comments, though. But thank you for posting all the articles. It makes You make being a Bengals Addict so much easier. You da man.
  2. I thought I saw the laces spin around after he landed on his back
  3. To answer BJ's question, "Would you prefer to Bengals to lose out?": Logically yes, losing out makes a lot of sense. But once the whistle blows, and I start watching my heart says something else. Not sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I doubt Browning could make me Who Dey!, but stranger things have happened.
  4. Obviously we'll know more about draft needs once the front office makes a splash in free agency. PLEASE NOTE: turds also splash when dropped in a swimming pool. Just sayin'.
  5. I like the cut of Nael's jib. Save this for 9 months from now when Burrow is back.
  6. So I'm not looking through this sad, sad thread, but what about that 110% Bullshit PI against Turner on the TD drive before the end of the 1st half?
  7. The official was closer than anyone, and he tossed his hat during the play. Video evidence was inconclusive at best. One foot was clearly in the end zone and with the other foot, the ball of his foot came down in the end zone and if the heel touched (couldn't tell from the video) then it would have come down out of bounds.
  8. Leeja Miller did a great YouTube video on why Soros ended up being a boogieman for right-wing dummies.
  9. A bachelor's degree is unfortunately the starting point for a lot of jobs that shouldn't actually require one. But they do require one probably because there's no white-collar equivalent to vocational school in the US. The poor reputation of for-profit higher education (think University of Phoenix, DeVry, etc.) doesn't help -- and they offer associate and bachelor's degrees anyway.
  10. If you think progressive politics are radical, then I have some news for you, lol. It ain't that radical.
  11. and he swore the whole way off the field because he thinks he did nothing wrong.
  12. Joe regained his composure with him as they entered the tunnel. Winning cures all I guess.
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