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  1. Weight fluctuates. It is very likely that Ross puts on another 10 pounds of good weight over the next year or 2. Most NFL players fill out, and weigh more in year 2 or 3 than they do as 21 year old rookies. Height-wise, he is fine. He is a little skinny, but that can be improved on. His labrum tear in week 5 of last season, which he played through and fixed after the combine, may have prevented him from adding muscle up top. He isnt Tavon Austin or Andrew Hawkins who are very undersized. He is more like Antonio Brown. Actually, he is slightly bigger than Brown.
  2. John Ross was 5'11 and 188 lbs. at the combine. Is that small, or is that just about normal? I was surprised when I looked at the sizes of the top-20 WRs (in passing yards) from last year. 11 out of the 20 were around Ross' size. Many of them (7 to be exact) were actually shorter than Ross. I think that people have an inflated idea of how big the good NFL WRs are because tall ones tend to get selected very high in the draft. Of the top-20 WRs in yards last season TY Hilton (smaller than Ross) Odell Beckham (same height, slightly heavier) Antonio Brown (shorter than Ross) Brandon Cooks (shorter than Ross) Jarvis Landry (same height, but heavier) Doug Baldwin (shorter than Ross) Julian Eldelman (shorter, but a little heavier) Golden Tate (shorter, but a little heavier) Emmanuel Sanders (same size as Ross) Deshaun Jackson (smaller than Ross) Mike Wallace (a little taller and heavier than Ross)
  3.   Kumerow has a shot to make the roster.  Interesting fact; he is Joey Bosa's cousin.
  4. Greg Little is pretty much the prototype NFL WR in every respect except for his awful, awful hands. Looked fine in this little video though.  
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