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  1. Ah, yes. Of course. There is/was a documentary about the rape culture on college campuses on Netflix awhile back and about the last third of it was about him and the case with the girl figuring prominently. Guilty as hell and covered up because he was a football star and going to be a high draft choice. He was made the victim. Dumb ass girl was lucky that she wasn't dead.
  2. I think your Mariota to the Steals is a good call by you. A year of grooming as a rapist and he steps in for Ben.
  3. Official Mike Brown Top Three Pick Big Board Rd 1 .............. Joe Burrow ... will pull in lots of ticket buyers from everyplace between here and Athens Rd 2 ............... Super fast wide receiver who can run real fast but can't stay healthy and catch the ball when he is Rd 3 ............... Flashy linebacker with all the tools and the brain of a gnat
  4. So much this. Like I said, Mike never met a wide receiver he didn't love.
  5. Saw an article and didn't post ... SPECULATION of Sign and tag AJ. Trade him AND Andy as a package deal to the Patriots. Or anyone else. Plug in and play veteran quarterback and wide receiver duo. Not gonna happen but something to goof on.
  6. Dropping a ball right in his hands does nothing for Burrow's stats. Still shows as an inc Even worse if Ross bats one up for an int On Joe, not Fuck Wit.
  7. Cut to the chase... Draft Joe Re-sign A.J. for 2-3 years Extend Joe Mixon Would be OK with trading down the top pick in the second round if the price was right but take the best slider available hopefully at linebacker, O line or wide receiver in that order. Maybe bring back Eifert for a year for a big, sure handed target situational receiver. Trade Andy, Glenn and Ross (tired of waiting for him to reach his po-ten-tial).
  8. Actually he gets all googly moogly over wide receivers. John Ross is a good example. That's why I am certain we will take a WR at the top of the second round and pass up worthy linebackers or O linemen. Unfortunately.
  9. I thought Mike Brown nixed Marino because of rumors that he smoked marijuana in college.
  10. The defense to stop Lemur Jackson has already been built and is in place. In Pittsburgh. I doubt Lemur makes it out of the first Pittsburgh game without being crippled for life with one, if not both, knees shredded.
  11. Brady to Lost Wages Raiders is a good bet.
  12. +1 for mentioning Dan Patrick and Bullshit in the same thread title.
  13. Have a great time and keep us posted. Take your mock draft and give it to the Bengals as a guideline. Really like trading down the first pick in the second round unless, of course, a killer pick somehow slides. Like Malik Jefferson and Price Tuba picks a lot. I'm intrigued by Kyle Dugger and would like to see him a Bengal. Safety/Linebacker tweener from small unheard of school. Has "Bengal" written all over him as far as a reach ala Drew Sample, etc. Boom or Bust and we're due.
  14. Thanks for the offer. Time for something new or nothing at all. May go back to the steam punk tiger sig.
  15. Agree.... did not know how to reduce the size. I deleted it. May or may not add something later. Thanks for the suggestion.
  16. https://sports.yahoo.com/falcons-wont-resign-vic-beasley-pushing-him-into-free-agency-191139036.html Vic Beasley? On the downside and aging but plays OLB, a position of dire need for the Stripes. Does he become the latest in a long line of end of the line linebackers joining A.J. Hawk and Preston Brown? I think a good possibility for a year or so and an upgrade from most of what we've got.
  17. Super Bowl over, free agency gets into full swing. Bengals in the cat bird seat for pecking order for waiver wire pick ups.
  18. Didn't they get burned and lose a draft choice or something for tagging Carl Prickins and then ... negotiating? Trying to trade? Something, something? As far as A.J., pay the man. Three year contract to keep him here and a veteran presence for Joe Burrow and not see Blow Job Webb get his ass burned five times a game with A.J. in a Squeeler or Clown jersey. And to kill this zombie thread that simply won't die.
  19. Maybe how shitty you thought they were until after they leave you. I think there's a word for that. Divorce. As far as Housh... he's a loud mouth has-been who was a loud mouth when he was here. I honestly think its time for him to STFU, disappear and become the answer to a trivia question. Not a Housh fan.
  20. I would be very pleased with that draft although I doubt if some of those choices will be there. Well, yeah, it is a mock draft and I applaud the effort. Would like to see Harrison here. Prince Tega is huge but raw but smart. With a little grooming he would be an excellent ORT. Not sure about the first second round pick. Would like to see who else is there.
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