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  1. Mr Shark esq is a life long, hard core Bengals fan who lives in Maine. Glad he gets to see it. Good guy who bleeds orange and black.
  2. Actually I'm thinking it was more like waiting for his agent to get into town after the Bosa deal. Game with Cleveland Sunday and I don't think they are thinking a lot about the Chiefs.
  3. If today, tomorrow or Friday aren't the day I don't think Joe Burrow should step on the field Sunday. Too much at stake and too much risk for him financially with those cheap shot bitches.
  4. Speaking of "see" and looking at the coverage map.. looks like you will, indeed, get to see the game. Great news!
  5. Shoot me but... I have an ugly, ugly feeling they will be playing "Kill the Burrow with the Ball". Lots of late hits, cheap shots and going for the knees.
  6. Could they activate someone from the practice squad and have them inactive? Probably a dumb question but I don't know.
  7. Yesterday wasn't. In High School Harry's Perfect Bengals World, Joe is perhaps exerting some leverage and waiting for Tee to sign before he does. Then it would be cool as hell to have Kay Adams (although I would prefer Kelsey Conway... or the new redhead...wow!) in the pregame show Sunday.
  8. Mixon. Didn't even think of Carman until I saw the other comments. To me, he is pretty much a nonentity who takes up a roster spot based on where he was drafted and picks up a paycheck.
  9. Me, too. One Stop Shopping for All Your Bengal News. I look here first and usually the only place for Bengals news. Right now with the Joe Burrow watch is a good example. Check in fairly often, several times a day.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/browns-ringer-not-fan-deshaun-124357006.html Browns: The Ringer is not a fan of Deshaun Watson Cory Kinnan We are now just a few days away from the return of Cleveland Browns football as they get set to open their season against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday afternoon. And ahead of the start of the regular season, The Ringer’s Steven Ruiz has released his quarterback rankings. To say he is not a fan of Deshaun Watson is an understatement, ranking him as the 21st-best quarterback in the league. In Watson’s blurb, here is what Ruiz had to say about the Cleveland quarterback:
  11. DANG! No wonder Joe's dad is smiling. Next there will be a pic of him motor boating Kelsey Conway. Eat your ❤️ out, Sois.
  12. I think it would be cool if he showed up for the presser with his calf in a sleeve to jerk around the Clowns.
  13. Totally agree. Useless Speculation but... I wonder if Joe is waiting for Tee to sign based on earlier statement alluding to wanting to make sure everyone was taken care of. Could Tee be the hold up? Cut to the chase... sign 'em both... and quit screwing around.
  14. 3. There's some hold up with Joe's contract and they and/or agent don't want him on the field until the ink is dry.
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