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  1. If they had traded for him would they have gotten his contract and salary, too? If he lasts to 31, take him. But doubt if he lasts that long.
  2. I would like to see a serviceable tight end, too. Tormund Giantsbane is going to be GREAT and Drew Sample is overlooked and plays a role but it injured. That leaves Wilcox who I know little about. I honestly don't think we will find better on the waiver wire from what we cut if you don't count Leatherwood (if he was cut and made it to 31) and O.J. Howard seems to be poison. I do, however, like Kenny's idea about bringing back Q Spain after the first game of the season for salary reasons.
  3. Roster Moves: Bengals Reduce Roster To 53 Players Aug 30, 2022 at 04:00 PM The Bengals today made the following player moves to reach the NFL roster limit of 53: Placed one player on the Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list: LB Joe Bachie (knee) Terminated the contracts of three vested veterans (NOTE: These players are released to free agency and thus free to sign with another team or to re-sign with the Bengals): S Trayvon Henderson DE Noah Spence WR Mike D. Thomas Waived 23 players: LS Cal Adomitis QB Jake Browning P Drue Chrisman OT Devin Cochran DT Domenique Davis TE Nick Eubanks G Lamont Gaillard (injured) G Nate Gilliam LB Clarence Hicks CB Delonte Hood WR Trenton Irwin DE Raymond Johnson III LB Keandre Jones WR Kwamie Lassiter II TE Thaddeus Moss G Desmond Noel (injured) HB Jacques Patrick WR Kendric Pryor TE Justin Rigg LB Tegray Scales DT Tyler Shelvin DT Tariqious Tisdale PRACTICE SQUAD: All NFL players are eligible to be signed to a team's practice squad in 2022, though players who are waived must clear waivers first. The Bengals plan to announce tomorrow a practice squad of up to 16 players.
  4. Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL Broncos trading Malik Reed to Stealers Quote Tweet Yeah, who cares? 11:55 AM · Aug 30, 2022·TweetDeck
  5. Trade before they cut him. He won't last until we get a shot on waivers.
  6. Pissing Arrogant Aaron Donald off so much that he, Donald, beat him over the head with a helmet is good enough for me. Voltron earned it whereas Flounder Carman had it handed to him and couldn't keep it. I'm wondering if Spain is damaged goods somehow. I really hope we can trade Carman in that a fresh start elsewhere would be a good thing for him. Would love to get a good look at Leatherwood via the same fresh start philosophy if we would not have to absorb his entire contract hit. I think he has the potential (hate that word) to be a strong first man off the bench along the O line and we still have some borderline characters on it as of now. Disclaimer... I am wrong far more often than I am right.
  7. Good thinkin'. Any hot college punters out there? I mean, who did not violently rape a teener and give her an STD?
  8. Didn't Aaron Donald get so pissed at being blocked by Volson the he ripped someone's helmet off and beat Volson over the head with it? One thing I did read in the thread was Carman perhaps (likely) to still be suffering from aftereffects of the Wuhan Whoopie. Makes sense. If Volson falters, and he may, Carman will be in there real quick. You also know the plays and line calls will be made to help the rookie out.
  9. Chiefs rookie Skyy Moore pranked with $23,000 dinner bill by teammates: 'My stomach dropped' National news article. Didn't Ja'Marr say he got hit with a $20,000 dinner tab?
  10. There's an idea. Maybe we can name the stadium Rink's Bargain City Stadium. Bargain City owner, Hy Ullner (aka The Bargain City kid of Big Time Wrestling commercial fame) was an original rather large investor and instrumental in working with Paul Brown to get the Bengals here. (I worked at Rink's as a lad and Hy was mean as a snake). I do believe Hy also had a number of investments in Newport back in the day that were off the books and quite profitable.
  11. Seems as good a place as any to keep them all in on spot. Buffalo and Denver both need punters. A 7th for Huber? Do I hear a 6th? Not a recent pick up for us but overlooked OG, Nate Gilliam, played a decent gamer us Saturday and could stick around. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2022/08/28/nate-gilliam-underrated-name-watch-bengals-final-roster/
  12. Thanks for starting the thread, Brother Amish. Maybe change the title to "Weeks" for the purists. And time to change my Avatar. Who Dey and Fuck Dem!
  13. Sunday AM Not sure what showed on TV (better eyes than I) but I saw him give up a sack. Seemed to make initial contact, defender simply stepped back and ran around him. Flounder was completely clueless. And had a holding penalty. If he wasn't a second round draft pick he would be on the bubble to go when a better O lineman becomes available from some other team. Not impressed with Prince nor Adeniji, either. Mediocre at the best of times and I see no improvement from pervious years.
  14. Former rookie punter. Rape a teenage and give her an STD. What a POS who ruined his life for... well, for what he did. I wouldn't be surprised if Pittsburgh doesn't pick him up.
  15. I still goof on the idea of Carman for Leatherwood or Deadwood for Leatherwood. true... "fully guaranteed salaries in 2022 ($1.3M), 2023 ($2M) and 2024 ($2.6M), plus a decision on whether to pick up a fifth-year option in 2025.” But Flounder's contract would chip away at that and I dare say losing Huber would be a few shackles, too, Probably another vet to two could go. Won't happen but I think it would be intriguing. Of course, Las Vegas may not want Flounder, either.
  16. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/2022/08/26/los-angeles-rams-visit-local-restaurant-after-heated-cincinnati-bengals-practice-jeff-ruby-precinct/65458013007/?utm_source=cincinnati-DailyBriefing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_briefing&utm_term=list_article_thumb&utm_content=PCIN-1019EQ-E-NLETTER65 Los Angeles Rams players dine at Jeff Ruby's Precinct after heated Bengals practice Victoria Moorwood Cincinnati Enquirer Los Angeles Rams players ended Thursday night by enjoying a meal at Jeff Ruby's Precinct following a heated practice with the Cincinnati Bengals. Steakhouse owner and restauranteur Jeff Ruby tweeted a photo of some Rams players, including quarterback Matthew Stafford, seated inside the restaurant, and he thanked them for visiting. 2021 AP Offensive Player of the Year Cooper Kupp also appeared to be seated near the end of the table, but it is not totally clear whether it was him in the photo. "Thank you ⁦(Rams)⁩ for dining tonight ⁦(at Jeff Ruby's)⁩ Precinct Steakhouse Cincinnati, Ohio," Ruby tweeted Aug. 25. Yada... Not sure if you can get the original article but the comments were pretty funny. And nothing positive. Stuff about Ruby getting free publicity, again. Ruby being a jock sniffer. Spitting in food, particularly Donald's.
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