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  1. spicoli


    Driskel is horrible, he can barely hit the broadside of a aircraft carrier.....he has no clue where the ball is going when it leaves his hand.
  2. spicoli

    OC options and then some

    I think they'll probably hire a veteran DC and will likely have Callahan as the OL coach. Doubt we see a OC in the traditional sense though since it's likely Taylor will be doing the play calling.
  3. I know Callahan has already been discussed but Ben Albright is hearing that it's "extremely likely" that he becomes the Bengals OL coach .. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/12/06/zac-taylor-rams-press-taylor-eagles-head-coaches
  4. spicoli

    OC options and then some

    I'm not even sure they're going to hire a true OC because I can't imagine that Zac won't be calling the plays himself.....I would expect to see passing game coordinator and running game coordinator much like they do in LA. Likely at least one of those guys will come from the Rams staff and I would expect his brother to be on staff in some capacity as well.
  5. spicoli

    OC options and then some

    of "known" guys maybe...there's still a ton of young hotshot position coaches out there though.
  6. sounds like he wants his mentor Bill Callahan in here for that job...would that suffice, Mr. Burns?
  7. I think I'd take my chances ...he's one of the most respected OL gurus there is in the NFL.
  8. I'm not sure i understand what one has to do with the other?
  9. Shouldn't we at least get the guy in here first before talking about expectations? Hell by the time the Rams are out of the playoffs, he could have a complete change of heart and turn the job down. It's just not wise to put the cart before the horse, IMO.
  10. spicoli

    OC options and then some

    Dude you're like a 90 year old man screaming "get off my lawn" with every single post. If you hate everything NFL so freakin much, why even come here and talk about it?
  11. spicoli

    OC options and then some

    who cares? and again....would you rather have Marv? I just don't understand why it's a bad thing that the Bengals are trying something new for the first time in 17 years..
  12. spicoli

    OC options and then some

    so what? should they just kept Marvin? 16 years not enough for ya? stupid Bengals for trying something new..
  13. spicoli

    Who's the next HC?

    16 years was tooooo long....do you really not agree?

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