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  1. spicoli

    2019 Draft Talk

    Aaron Curry decided he didn't like hitting people after he got paid.....huge draft bust, for sure. I see zero similarities between him and White however.
  2. spicoli

    2019 Draft Talk

    the big difference for me between White and Bush is the fact that White carries 235-240lbs easily because it's his natural weight...whereas Bush is naturally around 220 and had to put in work just to get up to 235 for the combine. and normally I wouldn't recommend trading up for a LB but White's a special player IMO and I believe he'll be a difference maker from day one.
  3. see ball...hit ball
  4. spicoli

    2019 Draft Talk

    there are 3 players in this draft that are truly worth trading up for, IMO...Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams and Devin White...just for conversation purposes, what would it take to go up and get one of em?
  5. ST'ers need love too..
  6. I mean 5000 yards and 50 tds in 14 games....he obviously didn't play well against the Boilerhaters but overall I'd say he was pretty damn consistent.
  7. and then went on to put up 6 tds and 400 yards against Meatchicken...which had the best defense in the country going in. that Purdue debacle cost them a spot in the playoffs.
  8. Meh, Vigil could be a solid starter as long as he's got talent around him.....he's not going to be the centerpiece of a defense by any means but if you can find a guy who is, Vigil is a solid piece to have next to him, IMO. Devin White sure would be a nice centerpiece though, huh? Talk about raising the talent level..
  9. spicoli

    2019 Free Agency

    so in other words.. a huge pay raise, no state income tax and scantily clad college girls around every corner. got it.
  10. Yeah he kinda seems like the forgotten guy out of all the CB's.....I thought he started playing well as the year went along and you could see him getting more confident each week, IMO. Another forgotten guy, Davontae Harris, will be back this year as well. Suddenly, with Dennard back in the fold, that position group is looking pretty deep.
  11. spicoli

    2019 Draft Talk

    Here's my question...why was THIS the year it was all going to be different? Why, after all of these years, were they suddenly going to change their stripes and turn into even moderate spenders in order to imorove? I just don't get all of the angst.....if you know ahead of time how things are going to be, why in the world would you be upset when things turn out exactly like you thought they would? I really don't get it.
  12. spicoli

    Burfict released

    Burfict won't do shit with the Raiders other than find himself in concussion protocol on a weekly basis. He's their problem now, not ours.
  13. as bad as Hart was last year, he was still light years better than Ogb ever thought about being.
  14. spicoli

    Burfict released

    Doesn't change my definition of a "shut down corner" however.....they might not be able to touch the WR's downfield anymore but there are still a few guys that QB's stay away from.

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