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  1. The defense was surely ready. No credit for Zac? Bottom line: They treated it like a preseason game, had five turnovers and still would’ve won the game if the porn star hadn’t gotten hurt. Deep breath everybody, they’ll be just fine.
  2. I mean it is truly terrible that our Cincinnati Bengals are not going to be 17-0, I really had high hopes. Too funny.
  3. Joe Burrow is ALWAYS going to take sacks, that’s just the type of game he plays. That said, come talk to me after week four. Yesterday was the first that offense has played together since the SB, it’s ok that they looked rusty. Hell, why wouldn’t they look rusty? One game in seventeen…who cares?
  4. Huh? Short of handing him the job over CJ Stroud, I don’t see any way they could’ve kept Ewers.
  5. Which, honestly, just makes them like pretty much every other team in the NFL right now. The advent of the spread offense in the college game has completely ravaged the quality of offensive line play in the NFL. Unfortunately.
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