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  1. WR Brandon Aiyuk is one to watch IMO. Still have no idea what round he's going to grade out as but one of my favorite players in the entire draft is Texas WR Devin Duvernay....Would love to plug him into Ross' spot.
  2. Possibly? Probably not....what else should we expect?
  3. I think they were. Do you think we'll get that from Joe Cool's gf?
  4. I mean, that's pretty much the mentality it seems.
  5. Lol do you really think that everyone here doesn't already know that? It is what it is, we take what we can get. What else is there?
  6. So what should they do? Just not draft anyone because it's obviously useless? You honestly act like it offends you that people might be excited to get a new QB. It's almost like you think it's your actual job to be a wet blanket. Should they just forfeit the pick and call it a day? Please enlighten us.
  7. then why are you here? just to talk shit and tell everyone how stupid they are?
  8. and if you think you have a shot at at getting a QB than can be what those 3 are, you absolutely take him #1 overall...no questions asked.
  9. Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees....what else needs to be said? Exactly why you don't pass on the chance at a potential franchise QB when the opportunity presents itself.
  10. Agree on David Pollack. He would have been a true franchise player on defense, IMO. Just a freak of an athlete with fantastic intangibles. Easily one of the 5 best players in the history of the SEC. Oh what could have been..
  11. None of this means that he's not a great pro prospect or that he shouldn't go number one though. He's going to grade out as a "franchise caliber" prospect. When those come around and you have a chance to get one, you absolutely take your shot.
  12. Jeff George was absolutely a generational talent. He just didn’t want to put any effort into being the best pro he could be. Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have went #1 though.
  13. None of this means anything at all. Of course there’s a chance that you could end up with Ryan Leaf instead of Peyton Manning but that doesn’t mean you don’t take your shot. Trading back and getting a guy like Andy Dalton is fine and all but if you have a chance to get a real difference-maker at the QB position you absolutely go for it. A guy like that makes everything easier for the entire franchise, that’s why they’re so sought after.
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