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  1. They’re not that far away from being 2-1. They’re close to getting that first win. I think with Burrow things will snowball from there. There are still 13 games left in the season. I feel like they’ll string a few together.
  2. I'll say somewhere in the 10-12 range....not high enough to get a guy like Sewell even if you want to trade for him. Even with this OL they're still going to win 6-7 games this year, I guarantee it. Once Joe B gets the first one out of the way they'll starting stringing a couple of them together.
  3. They’re not picking top 5...I don’t know what to tell ya.
  4. I didn't report it. I just passed along what someone else is reporting.
  5. If you’re picking a top five OT you are absolutely expecting that guy to start. 100%.
  6. There are a lot of good first round OT’s in the 21 draft. The Bengals will not be picking top 5.
  7. Not like Burrow. The difference in the ability to lead between those two is literally night and day.
  8. Bengals Weekly Lineman: The stellar start to Jonah Williams’ career https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/9/23/21449032/bengals-weekly-lineman-jonah-williams-film-review-la-chargers-cleveland-browns
  9. Insert name of next young hot shot coach here- _________________
  10. I’m with ya, I just hope he can control himself. He’s yet to show he can do it.
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