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  1. I'd love to see those old helmets at least once a season though...just one retro game would be pretty cool, IMO..
  2. The Joe Burrow effect on full display..
  3. Honestly I'm starting to wonder if trading down isn't the way to go even if Sewell is still on the board. Just so many holes.
  4. FINALLY a trade down scenario I could live with! Moved back 5 spots with the Niners so they could come up and get Patrick Surtain, got their first 4 picks in return... 12. Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama 37. Alex Leatherwood OT, Alabama 44. Tommy Togiai IDL, Ohio State 69. Daniel Faalele OT, Minnesota 102. Joe Tyron EDGE, Washington 109. Alim McNeill IDL, NC State 116. Hunter Long TE, Boston College 148. James Wiggins S, Cincinnati
  5. Well if Sewell is as good as everyone seems to believe he is he'll be one of the top 3 picks, no doubt about it. If he's off the board, who's the biggest impact player we can get once we're on the clock? Likely one of the WR's or Pitts. Hockenson was taken #8 overall and is not even close to the prospect that Pitts is. Just sayin.
  6. I don't question the overall talent of Sewell...I question how such a young kid handles the fame and fortune of being a top 5 pick. He might be the greatest college LT of all time but all bets are off when you hand a 20 year old millions of dollars.
  7. Definitely is not..but so what? Kid can absolutely sling it...he's going to be tougher out than everyone thought he would be going forward, I guarantee that.
  8. How many "stud" LBs are there in the NFL these days anyway? I'm gonna say not many. The LB position and the RB position in todays NFL are much the same, teams just don't put a lot of value on those spots.
  9. I don’t think they value the LB position enough to take one in the top 5.
  10. Why Bengals should avoid taking Sewell or any offensive lineman with fifth pick https://local12.com/sports/bengals/why-bengals-should-avoid-taking-sewell-or-any-offensive-lineman-with-fifth-pick-penei-cincinnati-nfl-draft-cedric-ogbuehi-billy-price
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