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  1. honestly I think he's most likely bitching about that whole tanking philosophy thing..
  2. right? he protects his players...that's truly the only strong managerial quality I've seen since he's taken over.
  3. and quite honestly David Bell is going to be damn lucky if he manages to hold onto his job. color me thoroughly unimpressed with that hire.
  4. Dalton has 3 really good strengths, IMO ....a) he can read a defense very well b) he gets the ball out on time c) his arm is sneaky good. I'm extremely curious to see how things play out if he and Taylor keep buying into one another. Ginger kid might surprise the SHIT out of some people!
  5. Sam Hubbard was born to be a NFL hybrid...the sky's definitely the limit with a forward thinking DC..
  6. so if you had to pick one, which would you take? 2019 Bengals under Zac Taylor or 2019 Raiders under Jon Gruden?
  7. 100% That said, I fully expect the backs in this system to catch 130 balls between them...at least this year anyway.
  8. He's not a "backup RB" though, they're going to use the shit out of him. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Gio ends up leading the team in receptions when it's all said and done actually. Back up makes it sound like he's in a limited role and that's clearly not the direction they're headed.
  9. Gio hasnt been used right since he's been in the league..can't hold that against Gio. And it's not some huge contract he's getting. Nothing like what Mixon will eventually get that's for sure. AJ Green is the one that should NOT be re-signed. Get that contract off the books and suddenly it doesn't all look so bad from a salary cap standpoint.
  10. KK's interception numbers were always solid here so at least he provided some usefulness. Cant say the same thing about Jr. though.
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