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  1. Definitely not very high at all. He's a gawd-awful passer and all of the scouts already know it.
  2. with Tua out of the equation, all signs point towards Chase Young, Joe Burrow or trading down a few spots. If they trade out it can't be so far back that they miss out on the top OT....so no further than 3 or 4. and I'm not sold on Joe Burrow as a pro QB. I see a lot of Colt McCoy at Texas everytime I watch him play.
  3. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Tua goes back to school next year to tell ya the truth....Sr year, unfinished business and all that.
  4. what makes OSU any different from any other school they've drafted from?
  5. Just the kid from Clemson, Simmons...and he’s pretty undersized at 220lbs so I seriously doubt if he gets into the top 10.
  6. he was a four year starter that never missed a game in college and then they watched him workout at the combine with zero issues...why wouldn't they think that?
  7. Where are you finding info about an old injury? I’ve not seen anything that supports that at all. The guy never missed a game in college and participated fully at the combine. That certainly doesn’t jibe with a supposed bum shoulder.
  8. What lingering issue? The guy worked out at the combine and put up 25 reps on the bench. You don’t do that with a bum shoulder.
  9. I’ll give ya those other guys, but what was wrong with the Jonah Williams pick? Top OL in the draft, 4 year starter at big time program, no injury history....how is that a bad pick?
  10. Oh no doubt. The grade/ratings he'll get will just reflect that he has the overall skill set and make-up to become a HOF-type player, not that he'll necessarily become that. IMO though, lack of health will be the only thing that keeps him from achieving that type of success. He's as good as I've ever seen coming out....think Bruce Smith. And at the end of the day, what else do we have? They don't sign FA's so we have to hope we can get the best prospects possible through the draft....what else is there?
  11. He's going to be the highest rated and one of the cleanest prospects to come out in a really long time. No one is saying anything more than that. Obviously injuries can happen, but barring something crazy happening, he's going to grade out as a future HOF-type talent. What else could you possibly want out of a draft prospect?
  12. Yeah that’s what it’s looking like. Supposedly it’s a 2 game NCAA ban at worst but the university is working to get him reinstated for this game against Rutgers Sat....not that they’ll need him.
  13. He’s already back practicing with the team, nothing at all is going to come of it. He might have to miss this week at most and that’s it. He’ll be back to face Penn St, Meatchicken and then the B1G title game. The only thing that missing these two games did was hurt his slim Heisman chances.
  14. Clowney was a “generational” talent that came with red flags In regards to his attitude, Big daddy was a generational-type talent that had red flags in regards to his work ethic....with Chase Young there are literally no red flags at all. He’s everything you could ever ask for out of a top pick. He does everything extremely well and he is an absolutely outstanding young man that is the absolute heart and soul of that Buckeyes team. He’s not only going to be one of the highest rated players to ever come out of college but he very well might be the cleanest to ever come out as well. He is an absolute no-brainer, period.
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