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  1. he said one season, NOT one game...
  2. honestly this defense is pretty damned stacked with good young talent with a good mix of vets still in their prime years....Burfict is the key to everything on that side of the ball no matter what type of formations they run....if he stays healthy and out of the league office for the entire season, the sky is truly the limit.
  3. well none of us can really say for sure but I'm certainly not expecting a train wreck like last year.....it'll likely take them a few games to get their footing but I think overall the line will be solid as a unit as long as they don't get hammered with injuries.
  4. it's only bad if Ogb and Fisher don't develop......not sure why everyone has already written that possibility off.
  5. yeah likely that same role...but Evans is much better in coverage and a better blitzer IMO.
  6. It took Richie quite awhile to develop into that guy though....I actually still have the same kind of hopes for Bodine.
  7. Day 2 draft talk

    OG Sean Harlow is my guy in R3....he's a mean ass mother tucker..
  8. Day 2 draft talk

    rookie contracts arent shit anymore so I don't see how "cheap" comes into play....if Mixon plays and plays at a high level he's going to be getting paid in 4 years whether it's here or somewhere else.
  9. Day 2 draft talk

    he's not had even a hint of an issue since then and he was a 17 year old kid when it happened.....he's been thru hell (deservedly), I'm sure he learned his lesson. Okla coaches and players all raved about him after he came back and said he was an absolute pleasure to be around.
  10. Day 2 draft talk

    if not mixon, Zach Cunningham would be nice

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