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  1. there's bound to be some halfway decent vets available once teams start cutting down, so hopefully he doesn't even make the team....jettison his ass, tell him to go seek life's work on someone else's dime..........like Dallas.
  2. I was talking abut Eric but maybe they have their eyes on Justin as well? I really don't know but he brought up safety at least 4 times in that article.....just seems kinda odd.
  3. he sure seemed to be harping on safety quite a bit as well. have they even met with a safety prospect yet? I can't think of a single one.. maybe he thinks Reid is a done deal?
  4. I would be absolutely ecstatic if they could get him at 46.....not so much at 21 however. trade back..
  5. spicoli

    Mock Draft Round Up

    I'd be extremely happy with either one of those guys but I'd be fairly surprised if they take a LB that early......that's just not really their m.o. different defense this year though and supposedly a new approach..so we'll see. same goes for center...I mean let's be honest here, they haven't taken a R1 OC since the 80's, should we really expect that to change this year? different approach? we shall see.
  6. what's wrong with Redmond/Westerman fighting it out for the RG spot? I have zero problems starting one of those two. get McGlinchey in R1 to play RT and grab a C in R3, Price or Cole can likely be had at 77.....line is set for the next 5 years.
  7. unfortunately, Chad has to be in the conversation as well
  8. spicoli

    Mock to 21

    personally, just the way the board is looking, I wouldn't be surprised to see them take a DL before they take an OT. I think the two best OL in this draft are Nelson and Wynn, who knows after that...I just think there will be better value on DL.
  9. spicoli

    Mock to 21

    mine too. although the more I watch of Price, the more I'm convinced that he's a 3rd rd pick......not sure Daniels has enough ass for the AFC North either, to be honest.
  10. spicoli

    Late round pick?

    speaking of 7th round.......I'm using one of those 7th round picks on JT Barrett just to make sure I get him in my locker room if I'm Lazor. that kids leadership and just overall presence in general are off the frickin charts...GREAT guy to have holding a clipboard, IMO.
  11. spicoli

    Late round pick?

    put him at RDE and let him blot out the sun on that side of the field..

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