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  1. okay....I was simply commenting on your deep-seeded hatred of everything NFL. seems a little..much.
  2. There's something going on with Boling as far as injury...whatever it is they're being tight lipped about it only saying that MAYBE he'll be ready at TC. Kinda strange actually.
  3. spicoli

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    MAYBE if they overpay, but no way he comes here if all offers are pretty much equal.
  4. spicoli

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    No way in hell McCoy chooses to come play in Cincinnati....no way, no how.
  5. And a scrap heap LB that nobody wanted was going to change all of that? Gimme a break.
  6. Lol how do you know that the Bengals didn't make an offer? kinda goin off the rails a little bit over a LB that couldn't net more than a 6th round pick, don't ya think? Buckeye homerism at play maybe?
  7. Manti Te'o = Darren Lee
  8. whoever they sign before now and Sept will be no different..
  9. likely so but what national pundits think about our little ragtag football team is a big ole yawner for me...truly something I couldn't possibly care any less about.
  10. is he? I'd say just more of the same.

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