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  1. Jake Fromm is the guy that screams Pats to me....seems like a perfect fit.
  2. Fuck no! GTFOH with that shit! If the Miami brass wants Burrow so bad, why the fuck wouldn't we want him?
  3. Huge Baun fan! Him, Hubbard and Lawson would be relentless. I'm also starting to come around to Cesar Ruiz and sticking him at RG. Definitely not a fan of reaching for a OT....which is exactly what it would be. Real good chance WR is BPA.
  4. I think Antoine Winfield is top 40 when it's all said and done. Kid is a legit playmaker with legit cover skills and some serious pedigree to go along with. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if someone took him at the very end of R1. Same with Michael Pittman. I think he's another high second rounder that'll go before a lot of the more hyped guys in this class. He's an extremely well rounded player...the kind of guy scouts and GM's love. .
  5. Hard to believe there's going to be sports in the year 2020..
  6. It's been talked about on twitter all day today. I'm not saying there's any verified sources but it's made the rounds enough today to suggest that where there's smoke...
  7. Lots of rumors about Dalton being part of the deal...which would make sense if they’re really planning on trading Haskins and drafting Tua. They could let Dalton play out his one year under contract and then let Tua sit behind him to get 100% healthy.
  8. Bengals and Washington are trying to finalize a trade for Trent williams apparently. No idea what Wash is going to get what but I would bet that Dunlap isn't part of the deal.
  9. I said this in another thread but Zac said that guys would want to play here once they saw their vision. Apparently he was spot on. Maybe he deserves at least a modicum of credit for this new breath of fresh air? No? Maybe?
  10. And now they don't have any of them and they're stuck with Gardner Minshew.
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