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  1. you already know that's what's coming, so why wait?
  2. You've got a point..
  3. and constantly regurgitating the same stupid shit is doing what exactly?
  4. and yet here you are..
  5. tough to do 28 reps @ 225 with a torn labrum...people are going way overboard here, IMO. the way I look at it, if one injury to a rookie OT screws up the entire position group there are obviously bigger issues at play.
  6. well at least we're in the Tua/Fromm sweepstakes now! 🤣
  7. Broken for me as well.....thought it might've been the blunt however 😤
  8. that's what Elliott is, average at best. if he hadn't hit a 61 yard game winner once, people wouldn't even be giving him a second thought.
  9. what's wrong with Aloha?

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