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  1. I could live with Spain at RG as long as he has someone competent next to him at tackle.
  2. Yeah when they sign Thuney they’ll likely make him a LG, huh?
  3. Which is exactly why they're going to have to sign a couple of starters in FA. You definitely don't have to spend a top 5 pick on a right tackle, you can get starters there in R2. They're not going to try and upgrade JWilliams at LT, they're just not. That's not me praising Jonah, that's just me knowing the Bengals MO. Sign a starting right tackle, sign a starting right guard and then fill in the depth in the 2nd round and beyond. With Pollack here now, that should be plenty.
  4. They get the impact DT with a healthy return of Reader. Hubbard and Lawson would be fine at DE if they can get Reader a little more help in the middle. Holes can be filled on this team before the draft.
  5. Why do some of you guys have it stuck in your heads that the only way they can possibly fix that OL is by taking one at 5? I don’t get it.
  6. You don't have to draft Penei Sewell to accomplish that though. They can take Parson or Chase or Pitts and STILL fix the OL.
  7. How many years now? Pretty sure we all get it at this point.
  8. Man if I thought the Bengals valued LB enough to take one top 5, I'd be all about taking Parsons if they could fix that OL in FA. They're in dire need of difference makers on that defense and frankly that kid checks a lot of boxes. Tone-setter, coverage, pass rusher...he's the total package.
  9. watch the tape? Hill will run through people when he needs to, you’ll never see Waddle do that. Not saying he can’t be dynamic in the NFL but if you're gonna spend a top 10 pick on a little WR there’s a certain criteria that he has to meet IMO. Playing bigger than his size is at or near the top of that list.
  10. Exactly right. I’m just not a big fan of guys that rely solely on speed...especially when they’re little fellas.
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen calves like that on a WR. Those are Rudy Johnson/Ki Jana Carter-like bowing balls.
  12. As long as we use one of those second rounders on my guy Rondale Moore
  13. They're just spitballing. He's a local guy and we have a need, therefore we're a match.
  14. Small player that plays small. I like small players that play bigger than their size. I'd actually rather have Rondale Moore than Waddle. Not at 5 obviously.
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