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  1. Mem, thanks again for taking the time to post all of these updates. It's by far the quickest and easiest way to find any Bengals info. Much appreciated!
  2. Ok, so who’d be wonderful on a terrible run-blocking team then? I’m curious.
  3. No no I’m not blaming Hendrickson, I understand how hard of a play it is to make on a guy like that one on one. I’m just saying that despite all the garbage, it was that close.
  4. Im just saying that when you’re playing on the road, sometimes a shot to win it at the end of the game is all you can ask for. Even with all the bullshit, they were a Hendrickson missed tackle away from being 2-0, IMO.
  5. I 100% believe that Burrow wins that game if Hendrickson makes that play on Fields. Damn shame.
  6. I’ll take Treyveon Henderson in 2024. Young Adrian Peterson 2.0 Freshman beast.
  7. Dalton and Finley for a season and then less than 10 games of Burrow and then Allen to finish it out. Let’s see what happens with 16 games of Burrow. I’m gonna say it looks much much different.
  8. Zac Taylor Deserves Praise For Being a Modern NFL Head Coach https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/allbengals-insiders-plus/zac-taylor-deserves-praise-for-being-a-modern-nfl-head-coach
  9. I’m not gonna lie…I really like this Washington Football Team.
  10. As it sits right now, corner and RT would seem to be the 2 biggest needs. Who knows what it looks like by next April though.
  11. Insane game! Wtf were the Ravens thinking on that last play??
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