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  1. Wait…so Jon Kitnas son is a perv and apparently that somehow makes dad a perv as well? And obviously then, by proxy, that makes Dalton a perv as well?? Did I get that right? Meanwhile, why the obsession with ex Bengals QB’s? Too funny.
  2. So are tibor and sois the same person? I really have no idea.
  3. And if not for two tipped passes they likely win by 3 tds and good chance Burrow ends up hanging 500 yards on em. He’s just filthy.
  4. Our LBs are pretty fucking good man. Love the way that position group has turned out.
  5. Count me as a fan of Traveon Williams. I’d love to see what he could do with more touches. Hopefully Mixon comes back 100% but I’d have no hesitation whatsoever trusting the running game in the hands of Perine and Williams if it came down to it.
  6. Pickens kinda has a little bit of Chad in him IMO. Hate to say it.
  7. Yeah that 1st down false start had nothing at all to do with it. C’mon man.
  8. So it would have been an incompletion if the ball wouldn’t have been tipped?
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