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  1. Who, did NOT make the playoffs, BTW….even with LeBron. Conspiracy theories are quite the rage these days though, I suppose.
  2. Oh yeah, for sure. I wasn’t really posting that vid for you, but rather for the Billy noobs who have no idea who he is or what he does. I’ve seen him six times so far, last time was just last month in Nashville. Hell of a show!
  3. Billy is the MAN when it comes to flat picking. He’s like a Doc Watson/Tony Rice love child. Molly Tuttle is another prodigy that Billy is really close to. Pay no attention to the dirty hippie in the background and instead focus on the fingers of this young man. Truly something to behold.
  4. So wtf is he holding out, anyone figured that one out yet? I don’t get it.
  5. I mean, bonkers. With that frame, he’s like the Bo Jackson of WR’s.
  6. I really think Sewell will turn out to be a franchise LT and likely a perennial all-pro, and I absolutely root for the kid. I actually really feel for Detroit. That said…Chase is a generational talent. Like AJ Green was back in the day…but even better. No knock on AJ.
  7. 100% For better or worse. Still though…kid is absolutely getting paid. So..
  8. The amount of money these guys make on the tag, I can’t really get on board with them acting like babies and trying to force negotiations. Suck it up buttercup. C ya if not.
  9. Holy shit you’re a jackass. You’re basically butthurt because they didn’t take the guys that YOU had in mind and now you’re not gonna shut up about it. Lucky us.
  10. Not a fan. I’d be perfectly happy if every game was 1 o’clock Sunday if I’m being honest.
  11. Who’s to say that this guy doesn’t turn out to be a pro-bowler?
  12. Man they’re kicking ass in undrafted free agency. That’s one helluva class.
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