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  1. If the Bengals had left, I would have tried to become a Titans fan because of their proximity to me, would have been unable to, and would have lost most, if not all, interest in the NFL. Will never know if that would have been a good thing or a bad thing, but to be honest, it would have spared me a lot of frustration. I'd like to think that the entertainment the team has provided outweighs that frustration, but I'm really not sure.
  2. I guess I'm in the minority, but the only way I'll root for the guy who walked away and refused to play for my favorite team, is if he's playing the Stealers. Otherwise, no love for The Quitter. Arizona was one of my favorite teams before he arrived there.
  3. That's the first time I've seen the Antonio Brown play since last Saturday, and it looks A LOT like a flop. Was it a shoulder to shoulder hit (or shoulder to helmet, at worst), or did other angles make it look worse than this one does? The way he hits the ground on his ass and then lays himself out while flopping his head around looks fake.
  4. Did he try to punch #20 in the face at the end of this play? Haslett wore #55...
  5. By midweek I was better than I thought I'd be. Like others, I think my main consolation is realizing that the Bengals weren't going to win the whole thing this year without their starting quarterback (and then with the injuries sustained in the Stealers game), so in that regard it's "just another playoff loss" (the officiating and other things aside). Another thing that has made it easier is that there seems to be a mood among Stealer fans is that they got a gift they didn't deserve, and I've not read or heard any gloating or smack talk. Furthermore, they're banged up pretty badly heading to Denver. Even in the dark hours of late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, I wasn't inclined to put this game above either of the Super Bowl losses, and I'm still not. Only time will tell, but I do think this will rank #3 all-time, though. I will never get over either of the Super Bowls, because they were "that" close to NFL history.
  6. They would diminish they're chances of winning a playoff game for PR reasons?
  7. Which is perfectly normal. I'm sure we've all laid down in front of a bus at one time or another.
  8. Bleeds Orange

    The Pro Bowl - Not important

    Yeah, I roll my eyes when I hear a player referred to as a "five-time Pro Bowl selection" or whatever. It completely jumped the shark when they did away with conference affiliations, put them in generic uniforms, and had former players be the coaches. Haven't watched it since and won't.
  9. Bleeds Orange

    SB50 Picks?

    Yes, priority #1, above all else, is that Pittsburgh is eliminated, preferably in either a) an historic blowout or b) in excruciatingly painful fashion in an incredibly close game. I'm not sure which would be sweeter.
  10. Bleeds Orange

    SB50 Picks?

    Once the Bengals are eliminated, I usually root against Pittsburgh (if they're in it), against New England (in that order), and for whoever is wearing the best uniforms. I have no idea who is going to win, but I'm rooting for Kansas City vs Green Bay: Besides, how fitting would it be that Super Bowl 50 were a rematch of Super Bowl I?
  11. Well, I guess our weekend, as bad as it was, was no worse than this guy's...
  12. I'm going to be honest. I am evolving from "Bengals fan" to "Bengals observer", and last night moved me down that path further. I've invested 40 of my 50 years in this franchise, so despite any efforts I may exert, I have to admit that I'll never be able to walk away and ignore them completely. But it's obvious that there has been a dysfunction present within the culture of this franchise for the past 13 seasons that has prevented the teams from coming anywhere close to playing up to their talent levels. Until there is a new head coach (or until the current one realizes that the risks he has been taking are never going to pan out), that is not going to change. We can analyze rosters, add up talent levels, bitch about unfair referees and mean-spirited reporters and talking heads, and wish upon a star all we want, but what we have seen for the past 13 years is what we are going to get. But that's just one "observer's" opinion, and I was told earlier today on this forum to shut the fuck up, so take it with a grain of salt.
  13. It ends like this. It always ends like this:
  14. Bleeds Orange

    Our FAs

    . Aw, gee...wait...let me blame the refs and the media like kenneth. Please.
  15. What did Daugherty say that isn't true?
  16. I've heard all season that the Bengals have the "most talent" in the league, but they are FAR from the "best team". What they've assembled has not worked out in grand scheme of things and it's not going to work out. Of that I am convinced. The Bengals are a sleek, flashy sports car with a leak in the oil pan. Until that leak is addressed, they're going to lock the engine up and suffer the embarrassment of riding home on the ass-end of a wrecker while the neighbors snicker.
  17. Bleeds Orange

    Our FAs

    Jones and Burfict need to be shown the door, and I don't give a damn how much talent either of them have. Teams have won championships without either of them. One team will win one this year without either of them. Burfict was an All-American who went undrafted and Jones was out of the league for an entire season. There was and is a reason for that. It's because most franchises can see the forest for the trees, and realize that a championship team is more than just having the largest sum of parts. How many times this year have we heard TV people say that the Bengals have the most talented roster in the NFL? How close has that gotten us to a championship?
  18. I live in an area where Bengals fans aren't plentiful, and I get the feeling that everyone I know regards me as the most avid Bengals fan they know. The ones I've talked to today genuinely felt sorry for me. It wasn't just a simply "Hate that for ya, man" kind of thing. They used several words and sentences to let me know that they had genuine empathy for me as a fan of this dysfunctional franchise. It has been kinda weird, because I'm used to ridicule, and this has been very different. As for me, I'm feeling more sadness than anger. For 41 seasons, I've always held out at least some hope. Near the end of the Lost Decade, my faith began to wane, but I didn't walk away. I doubt I'll be able to walk away now, either, but as long as Jones and Burfict are on the team, my passion will remain greatly diminished. I'll probably be more of an "observer" than a fan, and that hurts...a lot...
  19. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/01/marvin-lewis-vontaze-burfict-cincinnati-bengals-loss-adam-jones-pittsburgh-Stealers-fired By: Chris Chase | January 10, 2016 12:13 am Grown men are responsible for their own actions and, therefore, Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones are to blame for their two stupid, dirty, dangerous and city-crushing penalties that completely handed the Pittsburgh Stealers a game the Stealers had already handed away. But this is Lewis’s team. They’re his men. And they played like clownish, dangerous buffoons for their coach, who showed he had no control over the team he’s been with for over 13 years. For that, Marvin Lewis’s time in Cincinnati should finally be up, four wild-card losses and one wild-card implosion later. Things were chippy all night, stemming from years of rivalry and a game earlier this year that was equally as contentious. There were personal fouls, dirty hits, fans throwing bottles and an obvious sense that something bad was going to happen to one of these teams and it was likely to be the Bengals with Burfict as the cause. He was out of control. He was pushing over cameras for no reason. Jawing at everyone. Hitting just hard enough to cross the line between tough football and dirtiness. He needed to come out of the game before he lost it for the team that had improbably come back from a 15-0 deficit. But then Burfict did exactly that. It was completely bizarre: You knew Burifct was going to blow it, you just didn’t know how. And when he did, you just had to shrug and say “it was bound to happen.” After a Pittsburgh interception with 1:50 remaining, the game looked locked up — Cincinnati’s first playoff win since 1990 — right up until Jeremy Hill fumbled the ball on Cincinnati’s first carry after the turnover. Ben Roethlisberger, who had exited the game earlier with a shoulder injury (caused by Burfict — which is why he stayed in the game; he’s a stud on the field), then returned, needing at least 50 yards to get his Stealers in position for a game-winning field goal. It quickly became clear Roethlisberger didn’t have the arm to make big plays, so a slow march it was. At that pace it appeared Pittsburgh might have the time to get into position, but the odds were going to be about as long as the kick. Enter Vontaze Burfict. After a Roethlisberger pass to Antonio Brown was overthrown by about five yards, Burfict sprinted in, a good second or two after the play, headhunting all the way. He received a 15-yard penalty and was lucky not to be ejected. Later, Adam Jones touched a ref while trying to get involved in a scrum and gave away another 15 yards.(To be fair, Pacman’s penalty was touchy. He looked like he was going at Stealers assistant Joey Porter, not an official. Given the level of discourse during the game, it was a flag that could have been swallowed. But when you play like the Bengals did for 58 minutes and you have the history that Pacman does, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt.) In all, the undisciplined Bengals gave Pittsburgh 30 yards and a chip-shot field goal to win. Those 30 yards weren’t going to be easy to come by, not with a quarterback who could barely lift his arm in a driving downpour. But the Stealers were handed them on a black and orange platter. A field goal later and it was 18-16 Stealers and, essentially, the game. And now the 25-year playoff losing streak continues in Cincinnati and the man at the helm has to be to blame. Again, Burfict and Jones are the selfish children whose actions lost the game, but Marvin Lewis — a fine coach and a fine man — is the father figure who needed to make sure it didn’t happen. When you’ve lost control of your team, you’ve lost your team. Usually, your job comes next.
  20. I found this: So, what if this "Independent Neurological Consultant" is a lifelong Stealers fan. Then what?
  21. Antonio Brown has a concussion. Who makes the call on whether or not he plays next week? Stealers doctors? League?
  22. Tom Coughlin will be 70 years old when next seasons starts. That ship sailed in 2003.
  23. Bleeds Orange

    Get rid of Marvin Lewis

    "Get rid of Marvin Lewis" is just as valid a suggestion as it was when this thread began three years ago. He has no control over the team and never has. All they've done in the past ten years is trade off-field problems for on-field problems. Tonight those on-field problems cost the team a game that will go down in history, and that's no hyperbole. Burfict has to go. Jones has to go. And Marvin has to go for having them on the team and not controlling them. This hasn't worked and it's not ever going to work.
  24. I've never gotten over XVI and XXIII and I won't get over this.
  25. Forty-one seasons. That's exactly where I'm at, and I think I'm done, at least until Marvin, Burfict, and Jones are gone. I just can't do this anymore. This franchise never runs out of ways to break your heart. That made me smile at at time when I didn't think I could.

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