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  1. I posted this in the other uniform thread, but they need to do this yesterday. Uniforms are very important to me, as I do, in fact, root for laundry (to quote Seinfeld). It's the only thing that separates one group of NFL players from another, when you think about it. Well, for those of you in Cincinnati, I guess it's the fact that they're based in the same town you live in or near. I just know that the last 17 seasons of looking at the costumes has been painful.
  2. If Jen was a paramedic and a member of my family needed saving, I'd root for him. Otherwise, there's not enough tiger stripes anybody can sew or paint onto his uniform to make me cheer for him. Cannot stand him. I'd just have to step away from the team until he was gone.
  3. Yeah, the nostalgia factor brings cries for uniforms that should probably be left in the past. There are, however, some teams that need to return to their old colors, perhaps with a modern uniform. There's too much damned navy and black in the league. Broncos: back to royal blue Falcons: more red, and they screwed the pooch by emphasizing the black with their new changes Seahawks: back to royal blue and kelly green Eagles: back to kelly green Patriots: back to royal blue and more red I really like what the Chargers did last week, with the emphasis on powder blue and no more navy on the regular uniforms. This showed up on Twitter. Would make a good change.
  4. Oh, I didn't realize the team still controlled the rights the next year. The "pull an Eli" people implied that he could sit a year and then move on. Good to know.
  5. I thought and hoped so, but the guy seems sure of himself. He did leave himself a huge back door out, though. Under normal circumstances, Burrow has said enough to put my mind at ease. But I'm still not completely unconcerned that Burrow might wait to be sure there will be a 2020 season before signing. If the season were to be cancelled, there would be no disadvantage to his refusing to sign and re-entering the draft in 2021. Not saying he would or that he wants to, or that there are great odds of the season being cancelled, but as I said a few days ago, 45 years with this franchise has taught me to at least consider the possibility of the worst case.
  6. Any changes to the one-helmet rule wouldn't take effect until 2021. I'm all for it, as long as it's limited to one throwback a year and MAYBE one alternate a year. I DON'T want to see any Oregons or Kentuckys out there. I like to have some clue as to what teams I'm watching when I turn the TV on. A white helmet for the Bengals, once a year, would be nice. I also wish they'd bring out the pre-stripes uniforms at least once a year. They could do the earlier stripes uniforms already and just won't do it. That, and a ring of honor, seem like no-brainers. Induct players into the ring, trot them out onto the field in the jersey they wore when they played, and wear throwback uniforms that day.
  7. Then what was with the talk of his "pulling an Eli" and refusing to sign? I thought it was said when all that shit was being slung around that he could sit a year and be drafted again. From all appearances, he is fine with coming to the team, but there are many who are not convinced there will be a season. After 45 years, I'm trained to consider the worst-case scenario when it comes to this franchise.
  8. Sorry to revive a year-old thread, but I didn't think this was worthy of a new one of its own. The Bengals didn't just win this tournament, they dominated it.
  9. If the unthinkable were to happen and the league cancelled the season before Burrow signed a contract, would he be free to just not sign at that point, and re-enter the draft again next year, since he wouldn't be playing this year, either way?
  10. You may have missed this yesterday, but apparently the Bengals are open to listening to trade offers for Dalton. That's per source, now, mind you.
  11. Interesting choice of headband colors for the guy who told Dan Patrick and Mike Florio that he will never play for Cincinnati. This is from a Nerf commercial.
  12. He's been making it clear since October that he doesn't want this, so why are they doing it? Is he going to be all-in for the team in the five or six games he's on the field in 2020? And what makes him think his brittle ass deserves a long-term contract from anyone?
  13. Sadly, reporting isn't about "reporting" anymore. It's about clicks, hits, viewers, listeners and whatever it takes to get attention, even if it means stirring up a fabricated shit storm to get people upset or amused enough to pay attention. It's not surprising that little-known "reporters" like these have to resort to such, but it's pathetic that the likes of Dan Patrick have to, as well. It's the nature of today's media beast. People can get the facts from an app on the little box they carry around in their pocket. They don't have to sit down to watch Dan Patrick on the 6:00pm SportsCenter to find out what's going on. In the fight for relevance, the people who hope to make their living in the media business often resort to drama, controversy, or click bait. That's all this is about. Dan Patrick either shamelessly does what he's been doing, or he gets ignored and loses what little relevance he still has a member of the media. The bastards spewing the Burrow nonsense are nothing more than pro wrestlers thumping their chests in the middle of the ring, trying to incite as much of the crowd as they can. Florio was a prime example of that today. That he was able to say what he said in that interview with Channel 9 (?) and hold a straight face was impressive. I'll give him that.
  14. ...and did the 8-0 start and best record in the AFC of 2015 never happen? I know the playoff game was an all-time gut punch, but damn...
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