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  1. That 2015 playoff loss is the absolute lowest point in the history of the franchise, and that's saying a lot. As for the rankings, it's funny seeing the Browns at #32, but they'll get the last laugh in February, when they win the Super Bowl. They are still winning the Super Bowl this year, right?
  2. The impression I got from Twitter was that the Bengals just chose Taylor over him, and he was available. Thing is, the Jets, Bucs, and Dolphins all chose someone else, as well. Not that those are model franchises, by any means, but it makes you wonder what's making teams hesitant to pull the trigger. The Taylor experiment probably won't work, but he deserves at least two seasons to show something. If they don't win a playoff game while he's here, then...well...it will be just like the past 30 years and the four guys who came before him. It's not like we've grown accustomed to having nice things.
  3. I think I was on a board called Bengals Huddle (?) at the time of the Chris Perry draft. Amish, you were on there, I'm pretty sure. Even though the Perry pick was awful, who else was in that draft that they could have had and that amounted to much? Eli, Rivers, and The Rapist were already taken, and besides, they had The Quitter and didn't need a QB anyway.
  4. It feels like old times. I get goose bumps thinking about how suffering through 2-14 will pay off with the next David Klingler, Dan Wilkinson, Ki-Jana Carter, Akili Smith, Peter Warrick, or Chris Perry pulling one of those gaudy jerseys over a pair of pads next August. Now, if we can just start getting some players arrested again...
  5. I've been watching it since 1975, and they seem to recycle the plot lines quite a bit. I think it's on this list somewhere: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls063837343/
  6. Unless they're playing the Bengals and Dolphins nine more times this year, they ain't going to no playoffs, thankfully.
  7. You beat me to it. I was just thinking, it won't matter because the Bengals will take David Klingler or turn down the Saints entire draft and a chance to take Champ Bailey because they just have to have Akili Smith. Or maybe they will actually draft a good quarterback and some sick Stealers fuck will snap his leg in two or grab his face mask and turn his head around backwards, not that something like that has already happened or anything.
  8. I assume he had a hand in the roster that Taylor inherited. Regardless, I get the feeling he left behind a dysfunctional culture in the locker room and tolerated too much, but I wasn't there, so I'm just shooting from the hip. I just don't see how he could be the head coach for 16 years and not be held to some accountability for the embers still smoldering in the dumpster.
  9. Marv only had three 0-3 starts, but he was no stranger to early-season shittiness. Actually, he brought some late-season shittiness from time-to-time, as well, especially in January. 2003: 0-3 and 1-4 2004: 1-4 and 2-5 2007: 1-4 and 2-6 2008: 0-8 and 1-11-1 2010: 2-11 2017: 0-3 Taylor may fall out of favor with some or even many this season, but any woes this franchise currently has are on Marvin and MB.
  10. I assume they're only going to move teams up or down a certain number of spots in a given week, and who knows, the Stealers and Stains outcomes this past week may prove to be anomalies. However, keeping the Bengals at #27 is just stubborn and stupid. And it's not that they don't respect the team that they almost beat on their own field -- the moved the Chickens up from #15 to #11. Apparently beating the Bengals at home was worthy of a significant jump up, yet the Bengals get no respect with their own ranking. So, which is it? if the Bengals are that bad, then why move Seattle up for beating them by 1 at home? If Seattle's that great, then why not reward the Bengals? Oh, well, these things are nothing more than click bait anyway, but I'm as guilty as anyone else for looking at them. It's kinda like reading the tabloid covers while standing in the checkout line. You know it's bullshit, but you're curious anyway.
  11. It's a shame the throwback stuff is ruined by the stripe on the helmet. It's been that way ever since it started coming out over 10 years ago now.
  12. Is it possible this is as a result of pressure from his Amish community?
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