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  1. I remember when Boomer Esiason was drafted, and everyone on this board said he was just a Boomer Eshoeason wannabe. Although Esiason had a few good years, he never really measured up to Eshoeason, who will always rank as the best to wear #7 for the franchise. Speaking of Bengals quarterbacks of yesteryear, let's not forget Don Criqui's all-time favorite Bengal, Boomer Eziazon. Old-timers will hopefully get it.
  2. I'm pretty sure was a time when only one non-regular helmet a year was allowed, and it had to be a throwback. When color rush came along, that changed a little, with teams like the Broncos and Giants slapping the old logos onto their current helmets (even though the colors weren't historically correct), the Bills switching to a white mask, and the Jets using a green chrome mask and metallic decals. But then this season the Chargers wore three different white helmets with different bolt colors, so I guess it's no longer forbidden. If I had to choose, I'd prefer to see the old 1968-7
  3. I'm excited to see Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady get an opportunity to participate in a Super Bowl game.
  4. Hopefully it means the end of the white side panels and a different number font. Overall hoping they return to something with a nod to the past, like some other teams have done, and quit trying to be cutting edge. Broncos, you'd be next.
  5. I'm pretty sure I've posted this here before, but it is perfect, IMO.
  6. The stripes are painted on, so there's no changing them, and because of the league's one-helmet rule, they can't wear throwbacks or switch to white helmets for color rush. I described the stripes as "painted on", but actually it's the opposite. They start with a black shell, apply stripes, paint it orange, then remove the stripes, revealing the black underneath. (If you think about it, that's easier than taping on the rest of the helmet and painting the stripe areas black.) I think it then gets a few coats of clear. I'm not sure when they started doing it this way, but it's been s
  7. On more than one occasion since 1975: BAS-terds Seriously, though, I voted BING-guhls, but with a sort of "eh" and not the way Phil Simms says it.
  8. I posted this in the other uniform thread, but they need to do this yesterday. Uniforms are very important to me, as I do, in fact, root for laundry (to quote Seinfeld). It's the only thing that separates one group of NFL players from another, when you think about it. Well, for those of you in Cincinnati, I guess it's the fact that they're based in the same town you live in or near. I just know that the last 17 seasons of looking at the costumes has been painful.
  9. Oh, I didn't realize the team still controlled the rights the next year. The "pull an Eli" people implied that he could sit a year and then move on. Good to know.
  10. I thought and hoped so, but the guy seems sure of himself. He did leave himself a huge back door out, though. Under normal circumstances, Burrow has said enough to put my mind at ease. But I'm still not completely unconcerned that Burrow might wait to be sure there will be a 2020 season before signing. If the season were to be cancelled, there would be no disadvantage to his refusing to sign and re-entering the draft in 2021. Not saying he would or that he wants to, or that there are great odds of the season being cancelled, but as I said a few days ago, 45 years with this franchi
  11. Then what was with the talk of his "pulling an Eli" and refusing to sign? I thought it was said when all that shit was being slung around that he could sit a year and be drafted again. From all appearances, he is fine with coming to the team, but there are many who are not convinced there will be a season. After 45 years, I'm trained to consider the worst-case scenario when it comes to this franchise.
  12. If the unthinkable were to happen and the league cancelled the season before Burrow signed a contract, would he be free to just not sign at that point, and re-enter the draft again next year, since he wouldn't be playing this year, either way?
  13. Why were you looking at that? You people are disgusting. Oh, and here it is, if anyone is interested...or curious...or is shopping for insurance...or whatever...
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