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  1. ...and did the 8-0 start and best record in the AFC of 2015 never happen? I know the playoff game was an all-time gut punch, but damn...
  2. The 49ers coaches and players are all long gone, but many of the same fans that got so much joy out of their two Super Bowls wins against the Bengals are still fans of theirs, so screw 'em all. Stealers and Patriots are #1 and #2, but they are third.
  3. But even if it were their decision, don't you think it would have been based on the feedback he was giving them? It just seems suspicious that an injury that was diagnosed to be a few weeks, turned into months, and that the slow recovery coincided with one of the worst seasons in the history of the franchise. I'm admittedly just speculating, though.
  4. I guess he's still a good guy as a person, I don't know, but I think he quit on the team this year. Send his ass packing. Even if his injury was legitimately season-ending, what hope is there that he's going to suddenly become durable enough to play 16 games a year? Give his spot to someone who's healthy and hungry. I don't think he's either.
  5. Why were you looking at that? You people are disgusting. Oh, and here it is, if anyone is interested...or curious...or is shopping for insurance...or whatever...
  6. I'm surprised there has been no outcry over Burrow's smoking. You know, iT sEts A baD eXamPLe fOr thE cHilDreN.
  7. I am SICK to DEATH of the assholes on Twitter saying he should pull and Eli/Elway and refuse to play for the Bengals. It's as if people's memories extend no further back than the middle of the '18 season. Either that, or they've taken a look at the '19 standings and decided they know enough to post a hot take on how pathetic the Bengals are. One tweeter from Cincinnati even went so far as to say "I don't follow football, but I know the Bengals are a joke." As for the pick, I think the franchise is reaching a crossroads. Apathy is rampant among the general public and whispers of stadium upgrades or replacement have begun. We have experienced multiple years of just-better-than-average and most won't be excited or motivated by that again. The franchise needs to push all its chips to the middle of the table. Go home rich or go home broke, but break-even is no longer an option. Not for this franchise. A scenario where Burrow goes somewhere else and makes the HOF (or even "just" wins a Super Bowl) is worse than one where he comes here and busts.
  8. If you've seen the Netflix series "Living With Yourself", you know that Brady is just one refresh away from another MVP season.
  9. With the Stealers and Patriots eliminated, I have no one left to root for. None of the remaining teams exhibit class and do things the right way.
  10. Regardless of talent, I would only want to bring back players who are all in and willing to bust their asses for the success of the team. There are players on the team like that, but I don't perceive that AJ Green is one of them. I'm not his doctor and I don't have access to his medical records, but does anyone believe that injury had to keep him out the entire season? I'd be interested to know how his teammates view him at this point.
  11. I'd love to see it. Maybe it will quiet some of the Lamar Jackson talk down. I assume he's a good guy, but damn, I think I've heard enough about him for a while. When the Bengals and Reds are not in the postseason, I basically root for laundry, and hope for matchups of the best and most classic uniforms, unless it's a team I hate. That being said, I'm hoping for Chiefs-Packers this year, a rematch of Super Bowl I.
  12. It makes me sad to see the Dalton-Green era end. (Green may be on the team next year, but his era is effectively over.) When they came in 2011, I really thought we might win a Super Bowl with those two as the foundation, but then it became apparent that neither man had what it took when the lights got bright. Maybe it was a by-product of having ML (who also wilted in big games) as their head coach, I don't know. Bottom line, though, is that it's time to move on from AD. I'm fine if Green wants to come back and...you know...actually play football, and do so with the right attitude, but I won't lose any sleep if he goes. There are holdovers from ML's team that have shown that they're ready to be hard asses and help build something, but I don't get the feeling that Green is one of them. If he's not, the door is right over there, so hobble right on out, and try not to hurt yourself doing it. As for AD's stats compared to Ken Anderson and the other QBs, I don't think it's a fair comparison at all. There's a reason all the passing records are dominated by seasons from the past decade.
  13. Two of my favorite days of the year are the when the Stealers are eliminated and when Duke loses in the NCAA tournament. While I dream of a world where Pittsburgh is 1-15 every season, but at least 8-8 keeps them out of the playoffs and in the middle of the pack in the draft.
  14. The Seahawks will hold an emotional/psychological advantage over the 49ers due to the way last night's game played out, beat them in SF the second weekend, then fall to the Packers in GB in the final due to expending all their emotions in beating the 49ers. In the AFC, the Rats are just too good, and they will beat the Chefs to advance to the Bowl.
  15. The scheduling is beautifully symmetrical, and either expansion, a longer regular-season schedule, or both, is going to ruin it. Leave it alone.
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