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  1. So glad to be rid of Roethlisberger's constant bullshit. He may be second only to Whines as my most-despised player ever. It's going to suck seeing him in a gold jacket in Canton. 🤢 And that Antonio Brown flop in the playoff game was really something. 🙄 Personal foul calls should be reviewable. They really should.
  2. 🏆 The Pittsburgh Stealers are the projected winners of the AFC North. Projected winners, y'all. 🏆
  3. Before I opened it, I thought this was going to be a thread about the Bills' rookie punter. 😆
  4. That photo of Burrow looks like it could have been taken in the 1950s.
  5. I couldn't appreciate those Oilers uniforms like I should have at the time, because of my dislike of the team. But looking back, they were among the best in league history. The Titans screwed it up in 1999 and then made it worse with the recent changes. If they don't want to be the Oilers, then fine. I get the need for a complete rebrand and something that Nashville could call its own, but they really could've used the same uniform and switched the oil derrick for the sword "T" and been great.
  6. So, does this mean that rather than making money from the naming rights, the Bengals just eliminate the expense of paying for the naming rights? Have they been paying $15 million per year, or was that a package deal that has covered several years?
  7. There is already a "Kroger Field" at UK in Lexington, but I guess there's nothing to prevent their being a second one if Kroger wants to spend the money. Heinz is now off the hook with the sponsorship deal they had up the river. How about "Heinz Field at Paul Brown Stadium", just to ruffle some feathers? 😀
  8. I really want to see the classic uniforms return twice a season, but it's nearly impossible to argue with this decision. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring out a slightly revised alternate white jersey, without the orange outline on the numbers. I think the orange outline was there mainly to tie in with the helmet, which won't be necessary with the white helmet.
  9. He's not fat enough. I like my kickers fat and prone to choking in pressure situations. Seriously, though, I don't understand the lack of respect that kickers get in the draft (not from this board, but in general). This is a position that can almost single-handedly (or single "footedly") win or lose games. I don't know as much football as some of you, but it seems that it's downplayed too much. It's similar with managers in baseball. A team won't pay a manager who has a history of fielding winning teams because the salary is too high, but they'll pay the same amount or more for a utility infielder. I just don't get it.
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