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  1. "Quiet poorly"? What the hell does that mean? (I know those weren't your words, old, so it's not directed at you.) It's true that the odds are influenced by bettors' enthusiasm, rational or otherwise, so teams with a smaller following will sometimes get worse odds than their talent might otherwise dictate. That being said, there is no reason to bet on a Marvin Lewis coached team ever winning a Super Bowl. No matter the talent or how successful the regular season may be, they will implode in the postseason, just as they have every other time. If Marvin doesn't shit his pants, one or more of the knuckleheads he keeps on the roster will find a way to mess it up. That's why this two-year extension is so disheartening. That's why seeing people like Pacman and Burfict remain in the conversation is frustrating. What good is 12-4 when the wheels fall off in the playoffs every damned time?
  2. All the national pizza chains have started off well and then gotten progressively shittier over the years. Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut...they were all really good back in the day, but all have fallen to really shitty levels. The two main problems are franchise owners (or corporate or whoever) cutting way back on ingredients and the workers just not giving a damn what they send out the door. The focus today is on "cheap" and the products have suffered because of it. I saw an article just today where Papa John's realizes that there is a perception they are overpriced, so they're going to start offering something for $5.99. Never mind "better", just get it "cheaper".
  3. I thought so at the time and always will. Bullock's numbers are actually better than I expected they would be, but I'm always a bit uneasy when he kicks.

    The team don't need no stinkin' O-linemen anyway. Speedy receivers are the key to continued success.
  5. That 1976 season is sickening to remember. It was my first full season as a Bengals fan, and got accustomed to the heartbreak right out of the chute. The Bengals started 4-1 and the defending champion Stealers started 1-4. The Bengals had pretty-much rolled until the two teams met in Pittsburgh in Week 6, but Pittsburgh won pretty big. Both teams then won five straight to set up the rematch at Riverfront with the Bengals 9-2 and the Stealers 7-4, and Pittsburgh beat them again. (By the way, after their 1-4 start, Pittsburgh didn't lose another game until the AFC Championship.) The Bengals had to travel to Oakland the following Monday night to play the team that eventually won the Super Bowl that year, and lost again. Despite a win in the final week of the season, the Bengals finished tied with the Stealers at 10-4, lost the tie-breaker, and got sent home. I've said it before on this site, but the 1975 and 1976 Bengals were 0-4 against Pittsburgh and 21-3 against the rest of the league. Let that sink in for a second.
  6. Yes, the concern should be that most have either moved on to other media or no longer care enough about the franchise to even voice an opinion. Indifference is a bigger threat than anger in any relationship.
  7. Damn, you invested several keystrokes in that failed attempt at humor...even searched out a GIF... Maybe I made a weak analogy, but the point was and still is, he is not irreplaceable. Find a way to win without him and his baggage, just as every other winning team has done.
  8. I respect what Jones has done on the field, but every team that ever won a Super Bowl, did so without Adam Jones on the roster. I agree that he needs to stay at this time, but I won't shed any tears when his time with the team is over.
  9. Regardless of how good he may or may not be, I just want them to get the stench of that 2015 playoff debacle behind them, and that means not suiting up the main culprit every week. Also look forward to Pacman being gone. I'm going to find it hard to root for this team until that happens. Any time I see either of them in a Bengals uniform, I'm reminded of one of, if not the, darkest day in the history of the franchise.
  10. Offensive lineman are boring. You won't find the jerseys of OL in Kohl's or Dick's. Taking a WR or RB with their Top Ten pick next year is the way to get the fan base excited.
  11. Although they are probably better than many of the 0-3 teams since 1980, the odds are just too long... http://www.oddsshark.com/nfl/its-over-nfls-0-3-teams No first-round playoff embarrassment this year, Bengals fans.
  12. Leg or not, he will miss. I don't think we can depend on him.
  13. Fat Randy I have a feeling that decision is going to haunt this franchise for several years, as Jake Elliott goes on to have a great career. Fat Randy will never hit a 61-yard game-winning field goal.
  14. it's 11:30pm and I'm too tired to read the article or digest any stats, but I will say that whenever a team seems hopeless, I'm reminded of the 1989 Pittsburgh Stealers. They were outscored 92-10 in their first two games but then ended up making the playoffs. (Man, I hate saying anything positive about that franchise. Let's focus on the fact that they were outscored 92-10.)

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