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  1. I think TV Guide produced different covers for various cities and regions around the country at that time, so Blake was probably one of many NFL players to make the cover that week.
  2. This is exactly the game I was going to mention. It was a 50-24 win in 1985, the first time Dallas had ever played in Cincinnati and only the third meeting between the two teams in history. They were supposed to have played a rare Sunday night game in Cincinnati in 1982, but it got cancelled by the strike. (I refer to it as "rare" because only prior to 1987, only one or two Sunday night games were played each year.) Anyway, the final score of that 50-24 game in no way was an indication of how bat the beat-down was. It was 22-0 after the first quarter and 43-10 after three quarters. Vern Lundquist made the call for CBS. Also, you have to include the introduction of the new uniforms in 1981. Those helmets (and to some extent, the uniforms themselves) made history...
  3. Translation: Cutting some practice squad players and signing Marvin Lewis and Pacman Jones to extensions.
  4. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Hey, Pacman deserves a ninth chance. You can't just cut a guy after he screws up seven or eight times.
  5. I thought Ross was most certainly a reach, but that they did well with the rest of the picks, and yes, that includes Mixon. That being said, I just hope they're right in their apparent expectation that things are going to be okay with that OLine.
  6. The Reds are on the road September 10, so I voted yes to home opener. Two prime time games, because the team is still somewhat of an interesting story.
  7. You cost our team a playoff win against Pittsburgh. Go away.
  8. Why would they make predictions before we even know who the teams are going to get in the draft? Oh, and Pittsburgh ain't going 13-3 this season, regardless of the draft.
  9. I was a Reds fan first, and attended my first Reds game at Riverfront in August 1975. At the game, my Dad pointed out the gridiron stripes that could still be seen on the turf, probably from a preseason game that had been played the previous weekend. When I realized that Cincinnati also had an NFL team that shared the stadium, I vowed they would be my team, so I became a fan that season. I finally made it to Riverfront for a couple games after I became an adult, but have never been to PBS. To be honest, two things that took something out of me as a Bengals fan was the departure from Riverfront and the 2004 change in uniforms. I no longer had the stadium I grew up loving and then also lost the uniforms I had rooted for since 1981. (I think the current uniforms are awful, by the way, and not because they're not what I grew up with.) If they left Cincinnati, even though I never watch them in person there, I'd probably stop watching the NFL altogether. I'm almost to that point now, so that would be the final straw. The only exception might be if they moved to a closer city, which in my case would be Louisville, Lexington, or Nashville, and that ain't gonna happen.
  10. Bleeds Orange

  11. Whitworth to rams

    I'm 51, and this post says it all for me. I spent the first 25 years or so of my life believing that the Reds and Bengals would be a lifelong passion, but sadly, that "passion" has devolved into "observation" in both cases. Even if the Bengals finally win a championship, it won't mean what I grew up dreaming it would mean. After several decades, the callouses become too thick to penetrate.
  12. Superbowl thread

    The New England Patriots made a deal with the devil years ago. Meanwhile, some kids in some impoverished nation are opening up boxes of Patriots championship tee shirts that were shipped in the third quarter.
  13. I don't know as much football Xs and Os and some of you guys, but having a kicker that could make reasonable kicks would have reversed two losses and one tie, so that would have put them at 9-7. They were so very close in three other games, so win one or two of those and you're a playoff team yet again. Again, technical aspects aside, I think it came down to lack of a kicker and lack of desire or focus at key points in the game. I'm also not convinced there wasn't a hangover from that playoff game debacle, as well. Get a decent kicker and regain the intensity and they'll be back. But with Marvin Lewis as the head coach, "back" just means 11-5 and a first-round playoff disaster. That's as good as it's going to get until there is a new head coach.
  14. It would probably increase stadium attendance in some cases, given the shorter drives to the cities within the division, so that is a point well-taken. But in this age of the Internet, Sunday Ticket, and people moving all around the country (and taking their team loyalty with them) and flying from place to place like never before, I think that geography matters less than ever before.
  15. Bengals working on a trade for McCarron?

    Sounds like exactly the kind of guy Mike Brown would be looking for.