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  1. He can wash Joe Burrows car and do Eddie Murphy impersonations.
  2. Maybe Carson the dullard wants to move back here to be QB coach. Then he can be see his other ahem....child every once in awhile.
  3. Wrap him in bubble wrap like I was packing up that fabrege' egg from the movie Risky Business.
  4. Yes. 2006 there was a whole slew of special teams fuckery that ended our playoff hopes. Brad SL was right in the middle of that shit storm, especially the Denver game. You should never know the name of a long snapper or a referee. If you do there are problems.
  5. I go to Detroit once a year for the huge classic car Dream Cruise down Woodward avenue. Stay away from the burned out sections of town and it's pretty cool.
  6. Are you the guy that dresses up in the white cape & cowboy hat/red mustache, or the big fat guy that paints his head like a helmet and wears all the necklaces?
  7. I bet Burrow won't shove a torpedo heater up his vag during a TV timeout like the So-Cal #9 did when it got below 36 degrees.
  8. We are getting Joe Burrow and he is going to fucking own this town.
  9. Good for him, get the hell out while you can. I remember him being carted off that one night and basically losing control of his emotions, that was hard to watch.
  10. I hope he packed up all his shit last night, and is driving up here right now to get an apartment at One Lytle Place just so he can be close to the facilities.
  11. The bottom line is, don't trust any guy over the age of 23 who still rocks a pony tail.
  12. So evidently if Carson gets drafted to another team he's magically a HOF'er. But no mention of that slight restructuring of his knee in January of 06'. Hmm.
  13. Tell us what other worse things got 'covered up' TJ, I'd like to hear that. Otherwise STFU. And sweet pony tail.
  14. Looking thru those pictures and remembering what a stealer killer he was.
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