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  1. 2:17 in my brother and I are in the stands in our Covid seat location. Brother in white 33 me in black 64.
  2. Are they drinking too much river water up there or what? https://www.nbc4i.com/sports/nfl/browns/report-browns-pursuing-new-1-billion-stadium/
  3. This might be it? https://shop.bengals.com/mens-new-era-black-cincinnati-bengals-2022-nfl-draft-59fifty-fitted-hat/p-59712822229152+z-836-590536571
  4. We have Fins at PBS, and I'm thinking this may be a leak? Nothing on their website yet?
  5. There were 4 teams originally designated for "access" to play in Germany, Bucs, Chiefs, Panthers and Patriots. Bucs have 9 "home" games on their schedule for this year with 2 of them against the Chiefs and Panthers. I would think one of those games would be the most logical, but we are dealing with the NFL, so who knows?
  6. Why don't you ask Burrow, Hubbard and Prince what they would think of this? They first met Mayfly at The Shoe in 2017
  7. Really? WTF? We're talking about a young man's life! I hate the Stealers org as much as anybody, but this is neither the time or the place?
  8. Someone needs to show them how to eat a 3, 4, 5 or 6 way though. You don't f'n twirl it, you cut it with your fork and work from one end to the other All we have in Columbus is Skyline so that works in a pinch, although the "ways" are "drier" than the ones in Cincy, so there's not enough "juice" for the oyster crackers to soak up. When I lived in Cincy, I really didn't have a favorite, went to all of them, Skyline, Gold Star, Empress, Blue Ash, etc... Used to go to one in Greenhill (I think it was an Empress?) after bowling and would get a 5 way with a hot dog in the middle. My favorite memory of Cincy style chili places would have to be a place that was called Foxie's Chili, which was on Wyoming Ave. just over the tracks in Lockland from the Gulf gas station I worked at as a teen in Wyoming. (gas station was right at the tracks, which was and I think still is the east/west border between Wyoming/Lockland?) Good memories
  9. Sorry Sea Ray 🙁 Apparently due to venue occupancy restrictions, they had a specified number of tickets that they could sell and even some "hold backs" were gone quickly. Been told the best thing to do is hang around the venue a little before the event and they're pretty sure people will have "extras" that they may sell or even give you, if you're really nice 😃 If nothing comes up, there are other places close that will likely be filled with Bengal fans, so all wouldn't be lost. Sorry I couldn't do any better this time, next year should be better WHO DEY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! Have a great time!!!
  10. Can't promise anything, but how many are looking for tix to Bengal Jim's Tailgate? I have a pretty strong connection with Jimmy and may be able to pull a string or two? Let me know as soon as possible and I'll check it out? Probably can't get a whole lot ( two or 4 if any) but I'm willing to try.
  11. Jamie, thought I saw in a thread somewhere that you were going to try and get your friend Onyx's picture on one of these shirts? Sorry I didn't know you or him at the time, but from reading your posts, know he was an awesome friend and I'm truly sorry for your loss Hopefully this works but here's a link to an article from a local news website from yesterday here in Columbus (Fox 28) about this effort, that I think is an update to a previous posted article? https://myfox28columbus.com/sports/no-fan-left-behind-faces-of-lost-loved-ones-to-be-worn-on-t-shirts-during-super-bowl-cincinnati-ohio-bengals-nfl-remarkable-designs-aaron-denton-cardboard-flathead
  12. 2:45 here in Central Ohio. Just spoke with the season ticket office and emails started going out first thing this morning and apparently still are? Anyone who got/gets emails today has until 5:00 PM tomorrow (Tuesday 2/1) to buy them. If not purchased by then, will go the next lucky winner on the list, so don't give up hope.
  13. Shark and his teenage son stopped by our tailgate Saturday
  14. Seat Geek has some upper level stuff for $190 to $200
  15. We saw it in the SEZ. Looked like it was pointing right at us for a few seconds and then zoomed off? A good friend of ours had one at the tailgate and took pictures above the stadium from there, it may have been him? I need to do some investigating
  16. Not sure what to make of this as an indicator, but you never know? https://www.cincinnati.com/story/entertainment/2022/01/13/bengals-playoff-2022-ark-encounter-or/9197443002/
  17. Wasn't sure where to post this? The tributes just keep pouring in https://www.sfgate.com/sports-columns/article/a-proper-send-off-for-Stealers-ben-roethlisberger-16748606.php
  18. Actually saw a lot of those looks at the game yesterday, including my brother and I as the "old" guy
  19. Must be as a rookie? Or this guy's "notable WR's" list is cherry picked". Just a real quick Google search had Josh Gordon with 2 back to back 200 yd. games for the Clowns in 2013?
  20. Thanks clapton, I'm not leaving the board, just signing out of this particular circle jerk
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