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  1. Any Windows users here that have converted from 10 to 11? Any problems? Do it or don't? Any advice is welcomed.
  2. I'm thinking of making it for the next tailgate 1/2
  3. I can only hope that the writer meant "whittled"? I would hate to think he urinated on his next three choices of schools
  4. Question, how do they handle tickets for something like this? Asking for a friend? 😁
  5. Yep, Riverfront, but I seem to remember they maybe tried to resurrect them in the early 2000's at PBS? But I'm old and have bouts of CRS, so ???
  6. Didn't the polka band that used to play on the sidelines occasionally break out Hold That Tiger, or have I participated in too many Oktoberfest's? 🍻
  7. Funny, I read that neither one has claimed any relation, but hey, this from Pissburg News, so it must be true 🤣 https://www.cbsnews.com/pittsburgh/news/george-pickens-Stealers-sign-2nd-round-pick-from-georgia/
  8. Heard them playing this song at the Panthers game. Assuming it being resurrected in altered form via the new Cheetos/Frito Lay commercial.
  9. I've heard it but not with any regularity. Same for Jungle Love by Steve Miller, not The Time version, which would be awesome if they did "Oweeoweeo"
  10. Company I worked for in high school, installed the stage lighting and sound system at Reflections. Worked lighting and sound for several of the acts that came through there. Ended up doing summer break "tours" with Allman Brothers, Seatrain, and Cheech and Chong, because of that place. Now it's just an empty lot 😞 Worked a few shows at Kings Island with the same company. Did a couple "mini" tours with Brownsville Station and Redbone from those gigs.
  11. I think it does, makes the tortilla a little "softer" and melts the cheese. I don't have sour cream in it though, although I don't think it would do anything to it?
  12. Ummmmm, did we just warp through some sort of space/time continuum? 🤔
  13. Since they moved us to the 4:25, I'm guessing Cowboys/Vikes took Sunday night?
  14. Dammit, I actually really liked the song and won't be able to get the damn ear worm out for a while 🐛 I wonder if they told any of the shoppers in the store what was going on and the guy dancing around with the banner, just was the honey sauce on the biscuit 🍯 I'm going to be searching long and hard looking for something to even come close to the excellence of this 🌐
  15. Saw them at The Schott in Columbus in 2014, which was supposedly, by contractual agreement, their "Final" tour. Brother bought me tickets for my 60th. Focused on Mick almost the entire show, just mesmerized at his talent/skills, while wondering the whole time how he was still standing upright? Alice Cooper opened too, which if the show had ended after his performance, I would have felt like I had got my money's worth, although I'm glad it didn't.
  16. So what's up with Trayveon Williams and Holyfield? They both seem to be built like fireplugs, which I think is the type that would fit Zach's "system" right now, not dancers like Mixon, and Williams has come through when put in the position? Don't get me wrong, I love Mixon, but unfortunately I think he's on the downhill side of his run. I was "talking" to him at the Falcons game (seats are second row of south EZ) and they were down at our end heading North, and I told him the music was for the cheerleaders and to quit dancing. Me probably seeing/fantasizing things, thought I saw him kind of shake his head in acknowledgment and he had a couple nice runs due North right after that 🤷‍♂️
  17. Mick "retired" earlier this week. https://www.nme.com/news/music/motley-crue-confirm-replacement-guitarist-following-mick-mars-retirement-3339167
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