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  1. Coming from Columbus also, season ticket holder and we tailgate in a little parking lot on 3rd between Race and Vine. Tonight's tailgate will be very abbreviated, but you and your group are more than welcome to stop by and grab a libation. We should be there between 5:30 and 6? There's also a bar right next to us, The Blind Pig, that's built on top of an old friends, old business, it's actually an extension of O'Malleys in the Alley (mentioned above) It's pretty righteous, lots of Bengals fans and they have some food. Also down at the corner from us Morrell's has a tailgate party and they usually have free hotdogs and stuff. Really from my experience, you're pretty much welcome at any tailgate you may come across, as long as you're not an opposing team fan If you come by our little piece of heaven, look for me, I'll have some era of jersey on #64 with MOC on the nameplate. High School Harry usually stops by at some point, so you will be able to possibly meet a "regular" from this board. I'm a newb on this board, but admin another smaller board elsewhere.
  2. HSH, no one has caught on to any Lewis Carrol references yet? Maybe a visit from Alice?

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