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  1. Typically if it's on Fox (28) we'll get to see them, CBS (10) it's usually Clowns or Stealers over us, I had a battle going a few years ago with the programming director at 10 over that shit
  2. That was sweet, especially when he did the griddy just for us Even better story, when Breeland got the pass interference call before that, he was whining to the refs relentlessly, like the little bitch he is. We in the SEZ, were letting him have it, maybe my bro and I a little louder than others, Breeland started dealing directly with me, grabbed his vagina and told me to suck it. OMG, the fun we had with that. Told him to get it out, to which he muttered something unintelligible, at that point then we were all asking him to pull it out, while making the little "sign" with our thumbs and pointer fingers. He eventually walked away, I called him a pussy and the cute young thing standing next to my brother leaned over and said I should have called him a dick. She said pussy's are tougher, a dick can only go 4 or 5 minutes, but pussy can go all day Can you imagine the fun we had when he faked the injury after Chase burned his ass for the TD right in front of us. Most fun I've had for a long time at a Bengals game
  3. Years ago I had some done at Koch's in Cincinnati. Might want to check with them? Rather pricey, but great quality
  4. Irwin waived and 15 practice squad players currently set https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-make-player-moves-sign-15-to-the-practice-squad
  5. We should sign the CB Rachad and have him only for scout team practices and go against Ja'Marr every play
  6. Freedom Amakalekahimekahineyho waived by Titans already
  7. And what in the hell are the Bengals doing? Is anyone else reading the first part of this headline the same way I am? I mean, I knew they were college buddies and all that? https://www.bengals.com/news/camp-notebook-burrow-and-chase-go-deep-fitting-end-to-preseason-practice-a-benga
  8. Keeping it real in Pissburgh https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/Stealers/2021/08/23/Heinz-Field-fan-fight-punches-slaps-viral-video-Stealers-Lions-game-preseason-Pittsburgh-police-investigation-arrests-identity/stories/202108230061
  9. Michael, Cbus resident here as well. Clowns are on 10, Bengals are on 6
  10. It's actually 4 players a year, with only 2 this year being voted on by season ticket holders.
  11. Probably the best spots for night before would be over the bridge in Kentucky. Lots of nice, fairly quiet, places there with pretty good people. Molly Malone's in Covington is one of my favorites (soccer bar, but they promote Bengals as well), great beer, good food. good people (both fans and staff)
  12. They're actually announcing them tomorrow (Thursday 22nd) on the Bengals website and various social media forums.
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