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  1. https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-re-sign-a-j-green
  2. AJ just signed franchise tag
  3. HSH, same boilerplate email I got from different STH rep.
  4. Been way too long and good to be back among the good people on this board. Have been mourning the loss of our tailgate spot at EZR's old space, but have come back anew. Will try and post more later but was just catching up and saw this post and thought I'd join in. New tailgate spot is off of West Third just west of Central. There is a new parking area right on the NW corner, but we are the next "road" to the west. (used to be and still may be called John St.) Road goes up the hill and we are in the parking lot all the way up at the top, far north end. (Unless the weather is bad, then we're in the same lot but under the 71 North overpass). Lots of "new" people there, but Gary, McNay (fka KreyZHorse), sometimes C Hamet, miniMOC and others are regulars. Gary has unofficially taken over the title of tailgate King (officially bestowed by moi) as we have had "trouble" making the trip down from Columbus on a regular basis. Hoping to correct that this year. Still in Section 156, Row 2, Seats 5 and 6 (unless the Mexican Beer Virus changes things?) If that happens we'll be happily ensconced in Section 420 with our season ticket fees providing the "entertainment" Hoping to post more often and looking forward to seeing some or all of you again! MOC out!!!
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