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  1. Not just accuracy but timing. It's first and foremost gotta be on time
  2. I like his choice of shirts (that he wore to the post game press conference)
  3. It's a stupid rule but yeah, it is a rule. NFL has really screwed up special teams with its rules
  4. Ref didn't know what down it was. 5 yd offsides meant 1st down
  5. I think the miles have taken their toll on Mixon. Not so much with Perine
  6. Furthermore, fumbling is not a problem with Perine either
  7. I don't think you're being fair to Perine. Sure, a strength of Joe Mixon is how he holds onto the ball but Perine has never lost a fumble as a Bengal. In fact his last fumble was 2017. So why are you slamming him as a fumbler? I'm not sure what that's based on https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/3116389/samaje-perine (Let's hope we didn't jinx him...)
  8. I'm not seeing anything that Mixon does that Perine can't. Zero dropoff
  9. Well, we've already beaten two of those enemies, Jets and Miami. As for Cleveland, we need to even the score when we play them again next month. If we don't win that one then we don't deserve a WC spot
  10. I think we're playing for a wildcard this year. Just the way things have fallen. Good news is we have wins over Miami and the Jets, 2 of our prime WC contenders
  11. That's why I said "to this point". We do have a starter but his position was so weak he pretty well won it by default. No one else is giving us significant minutes. That may change on down the road
  12. Colts owe Ryan $24 mill this year and another $29 mill after this year https://www.stampedeblue.com/2022/10/24/23421353/colts-salary-cap-implications-to-move-on-from-veteran-qb-matt-ryan-at-seasons-end Amazing to me how billionaire owners just don't care about $30 mill here and there. What they don't seem to get is the salary cap implications
  13. What do you suppose their plan was there? Were they going to have him sneak it? Not snap it at all?
  14. Oh they'll definitely go early, just like Justin Fields did. Whether they'll be any good is another question for sure
  15. The amount of 3 pts we've given up this season by going for it on 4th is staggering
  16. I think the biggest problem with the offense isn't the play calls. It's the play designs. There's very little deception and little creativity. Look at the Chiefs. They know how to design plays to get their guys open...wide open. Andy Reid creates mismatches and confusion on the opposing defense. Zac doesn't put our guys in motion; he doesn't create mismatches like by putting Chase in the slot. His mentor in LA does these things. I don't get why Taylor didn't pick this up while working for the Rams
  17. Ruby gets higher quality cuts of meat than what you can buy at Kroger and many butchers. What gets me is how these guys are dressed. It's the most expensive place in Cincinnati and you're wearing a sleeveless t shirt and sweats?
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