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  1. Just this year. If he wants to play in the NFL he'll have to play for the Bengals next year https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals/jake-browning-29336/#:~:text=Current Contract,a cap hit of %24750%2C000.&text=NFL contract specifics generally collected from verified reports.
  2. You're absolutely right. I got my E's screwed up. That'll teach me not to post while I'm preoccupied at work. My comments on how it works is still accurate. He can't leave unless Mike Brown lets him
  3. Keyshawn at about the 5 min mark doesn't know what he's talking about. He mentions Jake making money as if he can be a free agent. I got news for Keyshawn, he's not eligible for unrestricted free agency. He's what the NFL calls an Essential Restricted FA. He doesn't have the service time on an active NFL roster to be an Unrestricted FA. All the Bengals have to do to retain his rights is offer him a contract at the minimum for a guy with his service time. In other words, Mike Brown owns him for now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoSq4C6HjIs
  4. The defense is going to have to step it up if we are to make the playoffs. These soft zones are for the birds. Even bad QBs like Pickett and Beatherd can move it at ease vs us between the 20s
  5. Beats the hell out of those glow in the dark ones in Seattle
  6. Never heard of "hip drop" tackle. That looks perfectly fine to me
  7. The only thing they're missing are the tinfoil hats
  8. I think he's questionable 'cause he's not on the active roster yet. I would think that thumb would be healed by now
  9. They wouldn't have beaten the Ravens last week without his playing QB like he's a RB. Playing like this comes at a price. He's had 2 ACL surgeries. Now this. His body is taking a beating
  10. I think he's pretty darn good but my issue on Sunday was how wide open his receivers were. Lapham talked about this on WLW last night. We're talking guys with no defender w/i ten yards. Any QB worth his salt can complete such passes. Burrow rarely has such guys to throw to. Lou A needs to answer for this. How did that happen?
  11. The angle at the 0:15 mark of that video is perfect. That tells you all you need to know, the pass is tailing backwards. It's a lateral. We rarely get such perfect angles so when we do there's no excuse to get the call wrong. I'd agree with Steratore if it weren't for that angle
  12. Why pick on Joe Mixon? He put the game away for us. He gained more yards than Buffalo's RBs did
  13. Fair enough. For whatever the reason, the Brown family has not relinquished the job of GM to anyone outside the family. The decision not to make a trade this past week (whether that decision is good or bad) is due to Mike and Katie, not Duke.
  14. I'd suggest he's repeating the company line. Sounds like something Mike Brown would say
  15. Duke doesn't do more such as trades because the Brown family are control freaks. They don't want to relinquish control.
  16. I listed the duties that Duke doesn't have...contract negotiations, trades ...don't know what his role is with the draft. Best to have both a director of Player Personnel and a GM.
  17. He has been a Godsend but he's not the GM. He doesn't make the draft picks, make the trades or negotiate the contracts as I understand it
  18. No, Mark Davis at least hired a GM...a sorry one, but at least he hired one. That's all we wanted Mike Brown to do all these years
  19. Think about the 7th team in the NFC. It's gotta be an awfully horrible one. I can see Philly, Dallas, SF, Sea and Det...and someone has to make it from the NFC South but who's that 7th team?
  20. The remaining schedule is the toughest in football. Let's hope to sneak into any playoff spot
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