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  1. Is that even an adult? I think I'd require two forms of ID before banging her
  2. Sea Ray

    Bengals vs Panthers analysis

    McShay thought Blaine Gabbert was a stud coming out of college and thought he was worthy of a top 5 pick
  3. It's a little silly to project playoff spots mid week. Let's at least wait until the week's complete and other teams have a chance to get to 2-1
  4. As a Bengal fan you don't want a team in your division to continually get the number one pick. You want the Browns to win a few games. Baker is by far the better QB but I'm not sure if that says more about him or Tyrod Taylor. Let's face it Taylor was benched in favor Nathan Peterman last yr. His coaches were that fit to be tied with him missing passes
  5. Sea Ray

    Team Turmoil

    I think the Stormy Daniels thing with Trump happened in 2006. Ben got married in 2011
  6. Too bad we won't get to face Tyrod Taylor. He sucks worse than DeShone Kizer
  7. Sea Ray

    Broadcast map

    I must say I've never tried it but I'll keep your advice in mind. You do sound like you have experience in this area...
  8. Sea Ray

    Broadcast map

    Don't bother with the dykes but I'd try to buddy up to the lipstick lesbians. I'm told they're open to a threesome with a straight male
  9. Sea Ray

    Team Turmoil

    I totally agree with you on the NY Giants. Excellent example. On the K. Mack thing, although he's a very impactful defensive player, I was kinda amazed how much the Bears gave up for him. If it gets to the point where you've decided you won't/can't sign a guy then by all means, trade him for 2 1st rounders and change. That works for both teams. Your point is well taken that it doesn't work in the near future for the Raiders.
  10. Sea Ray

    Team Turmoil

    I'm so glad the Stealers haven't wised up and dealt Bell like the Raiders did Mack for a king's ransom. That would be the smart way to handle things. Do the same to AB if he doesn't straighten up his act. The Stealers would be scary good if they traded those guys for defense
  11. Richard Skinner on Mo Egger's program today said that the Bengals don't think Walton is ready yet. He said they'd use Gio and then later put in Rawls. Likely we won't see Walton
  12. Good info on the injury to Carson. That makes more sense now. As was also stated in this thread, the Falcons promoted Brian Hill. I liked him
  13. They just signed Rawls and cut Trae Carson. I don't get why they didn't go pluck Hill off Atlanta's PS since he was with them this summer. I thought he was impressive
  14. It's local for SD. That's why the writer used the term "local" rather than eastern time. They'll start at 1pm in the local time of where they're playing
  15. Sea Ray

    Injury updates

    I doubt he'll play this week. We'll watch and see if he practices today but my guess is he won't

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