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  1. Sea Ray

    Coaching Carousel 2019

    Actually I like Hue as an assistant just not as a head coach. If things melt down for Marvin & Co I don't see Mike Brown hiring Hue. That won't fly and attendance is horrible as it is. If things turn around and this team wins a playoff game either this yr or next yr then we could see Hue. If not then I doubt Hue takes over. Regardless, let's not worry about that now. Let's worry about Baltimore. There's still something to play for this yr
  2. Sea Ray

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Lazor got promoted. Zampese got fired
  3. As bad as Teryl Austin's defense has looked, it doesn't compare to the Raiders last night. That was against a feeble O with a third string QB. Their players did not know who to cover or how to execute his defense. To call it ugly doesn't cut it. It is inexcusable to be that inept this far into the season
  4. The Cowboys have fired Paul Alexander. Anyone here surprised?...Me neither http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25119428/dallas-cowboys-fire-offensive-line-coach-paul-alexander
  5. Sea Ray

    Injury updates

    Not that it matters what Marvin says but he says that Kroft will be back this yr:
  6. More than that, Lap had to stick around and defend them night after night in his job as a radio guy during their lean yrs. That job not only entails Sundays but numerous other shows during the week. Defending David Klingler and Dave Shula deserved combat pay
  7. The owner of the complex has all kinds of reasons to sue him. AB is a douche but he doesn't care. His team will pay up a certain amount of $$ (likely out of court) and AB will continue on being a douche, unfazed
  8. I don't think this is a criminal charge. This is about getting some money out of him. I'd love to hear the damages this plaintiff has.
  9. Just curious, what law does "almost" hitting a child break?
  10. Like Andre Smith I think he can grow into being a contributor but I agree, he's never going to be worthy of a top ten pick
  11. They sure haven't and I covered that point with my comment "Obviously it's early". I said that before anything in that post
  12. Obviously it's early but you win some, you lose some. It's OK if you miss on Jefferson if you hit on Hubbard. It's OK if you miss on Ross if you hit on Boyd
  13. Vinny was active and played a little yesterday but I wonder if he's not 100% healthy. I think Malik Jefferson has been the disappointment here. I have no inside info on this but my sense is that they're underwhelmed with his intellect
  14. Isn't it amazing that we're 4-1? We hear that some of the most important parts of winning in the NFL is stuff like 3rd downs, O line and turnovers. We've lost the TO battle in quite a few games this yr. Our 3rd downs are bottom of the league on both sides and the O line is definitely sub par. As for defense, our problem IMO is scheme. Look at the cushions we're giving their receivers. Just about every NFL team can methodically complete the short pass with timing and accurate throws. These sorts of plays move the chains and kills you on 3rd down. The reason the defense got better in this area in the 2nd half is that the Miami offense often found itself in situations where they had to look further than dump off passes. That's where our D shines
  15. Eifert rarely lined up on the O line. He generally was lined up wide

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