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  1. I love this trade but I doubt Houston would take it. In this deal they take Trae Waynes off our hands. They get our 1st rd pick this yr but we get their 2nd rd pick. Then we get each other's 3rd rd picks next yr https://torotimes.com/2022/02/14/houston-texans-laremy-tunsil-tradecin/
  2. I'm a big one on accountability. Nothing wrong with holding people accountable
  3. On the whole the last two drafts have been great. But that doesn't mean the Carman pick was sound. They ought not take damaged goods that high in the draft. It's unnecessarily risky. This is a fact irrespective of how their other picks turned out
  4. They should be held accountable for drafting damaged goods that high in the second round. They should have learned that lesson with Ced O. Particularly a back issue
  5. I don't wanna hear her call anyone out. I wanna hear her say that she (ownership) will do their part to keep this ball rolling
  6. Not at all. It depends on injuries, calls etc. Josh Allen or Pat Mahomes may catch fire If we're now worried about winning a SB rather than winning a playoff game then we've come a long way
  7. I would have liked Katie's letter include an acknowledgement that they realize the O-line needs to be addressed by the front office and that they'll leave no stone unturned to protect their QB
  8. I had a great first night here. I ran into a party here at the hotel thrown by an NFL agent. I personally spoke with TB Bucs WR Cyril Grayson. He said he went to high school with Ja'Marr Chase and ran track at LSU but didn't play football. We also talked about Tom Brady and AB. There were also Hollywood agents there. They invited us to a night club in Beverly Hills and we followed them there. Unfortunately Sea Ray had a bit too much liquor and not enough food but I'm OK today. That's what you call a Super Bowl experience
  9. PFF thinks the Bengals can exploit the Rams D https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-super-bowl-56-cincinnati-bengals-offense-perfect-matchup-los-angeles-rams-defense-joe-burrow-2022
  10. Thanks a million. That's just the kind of stuff I'm looking for. I have a dinner reservation in Venice Beach at 6pm but if I can move that back I can definitely do the Bengals Bash at 5. I won't arrive till 7pm on Friday so I'll miss the pep rally but oh well
  11. OK, I'll follow those folks. I don't see anything about stuff happening in LA yet but thanks for the tip
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