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  1. Interesting. So why was Hobby available for a lateral move?
  2. SF wasn't it you that said that Urban was asking for $12mill/yr? You also opined that he'd likely not go to the Jags. Are you surprised that he did take this job? Any info on what his contract is for?
  3. Hell, I was at the playoff game vs Buffalo in 1981-82 that was damn cold. I had a wedding to attend after that so I gave my tickets to the real freezer bowl away. Glad I did
  4. I think your OSU video of running through the South is now officially outdated.
  5. I agree with what you've said here but what in their scouting could have possibly said to them: this guy can play in the NFL? It illustrates how clueless or maybe nonexistent their scouting is.
  6. I agree. But of course neither does Ryan Finley and some team traded up to get him
  7. Jared Goff was a #1 overall pick. Alex Smith should have been playing but was hurt. Josh Allen was drafted #7. Baker Mayfield was #1 overall. Jamie, I'd suggest you fact check your sources a little better before going public with the information they fed you.
  8. Belichick doesn't have a history of drafting QBs in the first rd. Garappolo was a bottom of the 2nd rd guy. I could see them drafting Jones or Book in the 2nd or 3rd rd
  9. Yep, we now have our answer on why we lost Pollack and got stuck with Turner. This is on Zac and this is an example of where MB gave his coaches too much authority over hiring
  10. He's already done at least one interview (Falcons)via Zoom.
  11. I think Jones or Ian Book could be targets for the Patriots
  12. My recollection was that it was mid January and the Bengals were still weeks away from announcing their choice of head coach and Pollack was in limbo. The Bengals were not prepared to tell him he had a job and he knew the Jets were interested so the Bengals did the classy thing and let him pursue other opportunities. The Bengals have been criticized in the past for not allowing their HC to name his assistants but in the case of a mid 30s rookie HC, I think the team should NOT give him complete autonomy over the assistants. They should have said Pollack is your O-line coach
  13. Good to see but what's he doing wearing shots outdoors in January in SW Ohio?
  14. His comment that he prefers the 14-18 girls 'cause by 18 they've figured it out a bit would get him fired nowadays
  15. This is a mistake from two yrs ago now corrected. Zac never should have gone with Turner. He had Pollack but let him go. Hopefully this is one of many things Zac has learned
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