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  1. There's not room on a 53 man roster for a guy like this. He was barely an NFL talent to begin with...now that he lost a week of time due to his quitting...he's done. He'll be lucky if he survives this weekend's cuts.
  2. I'm basing it off of the principle that experience matters and our coaching staff lacks it. Pop off all you want but don't disappear come December when we can revisit this and see whose tea leaves were correct
  3. I hope you're right that I have zero clue. I hope we go to the playoffs this yr. We shall see. I'm predicting Dave Shula-like disaster and remember, he started off 2-0
  4. I hope I'm wrong but this coaching staff is going to turn out to be a disaster. I was OK with bringing in a 35 yr old coach with little experience but only if he brought in asst coaches with experience. He did just the opposite. This is going to it look like the kids took over the Principal's office and unfortunately will make Marvin Lewis and his staff glow in the rear view mirror. Prepare for an ugly 2-3 yrs.
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