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  1. I hope you're right that I have zero clue. I hope we go to the playoffs this yr. We shall see. I'm predicting Dave Shula-like disaster and remember, he started off 2-0
  2. I hope I'm wrong but this coaching staff is going to turn out to be a disaster. I was OK with bringing in a 35 yr old coach with little experience but only if he brought in asst coaches with experience. He did just the opposite. This is going to it look like the kids took over the Principal's office and unfortunately will make Marvin Lewis and his staff glow in the rear view mirror. Prepare for an ugly 2-3 yrs.
  3. Sea Ray

    Bengals DC

    Let's hope he's got a system that's easy to learn and that he can teach it. We'll never know if Austin's system was any good since his players never learned it. What I don't want to hear are mumbles from insiders that his system is complicated or that it takes a couple yrs to learn. No if it takes that long to learn then it's a suck system
  4. Nah. We tried the 3rd rd bit and it cost us Whit. I don't suggest we do that again
  5. Sea Ray

    AAF Scouting

    Here's another issue. Take a look at these uniforms in the SD vs Atl game yesterday. They are way too similar. How do you tell one team from another while in action? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-zytkysG2I
  6. Sea Ray

    AAF Scouting

    Anyone watch any more of this stuff this past weekend? I did a little and the product is not good. I'd compare it to 4th qtr NFL preseason-like. I learned that they have a 15 yd penalty for illegal defense. I saw a couple bogus first downs for the offense due to this. I don't know what all that entails but I did pick up that you can only rush 5 guys. That's something we see in awful games like the Pro Bowl. If they want to make this league more exciting they need to do away with this sort of stuff. We need fewer flags, not more. The QBs are slow afoot and avg arms at best. Each play is very deliberate. WRs are not getting open. Very little separation
  7. Sea Ray

    AAF Scouting

    Admittedly I'm no fan of the NBA but that's my point. They were already champs and then he made it nearly impossible for anyone to catch them. Four straight years the same 2 teams were in the Finals and we knew who those two teams would be in Nov. Four straight yrs. What I see in the NBA are championships going to Miami, Cleveland and GS solely because of where FAs decided to go. It's gotten to the point that 2 or 3 studs can get together and say "hey, we're all going to go to this team and we'll be champs". What chance does Atlanta, Minnesota, Indiana and countless other teams have? The Lakers are only relevant because of Lebron deciding to go there. LeBron with Cleveland is a Finals team. Without him they're a .200 winning percentage team.
  8. Sea Ray

    AAF Scouting

    The NBA is a horrible product. The rules are only part of it. The worst part is how the star players run the show. The best team next yr will be the team that gets to top free agents to come. What hope do the teams not in major markets have? Building through the draft does little for you. The Warriors are good because Durant went there
  9. Sea Ray

    Bengals DC

    This whole Zac Taylor hire appears to be a debacle but I'll wait to see him coach on the field before making a final determination. They should have had these details all ironed out a long time ago. I 'll tell you something else...for years we've complained about Mike Brown not letting his head coach hire assistants. As Lapham puts it "let the chef buy the groceries." Well, I think this is a good argument to NOT always let the head coach hire all of his assistants. MB should have insisted that he keep Pollack as O line coach. He also should have hired a D coordinator if Taylor didn't have a commitment by the time the Super Bowl ended. Simply put some guys can be empowered to hire their own assists like Bruce Arians but 35 yr old "rookies" have not earned that right. This is going to get ugly
  10. What do you mean by "counting out" Logan Woodside? Playing in the NFL? In his last game as a Toledo Rocket he completed 16 passes for 124 yards, zero TDs, 3 INTs. We all saw him in preseason NFL games. He's an OK MAC QB. Is that what we can expect in this league? OK MAC QBs? I want to like it but that's not going to hold my interest. I'm going to need to see players working their way into the NFL
  11. So what do you all think? After watching this last night here are my impressions: I like the pace of the game but the athleticism is subpar to what we're used to. They kept comparing it to the NFL. That's not a fair comparison. You can't do that. What I saw was far inferior to what you'd see in a major college football game, like say Clemson vs Alabama. Logan Woodside wouldn't even be a backup at a place like Ohio State, Alabama or Clemson. No QB had the skills of what we saw in the CFB Championship game last month. The plays were very vanilla. I don't know what their main TV schedule is going to look like but I know that primetime on CBS with minimal commercials is not a sustainable model. How many of these games will be on tv from week to week and where can they be found? They'll have to be on free TV in order for it to work. If CBS puts it on its streaming service, that'll hurt 'em. It was mildly entertaining and I'll watch more in times where I don't have something better to do but we'll see where this goes. I thought coverage and commentary of it was very slanted to the positive. No one mentioned how mediocre the skills were of these players. They kept comparing it to the NFL. Of course it's not the NFL but is it even the CFL or the CFB league? IMO, no, not yet
  12. Did you see that Gillette commercial during the Super Bowl. I think they were talking about you...
  13. I get that. My point is that I don't think there's anything to that report "that he could land in Cincinnati" other than wild speculation. My guess is there's nothing more to it than the fact that Taylor once worked with Tannehill and we all already know that
  14. I think I would drive myself but I'm not a pampered athlete. If you have to, send a limo for him
  15. I don't think Tannehill is coming here. Don't believe everything you see on the internet

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