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  1. If we win a playoff game this year, statues should be erected. 9-8 would be a very good season
  2. Aaron Rodgers had his teeth done right after his rookie yr too
  3. It's fine to have a thread about him. There just isn't much to talk about since he did get hurt in yr two
  4. I liked Ickey too but he really wasn't more than a one year player
  5. Ironic that they traded Perez to make room for the younger Driessen 'cause their careers ended about the same time. Perez retired after the 1986 season. Driessen played just a few games for St Louis in 1987
  6. He was devastating in 1977 but he led the league in RBIs in 1976. That's huge
  7. In 1975 the plan was to play John Vukovich at 3B. He couldn't hit a lick so they decided in May that a move had to be made
  8. He doesn't get the pub that the Hall of Famers got but George Foster was the bat that put them over the top. He was the piece that turned a good lineup into a great one.
  9. Kinda ironic that we got him with one of Bill's picks that he sent to us in trade
  10. I didn't realize that we picked up Thaddeus Moss. There's clearly an opening at TE that he has an opportunity to fill
  11. This guy is the lynchpin of the entire Bengals draft. If he works out and becomes a 4 yr starter on this line then this draft will be a huge success and it'll justify passing on Sewell. If he turns out to be Billy Price then it'll be hard for this group of guys to ever be considered even above avg as a group
  12. First of all there are always injuries, especially with this team, so this kind of stuff can't be projected in early May. But quite realistically the best a guy like this can hope for is a chance on the practice squad where he can develop and possibly be added to the active roster sometime down the road
  13. How often did Ohio State punt last year? Hard to evaluate a punter if he's only used 2-3 times a game
  14. When asked about getting someone for the back 7 on defense he smiled and said a little something about that. I think that meant that they would have taken the LB from ND in the second if he hadn't been taken by Cleveland. This Board would've had a fit passing on an O-lineman but...
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