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  1. We ought not get caught up in what happens in other games like that right now. We just need to win our games, particularly the division ones. Actually I'm glad to see our rivals face off w/i the division. It seems like we've been the only team forced to do that to this point. Let's start hanging some losses on our opponents.
  2. Cowboys got a lot of nice calls. Was nice to see one go against them in the end and cost them the game
  3. He's very talented but doesn't have the accuracy of Burrow.
  4. Collinsworth and Michaels didn't make enough of this. Yes, it was a punch. It wasn't just unnecessary roughness
  5. Not to mention the field is indoors. There is a dome
  6. If for no other reason: the AFC North isn't shitty because there are no shitty teams in it. You play any one of those teams and you're in for a dog fight. I'd love to be in division where you get to play teams like Jags, Texans, Dolphins and Jets twice a yr. We don't have any of that. I know we screwed up vs the Jets but that didn't make the Jets good
  7. I'd be worried a lot more about the Browns if they didn't have Baker behind center. He's not who you want when the game's on the line. That said, I think the division is theirs to blow this yr
  8. Yep. Looks like they're on the hook for $18.8 mill next yr https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/sam-darnold-25098/
  9. They're not there yet but they shouldn't lose to the Jets and they shouldn't lose by 25 pts to the Browns at home
  10. It's a league of adjustments. The league adjusted to us. We now have to adjust back. We have the bye week to do exactly that. If we don't then heads should roll
  11. You don't find coordinators with better reputations that the Ravens.
  12. I tend to agree but it is kinda fascinating. Here's the scoop: Guys like Watson are never available. Due to his situation Miami is the only team considering him. If they wait until his legal issues are past him, there'll be a bidding war for him. So if you're Miami, what do you do? I think I'd pass. They're OK with Tua for now. Even if his legal issues are resolved, he's still not worth more than what Houston's offering
  13. Josh Allen's greatest strength isn't reflected in those stats. He's a difference maker when he scrambles for 1st downs and TDs
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