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  1. Let's not kid ourselves. Tee dropped a lot of passes last year too
  2. Interesting that we snagged who the Stealers wanted but it appears that we really wanted the DL lineman Murphy that Seattle got at 16. If Seattle had beaten us last Fall, we'd have had that pick. But you know, I'm glad we got Mims. I think protecting Burrow is a bigger priority for this franchise than a D lineman. So I'm glad we beat Seattle. I was at that game 😁
  3. Burrow's problem with the deep ball has primarily been in the OL. He rarely has the time to throw the deep ball
  4. No need to make it personal. Just stating facts. I'm sure the Stealers got a starter or two from this draft and they were drafting behind us
  5. Once again we didn't draft a single starter. One starter from last year's draft. We're not getting impact players from our drafts
  6. We're not seriously going to brag about who you played against in practice, are we?
  7. I agree. I hate that the Bengals are so prone to project picks in the first rd. This is a risky boom or bust pick. Is he healthy?
  8. They aren't trading to the Ravens and their 2nd rd pick is a low second rounder. That's not a good offer
  9. Of course he'll take the league minimum. If a team paid him more, it wouldn't affect him. It'd just mean less money that the Broncos had to pay. I don't think he gets to keep both salaries
  10. It's not that easy for Denver. They can't swallow his cap hit of $85mill if they cut him in March. It looks like Pitt was never interested in him. They're in quite a pickle
  11. You gotta look deeper than the stats. His head coach is paid to do exactly that and he wants Wilson gone. He saw the film where Wilson couldn't see the field and wide open receivers weren't seeing the ball. It'll be interesting to see if any team is interested in Russell Wilson and if so, who eats what in salary
  12. What Denver does about their horrible decision to acquire RW is a completely different one from what the Stealers should do under center. Yeah the Broncos have really screwed themselves a good one here
  13. I think there's a lot of click bait BS going on about the Stealers situation. They likely never were interested in Wilson et al. This sounds accurate to me: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/Stealers-not-interested-in-pursuing-big-name-qb-despite-internal-division-over-kenny-pickett-per-report/
  14. She's turning out to be one expensive girlfriend. OK, he makes about $14mill/yr but that's still a lot of money to a guy, even him
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