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  1. Everything the Ravens tried to do on that drive worked. Not a good start And BTW, why is their patchwork O line looking better than our starters?
  2. What's with the white guy holding him back while he gets pummeled? That ain't right. Let the guy defend himself. Anyone can pummel someone else if he's being restrained
  3. Some outlets are talking $100mill bonuses in the next year. My guess is they'll restructure it in a couple years. That's what other teams do https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10089169-bengals-rumors-joe-burrows-contract-details-bonuses-revealed-for-record-275m-deal
  4. Pacman at it again.. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/crime/2023/09/11/adam-pacman-jones-arrested-at-cvg-airport-cincinnati-bengals/70821488007/
  5. I never thought this game was a W. We don't start the season well under Taylor nor do we matchup well vs Cleveland. And it's on the road
  6. Burrow is not sharp (understandable due to his injury) but the offense is out of sync too
  7. Yep. Once again it appears we're not prepared to start the season. It's Zac's job to get them prepared. He needs to fix this
  8. You're on the hook to pay them at the NFL min for 3 weeks...that's all
  9. It states that teams can designate up to 4 players each week . I take that to mean that it can change from week to week
  10. We can protect up to 4 players from being swiped. I have to believe a QB they're grooming would be one of those guys
  11. Zac Taylor talked a little at his noon presser today about the new practice squad rules so I looked 'em up. Essentially teams can use 2 PS guys each week and only pay them a fraction of the minimum NFL salary https://dknetwork.draftkings.com/nfl/23851497/nfl-practice-squad-rules-eligibility-salary-size-roster-cuts-covid-19-coronavirus-nflpa-nfl-cba It's a good deal for the teams but I'm surprised the players assoc went for it
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