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The 9th mile freestyle thread.


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[quote name='Jamie_B' post='318379' date='Aug 18 2006, 11:04 AM']This closes at midnight. Whodey still has to get back at me. [b]And BAB has to come in and drop his 11:59 verse.[/b][/quote]


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[quote name='sneaky' post='317689' date='Aug 17 2006, 02:06 AM'][b]dont worry about my blood pressure cuz im built to last
and if im Japan, you're Sony cause i own your ass
the only thing scattered and messy is your rhyme
i could give you some lessons but i dont have the time
yeah im in a wheel chair but it aint because of old age
lets just say if i was a underware model, you'd need an extra page
my dick may be old but its still the bomb
but dont take my word for it, go ask your mom
you say you got men singing......... that i doubt
better not have me "plug it in" cause it'll take your tonsils out
it will blast up your spine, pop your eyes and give you glaucoma
it'll have you speaking Chinese even tho you from Oklahoma
my dick is agent 69 cause like James Bond it fights the Kremlin
its cute and cuddly now, but when it gets wet, it turns into a gremlin [/b][/quote]

This will probly be my last one for this round cus i got a sftball tourney tonight and this weekend.
so here yah go.

did u say.. build to last? ha.. baby you aint no Ford truck.
the rhymes you keep spittin are like quicksand every word just gettin you stuck.
Okay..im Sony ,but im playin you just a Playstation game..
& you still aint showin me how you got that MVP title you claim
lol oh and i had my tonsils out when i was five
but allright we'll see, i might take you out for a test drive
cus i dont like my cars old and rattly, but i'd rather have a used than a new one
just as long as you keep it clean and and your engine will still run
your right about the "gremlin" comparrison to your dick, theyre little & ugly & a short mess
but dont take my word for it you can ask BAB im sure he'd confess
he told about that night you two had your thing
but he had to go to the doctor, he said when he peed it would just sting
i dont need your rap lessons baby you should be the one askin me for some
cus my rhymes they stick in your head just like as if they were gum
and its been new school to old and this is round three
it was me, Whodey, & CCC vs. You and Jamie B
now this rounds allmost done and we need to switch it up next time
so next round Dr.Suess throw me somethin other than a pitiful nursery rhyme.
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Before this thread closes, I just want to give props to Jamie B, whodey85, CCC, and
miss OG. I think that everybody stepped up their game in this round, and it was the
most competitive yet.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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