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Are the Reds done making moves?

Inigo Montoya

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As it stands today, here's the team in camp. I realize I might leave a few people off but I don't think I forgot anyone that mattered.

SP: Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, Volquez, Ramirez, Owings, Bailey, Thompson, Maloney

RP: Cordero, Weathers, Burton, Rhodes, Bray, Lincoln, Masset, Roenicke, Herrera, Fultz

C: Hernandez, Cota, Hanigan, Castillo

1B: Votto, Ward

2B: Phillips, Richar

SS: Gonzalez, Keppinger, Janish

3B: Encarnacion, Rosales

OF: Bruce, Taveras, Dickerson, Hairston, Gomes, Hopper, J. Jones, Nix
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I would think that they are finished. The payroll is a hair under $75million. And, most of the available free agents that are let are asking for too much or don't fit what the Reds may have left to add to the team. The 40-man roster is full (and complete, in my opinion). If the Reds do make an addition, it may be during Spring Training when teams make additional cuts.
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I would say the Reds are done making moves. The front office seems very content on the group of players they have heading into spring training.

With the group of players we have now I would assume the roster shakes out like this.

1. Harang- coming off a bad year but can bounce back for 16-17 wins
2. Volquez- hope he can repeat his all-star season last year
3. Arroyo- who the hell knows? way to inconsistant but maybe can squeeze out 12 wins
4. Cueto- will build off his expierence from last year........ future ace
5. Bailey- I think this will be his final year to prove himself to the Reds and will have a great spring training.

1B: Votto, capable of being one of the best 1B in the league
2B: Phillips, good glove, ok bat. needs to swing for the fences a little less.
3B: Edwin, maybe he can become a little more consistent at the plate and on the hot corner
SS: Gonzalez, his defence will be key if the Reds are looking to play small ball.
C: Hernandez: old and can't throw anyone out anymore. makes too much money

Right: Bruce, a lot of pressure for someone his age.
Center: Tavarez, Corey Patterson's twin.
Left: Dickerson, very athletic and should be in center field

IF: Keppinger, Dude can hit
IF/OF: Hairston, Love this guy. Hope last year was not a fluke
1B/OF: Ward, Good power bat off the bench
OF: Gomes, Platoon with Dickerson maybe
C: Hannigan, back-up catcher. liked what I saw from him last year

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