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Is Brandon Phillips a Hall of Fame player?


Hall of Fame for BP?  

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  1. 1. Is Brandon Phillips a Hall of Fame player?

    • Yes
    • No, but he's close. A couple more good years, or getting a ring should do it.
    • No, and not close

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Honestly, I think he's the best defensive 2B ever.

If he were in a bigger market or if the Reds had made a run and won a ring I think he would have had a legit shot like Flocko was saying. Instead I think he will not be remembered as well as he should have been and will have to settle for just the Reds HOF.

He also never really got to hit in a spot of the lineup he was truly meant for. Because they built such a shitty roster he was always getting moved around in the lineup and asked to be more of a power guy to offset half the garbage lineup they put around him. And the media gives no coverage in how he was a top prospect coming up with gold glove potential at SS and got moved to 2B out of necessity and lack of a spot open at SS. Then he ends up being a gold glove 2B and arguably the best defensive 2B ever.

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