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Training Camp 2022 - Thread 1 - News and Obs 7/19 - 7/28

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57 minutes ago, membengal said:




I know it's semantics but I hate the "be competitive" stuff.  Every team is "competitive", they all participate in competition.


The goal is winning. Winning games, winning the division, winning the conference and then winning it all.  They need to say it out loud.  Continuously and often.


"Competitive" is still being in the mix for a Wild Card spot in December.  We're past that. Tobin and the rest of the old guard need to get on the damned bus.

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Just now, membengal said:

I think in another of those he specifically referenced winning a Super Bowl. I think, fairly, by competitive that's what he means. 


I hope so because we've been hearing the "competitive" goal for a long time.  Still..  Just say "winning" FFS, it's not going to draw lightning from the heavens.

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