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Training Camp Thread 2 - News and Obs July 29 - Aug. 6

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I guess CJ making headlines this AM. Weird to see him spewing crap given that the front office he is trashing gave him a 3-year $18 million dollar contract back in 2019 when he hadn't done shit to that point in his career. And the other stuff is eye-rolling too. Guess there's some extra juice on week 3 now...


New thread for the next week plus of news and obs.  Looking forward to clips of JoeyB back in the bldg this week. 


Happy so far about Cappa being back, Hurst showing out, Stanley Morgan showing out, and the murmurings about Chase looking even more dangerous.  Will be nice to see real news from the trenches when pads come on next week. 

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After seeing Jensen go down for the year yesterday in Tampa, I am just fine with Collins sitting out the next few weeks.


Young guys need training camp, but vets should mostly be shelved from injury in pre-season as it's high risk and low reward for their participation.


I'm not even crazy about Chase being out there right now (he's already an all-pro). Give the reps to Morgan instead. 

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