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NBA playoffs Conference champio ships..

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This has been the most competitive playoffs in years..

So much talent in the league .now.


Western Championshps..

Lakers vs Denver..


Denver wins 1st homecourt game..

Jokic is one of the greastest plyers in the NBA..

34pts 21rebs 14 assists..

Murrey adds 31 outside..


Lebron and Anthony Davis put up big numbers.to keep it close..

(James 26 and Davis 40)..


This series reminds me of 

Laker-Celtic ball years ago..


Just tantilizing watching great  players still perform at an elite level..















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2-0 Denver winning both at their arena.

On to LA for game 3 abd 4..


Jocic and Murray are outpacing James and Davis up to now..


Lebron has to have a 35pt game soon or the  Denver  2 will waltz by them..


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Denver Nuggets sweeo the Lakers.


Lebrons 31 in first half gave Lakers big lead 

3rd qtr all Nuggets and geld on to win.


Jocic 30-14.-13... Murray 25pts

Lebron with 40..just outstanding effort.

Davis with 21-14 ..letdown from him..


PG D'Angelo Russell cost the Lakers deeply...He shot poorly ..


Contract year for him and probably lost millions by his awful perfomance. 


On to the Heat...

Tough series ahead with Miami.

They're hungry nasty and play like it.








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