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  1. I think it's an apt comparision, both guys consistent get in trouble with the local authorities for being douche bags and are a general embarressment to their respective communities. Go aka the interwebz version of MB refuses to ban them and keeps them around despite their poor performance and general shame they bring upon their respective houses.
  2. Round 1 1.Derek Barnett 2.Haason Reddick 3.Taco Charlton Round 2 1. Pat Elflien 2. Dion Dawkins 3.Taylor Moton
  3. Taking Pacman too seriously? The guy gets arrested for the dumbest stuff every offseason, can you give a reason why he should be on the Bengals roster?
  4. what do you think? He's an embarressment just like Pacman.
  5. Whatever clown, you are the Pacman Jones of
  6. But how often does that happen? Not saying it can't happen but the likelihood of a 190 lb WR catching a 5 yard slant and taking it 80 yards for a TD is not that high. One of Ross's main weaknesses is his ability to beat press coverage, which is what every CB will do to negate his speed. Most WR's with top end speed make the majority of their big plays down the field on long throws, mainly because they don't the ability to break many tackles after the catch. Your average speedster isn't the best YAC guy and vice-versa. Julio Jones is the rare exception but he's also the best WR in the NFL, currently.
  7. What about him being kicked out of the indiana casino in 2015... The guy is an embarrassment and has worn out his welcome, I won't go to another game as long he's on the roster.
  8. Good special teamer and locker room guy. Doesn't really offer much besides that, but what more do you really need from your 4th string guy?
  9. One of the funniest movies of all time, the scene when he realizes he's not black is comedic genius...
  10. I think this offseason proved that the Bengals have a certain amount of money budgeted for every position group and they will not deviate from the budget regardless of the situation. This leads me to believe they don't have enough room in the budget a top 10 rookie contract budgeted for the WR group as they are already spending the most on this offensive position group out of any, including QB and OL. The RB position group doesn't have a huge salary like the WR's do so I could see the Bengals justifying a top 10 contract at that position which leads me to Dalvin Cook. Any word on if the Bengals like him? He would significantly upgrade the offense, could start day 1, and should be available #9. I know it might be a reach at #9, but if you are looking a player that can come and make an instant impact then he fits the bill. He has some off the field issues that give me pause but he's a versatile player that could be a huge asset to this offense.
  11. Charlton and Dunlaps college stats are damn near identical, even though Dunlap played in more games.
  12. The only thing about Ross is that his biggest strength is his ability to stretch the field, however I'm concerned that the offensive line won't be able to hold up long enough to throw many deep passes. I think a big bodied guy like Williams or Davis would be a better fit for this current offense. Andy does better with bigger targets because his throws tend to sail on him at times and they high a better catch radius.
  13. I would say based on the talent on the roster there is really on 3 positions that are in play at #9: DL, RB, and possibly DB. If Fournette makes it to #9 I think the Bengals would take him, if Thomas or Allen make it then they are the pick. As far as DE is concerned there is some debate but I really like Derek Barnett's production over Charlton's potential and size, at the end of the day football is a production based business and Barnett has a excellent track record providing results. He may not be the biggest or fastest guy, but he knows how to play and get the job done. As for LB, it's clearly noted that I like Reddick as the best fit for the Bengals if they go LB at #9, the Kevin Minter signing and the fact that Maualuga is still on the roster makes me think they don't want to draft Foster to be the MLB of the future. We could go WR or TE but those guys would barely see the field to justify a top 10 pick, besides I think Uzomah and Kroft are capable back-ups and no team drafts a 4th WR at #9 and that's what any rookie WR would be, at best. We have Cody Core and Alex Erickson, to fill that role, the economics dictate they won't take a WR in the first round.
  14. Well considering they tried to sign him long term and he balked at the offer, so clearly they are interested in him as a long term solution for the MLB position.
  15. You think the Bengals would take Foster even though we just signed Minter and they play the same position?