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  1. Baby hands Kitna....Never forget the playoff game when the ball fell out of his hands as he scrambled, it's was all down hill from there.
  2. That's what I suspect, especially if it's a good idea. Ring of Honor, practice bubble, cutting Pacman Jones, firing Marvin Lewis, etc....
  3. What about Ohalete?
  4. The Bengals are entering their 50th season and they decide to honor some of the past players by giving fans and the media the option to select the 50 best players in franchise history. Click on this link:, to vote for your favorite players. This is long overdue and welcomed, employee engagement and retention is key for any organization to be successful.
  5. And we are back for round 2 and Doom comes out swinging hard, he lands a 3 piece combo that has MW on the ropes....How will the Socrates of respond?
  6. These days players are popping pills which is basically a synthetic form of heroin, especially in the NFL. Why do think there are so many crazy off the field incidents with pro athletes, like the OT from Buffalo a few days ago. My advice is to drink some beer, eat some nachos, and enjoy the show..just like with how a sausage is made, you don't want to see the madness behind the scenes in pro sports. Just enjoy the show!
  7. You said it, not me... No one is saying that pro athletes that play when they are drunk or high are the best in the business, but they do exist. Pro athletes are like rock stars, they are paid to perform and the last thing anyone wants is the ref inserting themselves into a situation unnecessarily. You've got to get with the times daddy-o, don't be such a square.
  8. And so it begins...Doom lands an overhand right, flush on the face of MW! MW counters with a jab Doom responds with a jab of his own MW lands a vicious uppercut, sending the saucy newcomer stumbling back on his heels Doom charges back into the fray and lands another jab MW holds his ground, landing another this pace we are going to have the logic battle of the year. What is this, we have another challenger to enter the fray and he comes in swing..MW is getting double teamed, it's not looking good for MW. Wow...Jungle just landed a vicious hook, sending the self proclaimed logic champ reeling into the ropes. OMG...MW lands a thunderous right to face of the would be usurper to the logic throne and it doesn't look good from Jungle...his legs are shaking like a newborn calf, he's going down folks Doom sees that Jungle is taking a beating so he jumps in, determined to not let MW win this battle, and lands another counter jab Jungle has thrown in the towel, he tried but the personal attack was too much to handle.. And that is the end of the first round, what an action packed logic battle. MW came in ready to fight and he didn't disappoint, he used his self-proclaimed superior logic hold his ground and stand toe to toe with all challengers. Doom showed no fear and counter nicely, let's go to Harold Letterman for the scores for the first round. Harold: It's a tough one to score Jim, but I've got it MW 10 Doom 9.
  9. Absolutely it does, the refs don't have the authority to eject someone for that and as long as the player passes the drug test the NFL can't do anything about it. Alcoholics do many things most people wouldn't do drunk.
  10. But he's still the the top pick by many analyst for the Bengals
  11. I think you are, guys have been playing pro sports drunk and high for decades. Players have admitted it upon retirement, guys like Lawrence Taylor, David Wells, Hollywood Henderson, Keon Clark, Allen Iverson, etc... It happens at all levels of sports, not just the pro level.
  12. ohh snap...logic favs... I wonder what are the odds in Vegas in the great logic battle of 2017 between the wily and confident vet MW and the saucy newcomer OMG Dr.Doom?
  13. Winning is the best perfume, this world will tolerate a lot from "winners". Example A, the POTUS.
  14. He was convicted and sentenced, so how is he innocent?
  15. I guess he figured this was better than spending his life behind bars as a caged animal. I couldn't imagine going from a millionaire sports star with everything at your at disposal to being locked in a small cell and being told when to shower and eat.