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  1. Love that the three new Oline free agents seem to be having great fun doing the Who Dey chant.
  2. Liberalism Is Not the Opposite of Conservatism
  3. Got your email, Jamie and came right over. Onyx was a good contributor to this board and I'm feeling for his family right now. And you, too. And if anyone from the Bengals team/organization reads this board, just a gentle reminder. We fans invest a lot of our hopes and dreams in your success. I know it's just a game, but please find a way to show a tribute to Onyx and the many other fans whose families have been tragically touched by this plague.
  4. Hiya, Numbers. Hope you and yours are staying safe, too. I'm doing well; I retired last fall and I've taken all the precautions I can re the pandemic.
  5. Andy B. is handling this in a very competent way; he has been calm, non-partisan, and an effective leader under these difficult circumstances. In turn, he's been both gentle and stern when appropriate and has adopted measures in a proactive way which will save many lives. I'm guessing that the majority of Kentuckians are happy with how he has been governing and thank their lucky stars that that unhinged lunatic Bevin is not in power. I know I am. Remember when we met for dinner at the Hofbrauhaus some years ago? The pal who came with me that night died of ARDS, which in many ways resembles how Covid-19 progresses. It is an absolutely horrific way to die; he went from feeling "really tired" to being dead in roughly ten days. It was gruesome: he couldn't breathe, was induced into a coma, his organs shut down, they needed to put him on kidney dialysis but couldn't because simply putting him on dialysis would have killed him--and at the end he was bloated to a point of almost non-recognition. (I posted about it here when it happened and I sure miss him and the occasional BBQs we had on Bengals Sundays.) So, my behavior has been informed by my understanding of how my friend died, multiplied out by the tens of 1,000s (soon to be over 100,000 and who knows how many before this is under control.) I'm grateful for the courage of medical and other people on the front lines and who are laboring under trying circumstances. Especially considering that the responses of a significant portion of our so-called leadership have been bumbling and downright evil at times. There is a special place in Dante's Hell for that louche galoot in the White House and His Merry Band of Grifters. And many Democrats in DC are no better, either. We are in the middle of an economic breakdown crisis, precipitated by this white (not black) swan event, but the seeds of this disaster go way way back. And as I suggested it would be back during the 2007-8 crisis, this time it is worse because those dipshits didn't fix problems of their own creation, instead focusing on rebuilding Frankenstein. And they are doing it again. Go, my heart and thoughts go out to you and to everyone here and their families.
  6. Cogent review of Jack Ross' "The Socialist Party of America: A Complete History" from The American Conservative.
  7. What a member of the Communist League of Tampa thinks in the context of the Sanders campaign. Actually his historical analysis is pretty good, but I think he goes off the rails a bit when he gets to "real socialism." Not that his elucidation is mistaken, it's just delusional as is the case with the hardest core of remaining pinkos in this country.
  8. I stopped looking at that thread a while ago. What did he do, cross the line from doofus to churl? Not related, but this new theme blows. Why the opacity so I can faintly see the bg image, for example? Is the goal to make it harder to read what's in the foreground?
  9. [quote name='indybengalsfan72' post='219162' date='Feb 16 2006, 12:09 PM']He probably hangs around with this guy. [img]http://members.cox.net/david.maki/images/peppers.jpg[/img][/quote] Guy? That's my sister! (She's the looker in the family.)
  10. [quote name='GoBengals' post='218062' date='Feb 14 2006, 02:22 AM'][quote name='BengalBacker' post='218057' date='Feb 14 2006, 02:03 AM'] [quote name='Homer_Rice' post='217358' date='Feb 12 2006, 11:04 AM'] I found his [url="http://www.jewmilk.com/tarzanrubberband.htm"]other site[/url] [/quote] I know you're a man of eclectic tastes Homer, but I have to wonder how you stumbled across that. Kind of scary. [/quote] he watches VH1 [/quote] Bingo..saw it while flipping through the channels.
  11. I found his [url="http://www.jewmilk.com/tarzanrubberband.htm"]other site[/url]
  12. [quote name='Lawman' date='Oct 10 2005, 09:35 AM'] damn that boy, BJ where are you I hopes he's ok [right][post="166774"][/post][/right][/quote] Me, too. I suspect he's sleeping it off somewhere. Lawman, sound familiar to you? Reminds me of that time at Barbarella's in Palma..........
  13. [url="http://www.hansislandliberationfront.com/"]Hans Island Liberation Front[/url]
  14. [b]CLASS: [color="red"]DOUBLE SUPER SECRET[/color][/b] [b]Kentucky Association of Big Old Operative Muzzleloaders[/b] Memorandum From: Cellum Goode, V.P Foreign Sales To: Gray N. Powder, President Subj: Front Company Research Sir; As you can see [url="http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20050728/ap_on_sc/wst_dairy_air"]here[/url], our WMD program moves apace. Our front for this work is cleverly designed, and is successfully promulgating experiments. Emission tests are proceeding well. I believe that our Weapons of Moo Destruction may yet have a critical role in Operation Tundra Blizzard.
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