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  1. Well, in defense of Hobs - with the Combine coming this next weekend, you'll hear Ross' name come up at lot, with the record just broken this past year. I guess it's good to hear that he's taking responsibility for his non-performance last year. Injuries will be a concern for sure, especially given his history. I'm encouraged by the fact that he'll have the entire off-season to work out with the team - last year, between the late graduation and his injury in the pre-season, he was way behind from the get-go. With the addition of Bicknell, who has worked successfully with similar speed guys like DeSean and Jeremy Maclin, a full off-season for Lazor and staff to re-tool, a full off-season with the playbook, OTAs, etc. and a better feel for "what it takes", fingers crossed that he becomes a significant piece of the offense. Regardless, I expect to see a lot more from Boyd and Malone as well.
  2. He's not good. But he's 23, so maybe he can be developed. Low-risk signing. But I've seen a number of Giants games over the past few years, and he and Erick Flowers rivaled the Bengals for having the worst set of starting Ts in the league.
  3. texbengal

    Bengals Dot Com Draft Composit

    Fair comment on Perkins but hey, he didn't screw up and he didn't look out of place. Reportedly he had a strong TC as well, if that means anything. Re: Andre, I don't remember where I read that... somewhere on-line, or maybe it was one of the Bengal beat writer podcasts. One of the two. I'm sure that's really helpful. Andre does help the run game and he's good insurance if he doesn't start... which he possibly could, even with Fisher fully healthy.
  4. texbengal

    Bengals Dot Com Draft Composit

    Seems like they're going to go hard to re-sign Bodine. I'm not a fan of that but he is only 25 and with a new OL coach, maybe he can elevate his game. I'd prefer Weston Richburg - I believe he's a FA with the Giants. I don't see them moving Boling out to LT, and at the other G spot, could definitely see a 3-way battle between Hopkins (who I think is better as a depth guy), Westerman and Redmond. My money's on Redmond. A big dude who can really move people in the run game, which Hopkins didn't do. At RT, assuming a return to health I think that's Fisher. If they re-sign Andre Smith, he could battle Fisher for the starting role, or (my preference) be the swing tackle, like Winston's role has been the last few years. I read somewhere that Smith is looking for starter's money in FA but I don't imagine he'll get it. At LT, seems like the ship has sailed on Ced so he can fight it out with Kent Perkins for a backup spot. I actually like Perkins - big guy with strength. He looked pretty good in his limited snaps last year. Assuming LT is the draft focus (and assuming Nelson is gone... I know they don't like Gs that early but that guy is a beast), Connor Williams is one guy and later on in the round or in round 2, guys like Orlando Brown (who looks more like a RT to me), O'Neil, and Crosby are all possibilities. From what I've seen, I like Wynn but he's short for a tackle so he doesn't really fit the "formula" for what a tackle looks like. If that means anything.
  5. I think we need at least 2, and maybe 3. You've got Boling - and I believe that either Westerman or Redmond (my bet is on Redmond) can be a good G, or possibly Westerman at C. Both guys get movement in the run game, and have the kind of temperament that you like in an OL. I don't want Bodine at all... between low snaps, getting pushed back pretty routinely and no athletic ability, I'm done. I don't think either Hopkins or TJ Johnson is starter quality, and even if they re-sign Andre Smith, he's your swing backup T. And while neither has shown enough on a consistent basis, I can't believe that both Ced and Fisher are busts. I'm hoping that the new OL coach can salvage at least one into becoming a solid starter... but there's Fisher's medical issue and Ced, who I thought improved last year, still gave up way too many bad plays - at least one or two a game that were egregious. Maybe it's focus, I don't know... but both guys are plenty athletic and have tools to work with. I'm interested to see what happens in FA and in the draft... that will tell us what we need to know about the current OL on the roster.
  6. 2. Actually, it's Tremaine Edmunds.
  7. texbengal

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Matt Lauer... from the Today Show? Never knew he was a football guy. Wow, he landed pretty quickly. Oh wait - forget it.
  8. It'll be interesting. Dallas Cowboy coaches (even assistants) are more under the microscope than most anywhere in the NFL. Last "high-profile" ex-Bengal coaching hire in Dallas was... Bruce Coslet as OC. Didn't work out too well.
  9. He had incredibly quick feet and came out of breaks with rare acceleration. Personally, I think Curtis was the best they ever had. He really had everything - blinding speed, soft hands, jumping ability, and run after catch. Teams used to mug him at the line of scrimmage. The NFL added the "Isaac Curtis rule" to give the receivers more room to operate (after 5 yards).
  10. I voted Chad et al for #1 but it was a different era when the ball was thrown more. Collinsworth, Curtis and Kreider was a good one, although Kreider never got a caught a bunch of passes but he was clutch and talented. On the list, I'd have voted Eddie Brown, McGee and Collinsworth #2 after Chad, TJ and Chris Henry. But you're right - this one was pretty amazing. Two guys who are HOF-worthy, although Joiner did more of his damage in SD; and Myers was really good, too. Guess you'd have to put that one at the top.
  11. The only guy who would interest me at all is Cooper. As a replacement for Ron Leary (who signed w/Denver), he played pretty well as a replacement. He's a former #1 pick who has bounced around the league some. I'd like them to do better than this guy, but he's IMO he's better than Tre Hopkins at the very least.
  12. Right. I remember reading an article about them somewhere... they work out together in the off-season. I like Bryan a lot - the Bengals need another penetrating-type DT - and while MJ did some positive things as an inside pass rusher, I'd like another 3-down guy to add to the mix with Billings and Glasgow, who are pretty much one-dimensional. He's still kinda young as a player, but you can definitely see his talent.
  13. Loved Tremain Mack. He was a beast as a DB and ST guy at the U and I thought he'd do more as a Bengal. Still, a helluva KR. Pickens was tremendous, especially on contested catches. The best-ever for this franchise IMO. Darnay Scott was a homerun hitter. Harold Green was a helluva back on a terrible team. Blake was a ray of sunshine after some horrid QB'ing (Boomer notwithstanding) Pelfrey, Dillon of course, and Willie - both would get more HOF consideration if they played in larger markets and on some winning teams. Spikes and Simmons at the end of the decade And while both Francis and Wilkinson did some good things, I wouldn't say that either guy excelled. Personally, I thought both guys underachieved. I thought Francis was gonna be an all-timer but he just didn't seem to give an isht half the time. Looking at some of those old rosters, yikes. Terrible.
  14. texbengal


  15. Dead on. Safety play, in particular, has been terrible. Shawn Williams looks lost out there - steps behind, and no catchup speed. Missed a lot of tackles, too... supposedly his strong suit. Most alarming to me has been Iloka. Not effective at all. I think Shaw has played well overall, although he struggled some yesterday. Brutal penalty on Dre but I think he's played pretty well over the first 6 games. Jones has been bad in most games. He played well vs. Stealers but has been badly beaten, too. Sanders (Denver), in particular, ate him up.

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