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        Bengals 4-peat...often mocked by haters and so-called fans...wins multiple awards for excellence.   Get your t-shirt.
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    Funny how that loss was such big deal to me as I was only 13 and born and raised in LA. The only access I had to Bengals info was the occasional blurb in Sports Illustrated (we didn't have cable) and I was seriously thinking we'd go undefeated (I think this every year actually). I've hated the Patridiots ever since but never as much as the 49ers for ruining my season, twice.
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      Says the guy who just said "totes adorbs" (I just showered after typing that)....
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        Very unwell said.      :ninja:
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    It's not good enough.  It felt good for the first few seconds but feeling good isn't good enough any more.  Some people feel great and all I have is excuses.  I'm pretty sure I should have been fired in 2010. 
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    Dude! That's my skull! I'm totally wasted!
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    That could happen to anybody.
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    Dalton needs pre game speech lessons. Andy if you're reading, drop the whole "have fun" thing. Instead ask your teammates stuff like if they know where your dogs are at. Swear a lot, scream a bunch of stuff no one can understand. Yell, "Whoop that ass!" a couple times.
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    Damn.. I'll never forget that game.. I was in high school and was the cockiest fucker ever.. All of my dick friends liked the stealers, cowboys, broncos and stains.. I bet everyone that wanted too.. I lost $200 on that shit...and was working at McDonalds..   I remember that seeming like all of the money in the world and not caring about the money at all..   Sad day in mudville...
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        Way to work your stock phrase into the discussion of a backup OT.  Really raising the bar there.
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    Good debate regarding the merits of this team is what a forum is all about. Sadly, there are way too many on this forum that want to turn to personal attacks instead of good debate. If you hate a player/coach/owner, etc... fine, but tell us why with opinion and stats to back it up. If you love a guy - good, back it up with opinion and stats as to why. Way too much of " this guy sucks/great because I said so and if you don't agree, you are a dumb a**."
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    Sadly. It is the Bengals whom are responsible for the so called poisonous fan base.
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    Consumption Of Buncha Crunch Reverently Paused During Unsettling Scenes Of ‘American Sniper’     http://www.theonion.com/articles/consumption-of-buncha-crunch-reverently-paused-dur,37876/
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    By High School Harry and who else? :ninja:
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    Aj's nose seems to get bigger and bigger after each Dalton question. I wonder why. :). Seriously though,I love AJ, but he seems so disinterested most of the time.
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    Marvin thinks sacks are overrated, unless it's Andy's sack, he rates that a 10.
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    Might be a record.  6 posts before Andy was blamed for something. 
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    The irony of people incredulously calling other people accepting of mediocrity as they set the bar for acceptable performance in a winner take all tournament at winning just the first game, a game no one will remember 1 week later.  Jesus titty fucking christ.  Why??  Because retards gotta retard.    All these board members of the Bengals company won't accept mediocrity!!!!   You're not here to be a fan, you have to expect results and not accept mediocrity or you're not smart like the board members!!!  Lets trade for Jacksonville's back-up to the back-up QB because his hair is a better color and we can YAY!!!!!       No excuses!  Ignore the fact that each play takes 11 players to execute and double ignore the fact that the other team and their board are thinking the same thoughts as we are!!!  That would just take time away from not accepting mediocrity and holy hell that's what defenders do!!!    That 15 play drive where Bell just ran over the defense over and over?  Andy Dalton didn't even try to tackle anyone!!!   We work too hard at reading the internet and watching TV to lose in the first round!!!  AAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!!
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    Its one thing to be a fan of the team and support them week to week as they do battle. It's an entirely different thing to excuse or even discuss some of the more questionable decisions made by the franchise ie ownership over the years. The reality is Marvin Lewis should have been fired after the 2010 clusteruck of a season. You see differently. This organization rewards mediocrity and outright failure in many cases. You don't seem to have a problem with that. By March 25th or so, once again we will be sitting here with a couple of Meh free agent signings and a shit ton of cap space. You will praise management for not over spending.
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    I'm hesitant to sound morbid, but Mike Brown will be 80 years old when the 2015 season kicks off.  His father was one month shy of 83 when he passed away.  I think Mike knows he's in the winter of his life and he's getting tired of waiting.  I'm taking him seriously about this.  I think he sincerely wants a Lombardi trophy on display at PBS before his life ends, or a Super Bowl appearance at the very least.  Love him or hate him, the man has dedicated his entire life to the franchise we love, and he deserves it.  And then there's those of us who have stuck by them for the past 40 or 50 years...
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    That has never been a description of Manning's game. Since he came out of college Manning has always been recognizeed as a FS/CB. What have you been reading-that is, other than the notes you jot down right after each psychotic episode?
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