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    Boo fucking hoo.... If he was a Steelers player he would be lauded...
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    We can bitch, complain, moan, and whine all we want... but the truth is that our beloved 55 IS both hyper-aggressive and dirty as hell. With all that said, I'm sure as hell happy that he's a Bengal.
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    http://i.imgur.com/1TCxMOV.mp4 I wish this would embed but it's worth the click
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    Who won the division last year?
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    Thinking the same thing... good ol' squeezers (ty, spellcheck) foootbawwwwl. What a bunch of nancy whine bag bitches. Waiting for the "in their heads" comment which I would agree with. Wince Williams (whoever he is) will probably miss the Burficit reunion game because he (Wince) has her monthly and comes down with a case of the vapors.
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    I like Marvin Jones but I think he might be the modern day Alvin Harper...just a feeling.
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    So, does Kennedy's desire to overthrow Fidel Castro make him a republican as well? How about FDR? Oh, I guess you should only associate with people that believe exactly like you do, huh? There are ZERO IDEAS on the other side that have any merit, correct? I guess to missed the point in the article you posted that the Hillary Clinton was the architect point was false, huh? What utter rubbish. I'm actually amazed at how many folks on the left, want to act like the early nineties were these great black entrepreneurs just using the capitalistic system to develop a beneficial program for community, instead of actually being predators on their communities. Now, did it go to far? Sure it did, because the militarization of our police departments, which are mostly run by white men and the symbiotic relationship of the prosecutor's offices, along with the republican idea to privatize the prisons developed a system of making our most vulnerable targets, and those people are generally from minority populations. Wouldn't that be most Americans, though? In the nineties, the majority view in this Country was against Same-sex marriage, in fact, probably more so in my community, and in the early 2000's, the compromise position was civil unions. So, she evolved, just like the rest of America. I guess that's bad, huh? Here's what I'm saying. If you want to be so far to the left that you require a "Purity Test" to be a Democrat, then you feel free to espouse it. It's EXACTLY what the folks on the far right do, so I guess you fit right in with them.
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