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    there is a very high chance i will be moving this to a cloud server in the offseason, my wifes company site is the guinea pig, storing media on amazon S3 will be the key.. currently we use, 300gb of storage on the server, her site is using 200 of that, and 30-40 can be eliminated or also moved to AWS S3 storage. the cost to store her stuff will be $2-6/mo, and would allow us to move to a potentially faster, managed(as in i dont need to (have elflocko) maintain the server, and should run no more than $100/mo hopefully more along $79, we are currently in the $150-180/mo range just for the server. as i attempt to pay back all my savings i blew while jobless cutting costs is helpful. especially since adsense is kicking me about $35/mo in the offseason, so my wife loves the $150+ bill each month(like its my fault, even though its used mostly by her), haha. so long story short, ill obviously have professionals handle the move, but the DNS change may cause issues as it does for some each time we move. creeping up on year 13, hopefully we can enjoy the good, bicker and be mean to each other about the bad for many more years! ill post more when times comes, i will do my best to avoid the draft and busy times obviously. if we can get the costs low enough, a single "if anyone wants to chip in" begging per year could allow us to eliminate ads all together.. which would be AWESOME!
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    Fuck compensatory picks, they don't do dick for winning... especially when they don't work out. Sign quality players to win fucking games. Peace out...
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    I thought the silver lining was going to be we finally get to see what all of the young guys have and that's kind of exciting.
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    Their owners don't want to win either. If they wanted to win, they would have. It's that simple. Sent from my VS987 using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    Thats why this place exists LOL
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    When I just read the topic I thought certainly I would enter the thread and see a man teetering on the edge, foaming at the mouth because of the inaction of his favorite, inept franchise. Glad to know you're alright.
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    Mark it down, he'll have a better season than jeremy hill and possibly gio and I'll go so far to say a better rest of his career than hill
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    We've pretty much owned the Ravens and the Browns, but the Stealers have owned us. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't think Marvin is the problem. Out of the 7 playoff games, the only one that was a meltdown, IMO, was the Chargers game and the Jets game. We weren't going to beat the Stealers w/o Carson, we were a year early vs. Houston, We weren't beating Indy with Rex Burkhead as our #2 WR and while Pittsburgh was bad, we weren't expected to even be in that game w/o Andy. These aren't excuses because we should have won the 2nd Stealers game with a backup QB and that Chargers game. The fact that we've continually made the playoffs with as many injuries as we've suffered over the years to key players, is a testament to Marvin. He may not be animated on the sidelines and his clock management and TO management sucks, but he's a well above average coach and has brought a change to this organization that many thought would never happen. I'm not happy with where the team is, but you don't let go of Marvin unless there's a better coach that you can get.
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    I see this a lot on this message board specifically, so I'm going to address it as it seems to be something people heard and run with. Yes, 2 LBs "start" the game, but shouldn't snap counts be a bigger factor than "starting" or not? Here is a stretch of games later in the season with our LBs healthy with the exception of Rey Maualuga being unavailable in the first game. These counts are percentages BTW, defensive snap count % not including their special teams counts: Dansby 76.9, Burfict 87.7, V Rey 70.8, Maualuga 0, Vigil 16.9 Dansby 61.8, Burfict 98.5, V Rey 36.8, Maualuga 27.9, Vigil 2.9 Dansby 73.8, Burfict 90, V Rey 28.8, Maualuga 11.3, Vigil 7.5 Dansby 75.9, Burfict 100, V Rey 20.4, Maualuga 37, Vigil 9.3 Dansby 92, Burfict 81.3, V Rey 9.3 Maualuga 41.3, Vigil 24 Looking at those percentages, it looks like we have 3 LBs on the field a lot more often than some people around here claim. I see the whole "we only use 2 LB!" thing a lot, and I understand it is definitely the case for the most part in certain games, but we use 3 LBs quite a bit too. Just look at the last week where Dansby played 92%, Burfict 81%, and Maualuga, Vigil, and V Rey still managed to count for a total of 75%. If you take 8% of Rey, Rey, and Vigils snap counts and add them to Dansby to give him 100% and 19 to Burfict to give him 100%, you still end up with a 3rd LB on the field for about 50% of the game. The first game in my examples you have a 3rd LB on the field for an average of over 50% of the defensive snaps. A couple of the examples do show a lower percentage for average amount of time you'd likely find 3 LB on the field together, but it's more often than some people tend to believe. Dansby is gone, Maualuga is expendable, so I don't see any reason to avoid drafting a LB highly even if we end up with Keenan Robinson. We absolutely "need" more than 2 capable LBs on this team. An average of about 1.3 - 1.5 downs per 3 we have a 3rd LB on the field, and Burfict is really our only 3 down LB anyway, we tend to rotate the others.
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    I've used all three... AWS has some nice features - Most notably the pre-built machine images. Their docs are very good, and you're up and running in no time. Google cloud - I didn't like. Too many restrictions. (Especially for us PHP devs) Too much expecting you to figure out the "Google" way. Azure - This is where I currently host. Not as easy to get set up as AWS, but very flexible. They have a ton of very powerful tools. As far as economics - Azure has a free trial, and many more services that are free beyond the trial date. Amazon will let you fire up a free Micro instance for one year. I would recommend that you register with Microsoft BizSpark and get their free Azure credits. My business is Ubuntu in Azure.
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    You have to take Reuben Foster, if he is there in the first. Our LB core must get stronger. OL or DE must be picked in the second. Preferably the best rated T still on the board. RB or DE in the 3rd. From the looks of it, this pick will probably be Mixon.
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    Don't disagree. There is literally no one else at this point.
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    That interferes with the accepted Bataan Death March mindset so many have. Don't get in the way.
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    I have never believed one word that preening pompous bag of air has ever said about anything, anytime, anywhere.
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    You got to hit Mikey boy in his wallett. He found a way to make money without putting out a quality product. Why on earth would he alter it if he didn't have to? The same exact problem is happening with The Redskins right now; a horrible owner is singlehandedly wrecking the team and there's no one in the organization who can put him in place because he signs everyone's cheque. Skins fans did the same thing and Snyder, for a while, gave the appearance of conceding power because fans stopped attending games and it hit his bank account. Ironically both run the teams in the exact opposite way: Brown isn't willing to shell out money, relying solely on the draft to build the team and sticks with a coach way to long. And never seems to question him on anything. Snyder is willing to spend to the salary caps limit, and would gladly exceed it. Ignores the draft after the first round. And he will fire a coach in a heartbeat for the next shiny toy that catches his eye(sacking Marty Schottenheimer to hire Steve Spurrier). And he interferes with the coach, by berating him in public; telling him which player(s) to start(Norv Turner and Jim Zorn) and undermines him by siding with said players(see Clinton Portis, Bruce Smith, and RG3). Stephen A. Smith may be a loud mouth wanker but he's right on this. That being said even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.
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    Silver lining for me is that it'll be a lot easier for this team to "Suck for Sam".
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    I was thinking the same thing. Any other team and he would have been replaced three times already. Way past that point, but if this is another painful season with no playoff win- that's the next best thing to happen.
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    So a guy who works hard, fights back from injury, and plays whatever position that is asked of him is cut but a guy who gets arrested the FIRST DAY of the offseason, is on video wishing a police officer death, and according to police records spit on a nurse that was trying to do her job is still on the team???? With Whit and Peko gone, two noted locker room leaders, I'm truly concerned about the leadership of this team, good thing the Bengals still have team captain Adam Jones to show the young guys how to be a pro and handle your business on and off the field..amirite????
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    Real men don't hit women. If you can't walk away or subdue a woman who is continuing to push the issue without hitting her then you are a bitch. It doesn't take a lot wrap your arms around and bear hug a woman who is hitting you until she stops (if you can't walk away because she wont stop) ...you don't have to hit her back.
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    That's great in the 1st quarter, but after 20+ carries, no one wants to tackle a 240+ lb. running back coming at you downhill. I don't think it's about one tackle, but trying to tackle someone that big all game wears you down and in the 2nd half of the game you'll normally see more broken tackles.
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    Rex Burkhead has to be the most 'Patriot' player ever. lol
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    One other question: Do we take Sam Darnold with number #1 overall pick in 2018 or do we trade the pick?
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    Nobody is hating on him as a person. He is a great person, great teammate. His play slipped the last few years. If he wasn't paid as much as he was making the last few seasons you probably wouldn't have heard as much gripping. One of my favorites wish him and his family the best.
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    I'll go point by point here: 1. Sportrac doesn't have the Kirkpatrick deal on their site yet. That's why their numbers are so far off. 2. I think you're crazy if you think Burfict is going to take $9M a year. He's a better player than Jamie Collins who just got $13M. He also knows the Bengals probably can't tag him next year. So if he is going to sign an extension now, he's going to get paid. If he doesn't sign the extension and plays out the year, he knows he'll get huge money as a FA with a good season. 3. Rookie pool really isn't a distraction. Only the top 53 count on the roster in the offseason, but everyone and all of the signing bonuses ends up on the cap. If a guy ends up on IR, he's on the cap. If a guy ends up on the practice squad, he's on the cap. People bitch about this same stuff every year and then when it's all said and done, the Bengals end up pretty close up against the cap when all this stuff is paid for. 4. Agree on Eifert. I think they are going to let him play out 2017 and end up franchising him next year. 5. The Bengals have been top 10 in the league in spending. A few million dollars (and that's really all we're arguing about since I guarantee they end up within $5M or so of the cap) has no real impact on their bottom line. This has nothing at all to do with being cheap. If you think Mike Brown doesn't want to win at his age and is just trying to save a few bucks, again, you're crazy.
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    a team with more talent at basically every level on defense has a use for him... but you know.. "time to move on" veteran talent is running out the door in free agency.. and everyone pretends its a good thing. the golf claps of internet gurus is actually the sound of the window slamming shut on even pretending to be a contender..
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    You are wack. Barnettes college career blows away Michael Johnsons. Who was a third round pick. Barnette is more than likely a top 10 pick. What makes you believe he will be a slightly better version of MJ. Who's had one good year in the pros. As you say how is the 1 on 1 working out for MJ. Who had 3.5 sacks this year. Put Barnette in his shoes and he will get 8 plus sacks. I don't see the hate for the guy. Who set the record at Tennessee. What more is he supposed to do. 3 great years at a big time SEC schoo .
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    I think Brooks is one of the worst analysts. He always has really off the wall opinions that greatly differ from the majority. I see no comparison in Bosa and Barnett. Size, athletic ability, strength, playing style, etc. I don't dislike Barnett at all I just see no comparison.
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