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    Disappointing thread. I was hoping they killed a stealer.
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    The timing was impeccable. I just finished The Walking Dead and switched over to the Squeel game to see Pits pinned at the two only to see a 90+ yard toss and run to some fool named Ju Ju. Right then I heard the ghost of Dandy Don singing "Turn Out the Lights". Collinsworthless was in Hall of Fame form with Steelerlove to the point where I thought he was going to invite Ju Ju to ride his bicycle over to his house to sleep with his wife and serve them cocoa and cookies in bed the next morning.
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    Dude, I can't believe you wasted that much time on one post. Here's my more meaningful zero research response. 0-4 in playoffs with 6 INT and 1 TD
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    He's just testing you to make sure you're consistent with your defense arguments.
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    We are already spending $12 mil a year on the ENTIRE offensive line. We can't afford to be throwing any more money around.
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    So did Mark Sanchez. One of them was against us,..37-0. He even repeated the feat the next week against us in a playoff game. That would qualify as multiple therefore Sanchez=franchise.
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    The more I watch this clip the funnier it seems, almost worth losing the game to watch him flop like a fish out of water over and over again.
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    Tyler Boyd played 739 snaps last year. You mentioned the other guys, I definitely don't think it's the rookie thing that some people are trying to claim. My personal opinion with all things considered is that he may not know the playbook or a combination of not knowing the playbook very well and running sloppy routes. Something is obviously going on because if Ross is good at anything it has to be taking a short route for some serious YAC, which is exactly the type of player the Bengals need on the field right now. He's not sitting on the bench for funsies and as you mentioned, they probably wouldn't let him play a single snap if they're concerned with the injuries.
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    Dude, you have no clue about the sport in general. Andy is average at best. And if you can't win in prime time or playoffs, beat it. Geno and AJ have nothing to do with this.
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    Its the new mercy rule secretly passed by league officials and sponsors. If a game is being poorly played to the point it is almost unwatchable, the refs will subtly allow the clock to run more than it is supposed to in certain situations. This gives sponsors a chance for their commercial to be during post game or possible the next better game. Double secret rule.
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    Man- they have been doing that since what - the Coslet days? I don't think it's ever worked.
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    And I will say no until we are in the playoffs that way I will be surprised
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    The most telling stat is 0-5 in the playoffs... Champions are made in the post season, not the regular season. The fact is that when the going gets tough... he just leaves. He's an average QB at best, and there is no refuting that. His 2015 performance was an aberration unfortunately.

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