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    Two-time First Team All-American Three-time First Team All-ACC Two-time Biletnikoff finalist Sugar Bowl MVP 207 career receptions 32 touchdown receptions (school record) 937 return yards Warrick slid to #4 after being heavily favored to go to the Browns (#1) or Redskins (#2 & #3) if it hadn't been for a bad 40 time (4.6) he would have been the hands down #1 pick. Warrick was a Heisman favorite until he had an off-field problem. Heck, this site has him as the 3rd worst combine performance in history (right above Andre "Moobs" Smith) and he STILL went #4. http://www.bleacherreport.com/articles/1076061-the-10-most-damaging-nfl-scouting-combine-performances-of-all-time Here's a scouting report from his Junior year: That was before he led his team to a national championship as a senior and scored 20 points in the Sugar Bowl.... John Ross wasn't even the best receiver in his draft class. The only thing comparable are the career ending knee injuries, and Warrick at least waited until he was already in the NFL before acquiring those. If anything, I think Warrick would have had a much better career if the Bengals had an Andy Dalton back then instead of Scott Mitchell, Gus Ferotte, Akili Smith, and Jon Kittens. By the time we had a competent QB, Warrick was already (pun intended) on his last leg. Seriously, if you don't know, don't act like you do. Nothing like having people trying to oversell you on a player to make you start finding his flaws. I met Peter Warrick, I watched Peter Warrick, and John Ross, sir, is no Peter Warrick. You want to start comparing John Ross to Peter Warrick, and it becomes stark how much less of a player he is picked only 5 spots later. The more I notice the lack of NFL readiness and the injury history. The more those little lines about his attitude and poor route running stand out. Ross has been in 3 games and has yet to record a reception. He is being outplayed by a 4th round pick. Heck, looking over the first round... Was there a worse pick to be made? Jabril Peppers has been crap, but he's not a healthy scratch being outplayed by Alex "Undrafted CFA" Erickson. And all Erickson had to do was keep running on that same wheel route... Thanks for taking a guy I halfway kinda liked and making me dislike him. Thanks for putting into perspective just how awful of a draft pick John Ross is. I'm guessing he understands the O's, but Sesame Street isn't doing the letter X until February... Of course, the way he fumbles, I'm guessing he watched all of the episodes on sharing.
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    All this Alexander bashing is getting ridiculous. You all need to grow up. There is no way you can tell from that photograph if he is wearing pants or not.
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    I remember Peter Warrick coming back only a few weeks after a knee scope to try to help the Bengals make the playoffs. He was never the same. I still feel like he screwed his career to try to help his team. It was a bad move, but I'lll always love him for it. One of my favorite players.
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    I'll be happy if we just win the game.
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    He's just giving his readers what they want - think about who is still reading his shit.
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    Not sure what you mean but in the pictures puzzle The flag staff is longer The guy's shirt tails are longer The guy in the front row is wearing a different color shirt And the sign on the top left of the stadium is smaller. You'll have to buy the magazine to find the other six. Spoiler Alert: Most of the "Best ofs" are in OTR and Pleasant Ridge is the up and coming hipster community.
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    We will lose to the Moscow Chargers in OT.
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    I believe its because the guy couldn't even run a post pattern without stopping mid way, looking to the sideline and asking, "Am I supposed to keep running?"
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I’m fine, never felt “hot and bothered.” I just know, from years of experience, on Bengals message boards, the internet, and life in general, when you wanna make a point and you’re discussing something with someone who is plainly glib, there’s no point in looking for the high road. It likely doesn’t exist. So, you might as well come heavy with your point. If traditional rules of discourse and decorum are generally not observed, what’s the point in pussyfooting around, ya know?
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