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    Isn't a 4-3 DE with the most QB hits and batted passes in the last 5 years scarce too though? Also, only JJ Watt has him beat among ALL NFL DEs in QB hits, not just the 4-3 guys. I honestly think Carlos Dunlap is one of the most underrated players in the NFL even by Bengals fans. He's an 8 or so sacks, couple forced fumbles, always in the QBs face kind of guy year in and year out. Dude deserves more respect than he gets. I really think we need both here for a few more seasons. The defense is immediately much worse without either of them.
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    Kinda like when they helped us perpetrate terrorist acts when we sold them arms and Reagan used that money to fund the Sandinistas. And like when we terrorized their citizenry by overthrowing their democratically elected leader and installed the Shah in 1953. Perspective is powerful...
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    That uniqueness is one of the things that has made our defense widely considered our team's strength for the past 7 years. Of course I'm picking the stats that show how good he is, I'm specifically trying to show why he's good, ya know? It's not like I'm spinning anything here, the dude has had more QB hits in the last 5 years than anyone not named JJ Watt, that's damn impressive IMO. You (not you specifically, but "you" anyone really) wouldn't guess his name at #2 behind Watt because of how underrated he is. Geno is a potential HOFer, I totally agree. If you held a gun to my head and made me pick 1 over the other I'm going Geno 100% of the time. I'm just saying that I think some people are going to be missing Dunlap more than they realize if he goes elsewhere. He's very, very, very good. He does more for this defense than a lot of people realize. Individual player pass pressures 2017 - Lawrence, Mack, Donald, Ingram, Miller, Dunlap 2016 - Vernon, Graham, Dunlap 2015 - Watt, Dunlap I guess if you don't want to call him elite you don't have to, but I personally don't think you need to be a 15+ sack guy just to get the "elite" title. Getting to the QB consistently and disrupting the pocket is huge in the NFL whether you finish the play or not.
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    Wait a minute...now we have two fucking guys who like to call themselves Swag?
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    He had no issues whatsoever in DC though and now he's reunited with his old DC and DL coach from there .... really no downside to this.
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    Free Agency doesn't start until next Wednesday. He was cut by the Bucs a couple weeks ago. So he could sign anytime. This is a decent signing for now.
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    Jesus. This is the best we can do in FA? More redeeming projects? For fuck's sake. Can't we not be the stupid team for once? Be proactive? Actively TRY to improve the roster rather than stuffing it with fodder? Fuck this shit.
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    They bought his story! What a bunch of maroons.
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    Geoff Hobson just crunched the number using the new cap info and they have $2.34 to spend in free agency after accounting for all the implications supposed dumbasses like us don't understand.
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    Valid, but makes way too much sense. Kindly flagellate yourself at the altar of Goodell...
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    It would be fine if they only had teams coming off the bye play on Thursday. Of course that would make too much sense and would reduce the games a few due to not every week being a bye week.
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