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    From SI, sounds like Mikey is not even in the interviews. One nugget to emerge from the Bengals search: Owner Mike Brown’s kids—daughter Katie Blackburn, son-in-law Troy Blackburn and son Paul—have increasingly become more involved in running the team. Or it at least it seems that way to guys going through there. Those four, and personnel chief Duke Tobin, are the ones in the room for the interviews
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    Tan, rested and ready bitches
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    He better, because Mikey isn't going to let them cut him.
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    Today is our last scheduled interview. A lot of other stuff can happen (2nd interviews, new interviews, guys get hired elsewhere) but that is 8 guys who have been given a chance to be our headcoach. I think we can break them down into 3 fan categories. Let's go I'm excited Monken, Bieniemy, Taylor I'm Lukewarm but I can be talked into it, I'll ride the wave if he is good. Joseph, Simmons, Waldron This is terrible and we hate this team Jackson, Lazor
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    Malik Jefferson,Christian Westerman.
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    Let the new coach decide how he cleans house.
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    why not let the new head coach decide these things??? oh yeah... we're the Bengals..we don't expect anything in this fucking place.. ole mikey making the next head coach keep Hue would be almost as big a slap in the face to the fans as making Hue head coach. Who should we keep? everyone.. I mean there are some I like, but I am fine/happy with cleaning house.
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    And as Jeff Bezos will tell you, that as good as having a personal fortune. Beyond the simple notion that they could sell off 10% of the team shares and net $100 Million, as the current sole owners, they could just as easily borrow that with the shares as collateral. With extremely favorable rates. The idea that they need stadium revenue is false. The Bengals financials are very sound, and the increasing value of sports franchises matters far more than butts in seats. Mike Brown is sitting on an almost literal gold mine. Between TV contracts, revenue sharing and a lean front office, the Bengals probably bring in $60 - 100M a year after everyone gets paid. And as sole shareholders, that becomes money in the Bengals bank account controlled by Mike Brown and the family alone. He could easily have the team buy him a private jet. Or pay for his executive residence. Great tax dodge. You can extrapolate from the salary cap and known operating costs. But I would guess that since the Brown family competed the stock buyback in 2011, they have been able to put away ~$600 Million in profits. Hold on to your hats for this.... A resent SI piece says Mike Brown PERSONALLY is worth $925 Million, and the Franchise is worth another $1.8 Billion. Off a $7 M investment in 1968 and the luck to come out of the right pair of gonads. https://www.si.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals-owner-mike-brown That means he's as wealthy as Facebook's Peter Theil and Sean Parker. Top 1000 in the world. Do you think a guy with almost a Billion in the bank thinks YOU know what you're talking about? The Bengals have been wildly successful by his metrics.
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    John Ross. The right coach will find more ways to get him the ball.
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    I would say Mixon the most ( at least i hope so) But I hope it is our secondary, Jackson is a stud, but needs to play man, he is not a zone cb Denard should be the # 2 cb hands down Kirk is not very good a cb and should move to safety, he cannot turn his hips to play cb, but, I think he could play if the action is in front of him Bates will be pro bowler with the proper coaching Phillips with proper coaching can be really good
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    Can someone send the directions about how to block people?
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    He is 1-4-1 the last 3 years against the AFC North. No thanks.
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    I'll eat a big shitburger if I'm wrong - but I think that while he is good now, this is going to end up more like RG3 than it will Steve Young.
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