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    Doing very well! Started a now thriving business (and working myself to death, whoops), getting married in a couple of months, etc. I was happy to see you around as well! Maybe everyone will start coming back around now that there is some actual intrigue and excitement with the team.
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    How do you really know it's an issue yet though? I've seen teams filled with veteran coaches suck.
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    Like others mentioned, if its a cap friendly contract: fuck yes. WAY too much upside, like we saw again this year. I think Tyler is mainly unlucky.
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    The witch hunt for this hit always has and always will be ridiculous. When the ball went off AB's finger tips, Burfict was running full speed and his left foot was on the ground. His next step with the right foot is when he hit AB with his shoulder pad. Yes, the shoulder pad hit his facemask but AB spun around because Burfict's shoulder pad hit Brown's right shoulder pad and he was already turning that way due to CLH. It wasn't the cheap shot it's been made out to be - he was going in to separate the receiver from the ball. The receiver was in the air, fully upright as Burfict came in to hit him. Expecting him to completely change course and change his target from the midsection of the receiver, where he would have hit him if he had landed on his feet, to completely miss him all in one single step while running full speed is simply beyond absurd. It's just not possible, and he was simply thrown under the bus because of how bad it looks when played in slow motion and no explanation. Seriously, count the number of steps Burfict takes between the ball going off of Brown's finger tips and when he hits him with his shoulder (the answer is 1). It wasn't the premeditated cheap shot that it was made out to be by everyone with an agenda. Did AB get knocked out and have a concussion from the hit - could be. The way he landed, he could have been concussed from how he landed on his tailbone. Does that change the fact that Burfict had/has a well deserved reputation - nope. He was thrown under the bus though for that hit though and his hit was nowhere close to as dirty as Shazier's hit on Gio. That hit on Gio was textbook helmet to helmet.
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    Not a peep about Suh during the postseason. Obviously that's because he is the goodest of boys now.
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    And Taylor could do very well for all you or any of us know. You're acting like because he's not making the moves you want or what other coaches have done, that he's going to be bad. He very well could be Dave Shula 2.0. Or he could be the next great thing. I don't KNOW either way. But I do have hope and am very excited, for a change. Anyway, thanks for the effort and research to show what other new coaches, the majority of which will probably be bad, have done.
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    Bengals hired former raiders RB coach Jemal Singleton to same position
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    Winning fixes everything.
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    Glad to hear! Yeah it would be great if we could get the band back together I plan on being around more. But I have no way or idea how to reach out to others.
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    Yeah, my HS coach used to have some oddball utterances too.
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    Some of you are straight hilarious! You bitched for YEARS about wanting change, and NOW that it's here, you want to BITCH about how it is occurring.
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