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    You all are very welcome. I really enjoy doing it. Wish my stupid job didn't get in the way of doing it as often as I would like. But thanks for the hat tips. They are appreciated.
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    I could not agree more. I was busy today and missed the entire draft day. Came in here and everything was broken down in both summary and detail. One stop shopping. When Oldschooler is around this forum is a much better place. When he contributes like he does during draft time, this place is awesome. Kudos Old, you're the best and it is much appreciated.
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    He's going to wreak havoc with the drug testing guys. I'm picturing a "Who's on First?" scenario: "Did you draw his sample? Whose sample? Drew Sample. Whose sample? Drew Sample. I drew a sample, yes, but whose? You drew the sample? Of who? Drew sample."
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    If I’ve learned anything in my life it’s that if Michael Jordan is one of your guards you are going to score a lot of points and win a lot of championships.
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    So using a 2nd or 3rd round pick to be a successor for a Hall of Famer that has shown no signs of slowing down is a waste,but a 4th rounder to have a reliable back up is a waste? Asking for a friend.
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    I'm lightening up on picking Samples and (uncharacteristically for me) am taking the high road. Was Samples the guy of whom it was said the NFL gurus were higher on than the pulp fiction media blahblahblahs? If so, I would say the Bengals were also aware and also aware that he would be gone in three or four. I would have traded up for Ford or Risner but they traded down for Samples. But that's why I'm like Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson and not on the Bengals payroll. Think of it this way. How sweet will it be when he catches one over the middle and tramples Devin Bush on his way to the end zone?
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    This is my favorite of the 3 picks so far. I think he's a day 1 starter. Chiseled frame, thumper, and an old school LB who likes contact. I remember watching the combine and just liking his badass demeanor. He looked like a grown man, running around with baby-face boys. Give me him over Devin Bush who is going to get trucked by Jonah.
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    Everybody accepts that as gospel, because that's what all the mock drafts say, but obviously the Bengals thought otherwise and believed he would be gone by then. Yes, most of you believe yourselves sharper than the men paid to do the actual drafting, because you are after-all, armed with free draft guides, but I'll defer to the coaches on this one.
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    So this might be the best place to put random thoughts about the new coaching staff, scheme and team as gleaned from the draft: 1. I really didn't have a good handle on what a Rams-style offense was, I guess, but I have a better handle now. As puzzling as the pick of Sample was when it happened, it gives a shining neon clue about how important that particular position is to what Taylor and Callahan want to do. Basically Williams and Sample (and Jordan in round 4) were this staff's complete repudiation of the attention and care paid to the line and run blocking under Marvin the last few years. They have created a genuinely crowded offensive-line room now, and that is great news because guys will need to fight for their position and it gives them lots of options to find the kind of players they need to run their scheme. 2. The new staff believes in John Ross. No other conclusion can be drawn. They had a chance to challenge him in the WR room several times (most notably in Round 2) and waited until the UDFA portion to bring someone in - and that person will clearly be challenging the Core and Malone part of the receiver room. I will take the optimistic view and figure that means they think they have something really good to work with in Ross. 3. It is crystal clear now just how important they view the running game. We have Taylor's words about wanting to make sure Mixon is fresh for the entire season and then two picks spent on RBs who should help with just that behind Mixon and Gio. And probably means we have Gio's replacement in house now for when this year is done. 4. With Pratt being the only real addition to the LB room, I guess I am now wondering/hoping if they think they can work with Malik Jefferson. If Jefferson can be saved and be useful, than Jefferson and Pratt are like drafting two new LBers for that unit. 5. I am glad they will have a legit back-up for Dalton. I missed McCarron last year, as it turned out, from that role. Taylor will be on the Bengals Beat Podcast tonight with Dehner and Page -- I don't know if they offer that live (they are doing it at 6:00 at 50 West) but look for it on your podcast feed tomorrow - should be interesting - I know Sample will come up and we may hear more about his philosophy on offense.
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    I don't get the hate around this pick. Mel Kiper's rankings are not definitive, or any of the other pundits. You can't get hung up on the ESPN rankings which are a crap shoot. If a player is a day 1 starter, then any round is worth taking him in, even the first. The Bengals needed a blocking TE, and Eifert is unreliable. Sample is the type of TE that the Patriots or Ravens would draft and turn into an all-pro. Taylor is trying to bring a new toughness to the team and focus on the run - which is a good strategy.
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    Someone tell Taylor you use the 6th round picks in found 6
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    Jonah Williams probably makes more of an impact on this team than Bush would have. The world is awash in LBs, but franchise OTs are rare.
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    This is what I like about this kid, “Absolutely [I play with a different personality on the field]. I’m not a trash-talker, I’m not dirty or anything like that. My goal is to make person not want to keep lining up across from me,” Williams said. “I want them to ask to switch to the other side or ask to get a sub in. I’m pretty calm, pretty collected off the field, but I have a switch that I can turn on, and it’s a whole different deal when that happens. “I think people try to put other people in boxes, especially in this draft process. A lot of people will put me in that technician, smart-guy box.” Williams continued. “That’s true and that’s something I pride myself on, but I’m also a lineman, and I want to get on the field, I want to impose my will on people, and I want to be part of a unit that does that to opposing defenses. There’s no better feeling than blocking up the D-line, driving them off the ball, being physical, seeing your running back make a play or seeing your quarterback get the ball out. That’s such a satisfying feeling as an offensive line.” That's playing Football!!
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    I remember back when our offense could have been considered somewhat prolific (with Bratkowski running the show, everyone here has a short memory), we had a certain blocking tight end who was extremely important to the offense, Reggie Kelley (sp?) Every time he got injured, it seemed like we were fucked. If they think Sample is going to be that important to our offense, if they thought he was the most important piece of their puzzle, then I'm all for them using a second round pick on him.
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    Totally agree & it's why I didn't want a LB at 11. Arena league rules + the typically short career of LBs in general, the value just isn't there. edited to add: while we're here I want to thank @oldschooler for the excellent draft coverage & pulling all this info together on the fly
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    An interesting fact. Of the 10 draft picks selected, 8 were team captains. The only two that weren't were Wren and Jordan. I don't think we've ever had that before.
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    Yeah, same. There wasn't a lot of talk about it, they just went out and got the horses.
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    Lots of going on. I was surprised by the selection but after reading through everything it sounds like not only was this not as much of a reach as originally thought, but that the kid can ball on the o-line and catch a few. Reggie Kelly anyone? Anyway, if that was their guy based around what they want to do, then that's their guy. All we can do is wait for the season to start.
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    When this pick was made I was like then it became But now I'm feeling
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    Here's to a long, healthy, straight-fingered, no-floppy-man-tits, Pro Bowl career as a Bengal.
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