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    Yeah man Marvin said it. Then the QB got um lined up real quick, snapped the ball got the touchdown and left time on the clock. Kinda felt bad for the dude. His first try at being a tony Romoisk predicter was a total failure and pretty much summed up why he is now in the booth and not on the sidelines.
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    I just think this coaching staff could get more out of him than what he would bring in trade.
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    Until there is more to this I assume it's inaccurate 1) Tobin drafted him and wanted him and is still here. 2) We have tons of examples of patience with players, especially early picks, why would that change with Ross? 3) He would be like 10million in dead money this year.
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    Absolutely not. The worst thing you can have in your locker room is a guy who was an utter bust get a new deal. Guy made $8.7 mil and was utter garbage. New staff MUST clean out the garbage and that includes Cedric. I would rather give a guy like Billings or Hart another deal or year.
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    In many ways, the Rams betrayal of St. Louis was even more despicable than Cleveland's. I would hope that the city, et al bite large chunks of financial ass out of those bastards. Won't kill them, though...the league through its benevolence and purchasing power, will help it be as painless as possible. And don't get me started on those thieves who jammed a knife into the backs of loyalists in San Diego. I would like for them to forever play in a suburb soccer stadium, but the NY masters have other ideas. A pox on this corrupt league.
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    He deserves a chance before I make judgement. Does he not deserve a chance? You know as well as anyone ML should’ve been gone years ago. We know MFB only made change because seats were not being filled. I have said this how many years this must be done for MFB to make a change? Plus, I am sure the League owners probably told him to do it because he was not carrying his weight in revenue. The little secrets we will never know what happens behind closed doors. I wanted change and I will give this guy a chance. What can it hurt? More losing seasons?
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