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    So, if you're a season ticket holder, go find that email, go to the TicketMaster UK site, fix your password, log in, and get yourself some tickets. I got four Category 3 tickets.... Section 528 (Upper Bowl, midfield, uhhh. 35 yard line?), Row 11. Total price was GBP359.00 with all the nuisance fees factored in. XE.com shows the exchange rate right now is 1.267:1 so the cost was $454.80, or $114 each. Face value of GBP86 is $106.... frankly, I'm happily shocked at how much TicketBastard DIDN'T charge for the privilege of buying tickets from them. Considering that we paid $200 each (?) for GBP37 face value tickets back in 2016 to sit 10 rows from the top, this is a helluva bargain. PS - I got four because I need two and figured two would need rehoming to a needy Bengal fan.
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    Maybe his girlfriend is pregnant and due in January?
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    Why aren't we using the very real examples of the Charleston church shooting or the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh or the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin or the Jewish center in Kansas or the mosque in Quebec or the massacre in New Zealand or the kids shot in Oslo or the shooting at the Holocaust museum or the young woman murdered at the Unite the Right rally or the van attack on the mosque in the UK or... should I go on? To sit here and pretend like there's not a rising wave of White Nationalist violence is absurd & I have a hard time believing anyone doing so is acting in good faith.
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