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    It's like being in love you never notice how shitty they are until you have left them.
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    That is why my sigs have been turned off for almost a decade.
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    HSHarry; your signature line picture is on of the largest I've seen. Please consider a reduction in size.
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    I had the exact opposite feeling. I thought I could root for the Niners to get one step closer to the Stealers, but when i saw those Red and Gold uniforms and all those Montana-Rice celebrations I said "Kick their Ass KC!"
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    Using the fanspeak mock feature (that one will propose trades) and the Matt Miller big board I just ended up with this crew by trading down in several instances (I ended up with an extra 3rd and 5th and two extra 4ths) and making the following selections: 1: R1P1 QB JOE BURROW LSU 38: R2P6 WR BRANDON AIYUK ARIZONA STATE 69: R3P5 LB MALIK HARRISON OHIO STATE 73: R3P9 OT PRINCE TEGA WANOGHO AUBURN 104: R4P1 TE ADAM TRAUTMAN DAYTON 124: R4P21 CB LAMAR JACKSON NEBRASKA 140: R4P37 WR ISAIAH HODGINS OREGON STATE 147: R5P1 CB TROY PRIDE JR. NOTRE DAME 160: R5P14 OT BEN BARTCH ST. JOHNS 180: R6P1 G SHANE LEMIEUX OREGON 215: R7P1 S JALEN ELLIOTT NOTRE DAME
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    Long since have I had the hatred replaced by the Stealers and Ravens.
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