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    Ive continued to believe that with an accurate passer Ross will be that threat to keep saties honest and be that touchdown waiting to happen...
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    On an up note, he’s working , so snark aside - that’s a good thing. And with Burrow, so that’s an even better thing, no?
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    Get your Burrow jersey..
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    Hope he isn't planning to take him to Skyline Chili.
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    From a Athletic article this morning: Why does the national media seem to think the Bengals are the worst landing spot possible for Joe Burrow, yet they’ve outperformed half the league over the last decade, Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton had a lot of success, and while they don’t sign big-name free agents, they spend tons of money to retain their own. Is the narrative fair? — Eric S. It’s not just the media who act like the Bengals are some sort of NFL outlier. That’s the feeling from many people in the league, from agents to executives who deal with the Bengals. Cincinnati just operates differently than most teams; its scouting staff is small and it doesn’t engage in free agency in the same way most teams do. Marvin Lewis performed a miracle to make that team relevant for as long as he did, and Zac Taylor inherited a pretty bad situation in his first year as a head coach. I don’t want to write off Taylor yet, but I believe Burrow (an Ohio native) sees those things and is hearing those things, which would explain his lukewarm reaction to questions about the Bengals.
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    In the very post I quoted you said: Any QB would fail behind this oline. It's made up, you have 0 idea if any QB (including Joe) could succeed behind this line. I provided to recent examples of QBs doing so. Hell I didn't even mention the rookie last year who tied Russell for most sacks behind a garbage oline and managed a passer rating 10 points higher than Andy and his best WR is a member of the AARP. Any team that has the worst rated QB in the NFL has a problem at QB and it is their biggest. If we magically got 5 HOF Olinemen then Andy would probably do pretty good behind it, but that ain't happening. What can happen is we have the opportunity to take a QB that just had a college season that has never been matched in the history of college football; yet some will question the pick and stand behind our mediocre QB.
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