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  1. 10 weeks until worthless football but it's still football
  2. If possible , I'd love for us to get Freeney and Boldin
  3. Read that the Bengals put in a claim for him but he signed with San Diego due to them having the higher position on the waiver wire. Should we take anything away from this? Maybe the Bengals are looking to trade McCarron or would he just be an arm for training camp?
  4. There's 6 rounds left and plenty of WR's left that can contribute in a huge way their 1st year
  5. I got a chub. Full boner if they pick him if available . Burfict & Lee together would just be insane.
  6. It's comical that people rate Fuller higher than Thomas
  7. He also talked about Marvin Jones too.. I didn't realize the Bengals offered more money than Detroit did but he wanted to go be a #1 WR . Lol. Fuck him.
  8. I figured they would have an all orange uniform but then I found out that's what's planned for Miami. Bummer.
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