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  1. I was on the Bush hype train. I was pretty pissed when Pittsburgh traded up. I had no idea who Jonah was when his name was called. I think the Bengals would've taken William's regardless. There was a stat at some point later last season that the Bengals defense had played enough snaps to equal a full game more than the offense. Jonah should help in keeping the offense on the field which can only help the defense. I've fallen in love with the Jonah pick since watching him interview and some of his tape.
  2. I'd say Eifert and CJ are your game 1 starters. When Eifert gets injured, CJ moves in his spot and Drew takes CJ's. I was mad when they picked Sample. I like Parris Campbell there but Sample was who they wanted so I'm rooting for him to become the best TE ever.
  3. Still mad about that second round. It's one thing to trade back and not get fair value but then to draft a projected 4th round back up TE is something else. Redeem yourself today Bengals. Third round was a good start.
  4. Hey I had Campbell going 60 in the draft contest. Too bad I picked Haskins.
  5. What a shit round. Get fleeced on a trade and then draft a projected 4th rounder. Dafuq?
  6. 6 6th rounders is ridiculous. Gotta package some of those up I'd hope.
  7. Haha Rich Eisen just said "see Bengal fans we're not going to commercial right before your pick" who's been harassing poor Rich?
  8. whodey365

    Draft thoughts after Rd 1

    Yeah Risner at 42 would be sweet. LB in 3 sounds good also. Maybe bring in a Jamie Collins for a year or 2.
  9. Likely puts Bobby Hart on the bench and that's a good thing.
  10. Finally! I want Haskins if he's there. Bengals are going to be bad this year and a LB or OL isnt going to change that. Get the best qb in the draft and let him sit behind Dalton for a year.
  11. whodey365

    2019 Draft Talk

    In case it was missed, Lap picked Andre Dillard.
  12. No back to back home games til December. Yikes

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