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  1. can we still get that 2nd rounder for aj?
  2. So much for no injuries. Williams arm looked gross.
  3. Some improvement from Ced. Maybe more than a 3 step drop from the QB if there's time. Tighten up the middle of the field on defense. No injuries. Yep.
  4. Bucs at Bengals!

    john ross is dressed.
  5. According to Guenther, Burfict slipped coming through the hole. Also Gio and Taze were joking on the sideline after. Big stink over nothing.
  6. Marvin Theory

    I agree mostly but say the team goes out and misses the playoffs, I can't imagine Mike and Marvin want to have another press conference like that my had back when Palmer went awol.
  7. Marvin Theory

    I was joking about keeping me up at night. I sleep pretty good other than having to be at work by 430 AM. Marvin at one point lead a record setting defense and who knows what he could do in that role again. I think it's possible that he doesn't get retained after this year especially if we have another losing season. I'm more concerned about Burfict following Marvin and it would be brutal if he followed him to a rival. Hopefully VB gets extended during training camp like he should.
  8. I've been thinking about Marvin and his contract. I think it's likely that if Marvin doesn't win a playoff game this year then he won't be the coach of the Bengals anymore. I also doubt that he'll get another shot at head coach right away but I do think he'll get another coaching job. Defensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns and his good buddy Hue. Son of a bitch the idea keeps me up at night. What worries me even more though is that we have a couple players going into their final years with one of them being the heart of our Defense. If Marvin took over the defense in Cleveland and Burfict hit the open market, fuck me.
  9. Burfict Green Dalton Chad Dillon Rudi HM: Boomer
  10. Every team has fans that believe the league and or officials are against them. Even New England and Pittsburgh.
  11. I was there with a couple buddies. Around the end of the 3rd quarter they were about ready to leave. Luckily I wasn't. That game was awesome. The stadium was so loud by the end it was shaking. One of my favorites.
  12. Core was at taste of NFL last night and says he'll be fine and good to go at the start of training camp.
  13. Compared to Reggie, Williams is young. I think he has potential but I'm giving him a pass on his first year as a starter. It took Nelson some time also. He wasn't an immediate bad ass like he has been the past few years in the league.
  14. Bengals accidentally gave Pac-Man Reggie's money. Reggie was a great safety for us but The Bengals drafted Shawn Williams and he looked great in limited time. Not as good as a starter. He's still young though.

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