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  1. Yeah no chance that's real. I can't imagine what cincy would want for Burfict.
  2. Coleman signed with the Saints on a 3 year deal.
  3. I'd like to see him back on a team friendly deal. If Eifert can avoid injury he's a top 5 TE. A very big if but I'd be pretty salty if he went somewhere else and put up the numbers we all know he can.
  4. I can't imagine anyone believed A.J. would win his grievance. I sure didn't. It definitely sucks the Bengals aren't getting anything for him. They had plenty of opportunity to. Had they not waited til the last possible minute to try and trade him. That was obviously a bungle in hindsight. Oh well hope he goes to the browns and they lose every game again.
  5. Maybe Pitt wont even see NE. GO Jags!!
  6. I don't think the Bengals will ever win one. A playoff game or two maybe. I'm a fan because I was born a half hour north of Cincy. It was forced on me as a child. Cant quit them even if I wanted to. I'll be watching tomorrow just like I do every single weekend they're playing.
  7. Marvin denied the report so apparently the assistants don't feel that way and if they did then why sign in the first place?
  8. I dont buy the whole poorly paid assistants. Did these assistants not sign contracts? The money was right when they signed but now after two poor seasons they're treated unfair?
  9. Well Marvin is denying the ESPN report so wtf?
  10. This is some embarrassing shit. Cleveland sucks ass no doubt and have sucked forever but even they haven't quit this season. The Bengals are a gutless bunch and a reflection of Marvin. After the story broke this morning, Mike should just fire him. This is sad.

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