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  1. whodey365

    Burfict released

    Idc I'm still rooting for Burfict. I might even root for the Raiders a tad if AB wasnt there. Fuck.
  2. whodey365

    Burfict released

    Antonio Brown and Burfict as teammates would be a sight.
  3. whodey365

    Burfict released

    Well this sucks. I know he played poor last year but for awhile there he was my favorite player. I was really hoping hed get a chance to show if he still had it this year.
  4. whodey365

    2019 Free Agency

    I think SF2 is talking about Tyreek Hill. Hill should get a year off like AP did when he abused his child. As far as Hunt goes, 8 games seems like the norm.
  5. Seems to be an upgrade over Redmond. Maybe Hart will benefit from having a little more talent next to him. We can all only hope.
  6. Yeah I understood at the time why Whit wasnt resigned. It's just reading the way the Bengals went about it is what kind of grinds my gears.
  7. whodey365

    Josh Rosen

    Apparently Rosen has removed everything related to the Cardinals from his social media. I'd see if theyd take a 3rd this year and go from there.
  8. Damn. What makes it worse is realizing how much Whit really wanted to stay in Cincy and likely would've had the Bengals even just made a respectable offer. Troy's text saying "good luck with your new team, I guess" is laughable. This team will never do anything but I'll keep rooting for them to try.
  9. Absolutely! On the cheap though. Without any stats to back it up, it felt like the offense went south after Eifert was lost last year.
  10. Yup its time to allow penalties or non calls to be reviewed. Not calls like false start but that NFC P.I. non call should be reviewable. Yikes that was bad.
  11. whodey365

    DC Options

    Rapaport said Brian Callahan. I just figured he meant Bill but Brian is his son and current QB coach with Oakland.
  12. whodey365

    DC Options

    Iran rapaport says Bill Callahan to OC assuming Redskins dont block the move and Del Rio to DC.
  13. Indy OL coach fired today. Frank Reich wanted his own guy. Coach was left over from Josh McDaniels hire. Might be worth a look. Indy had a pretty stout OL this year.

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