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  1. If the dolphins or any other team make a ridiculous offer to come up then yes you have an argument there, Although there was a report somewhere yesterday I think that the Dolphins have no interest in moving up to number 1. Could be smoke screen who knows. One of the biggest bungals in history was not taking the insane offer from the Saints. I'd also like to point out that the personal attacks aren't necessary it's not that serious,
  2. People know we have more than one pick this year right? I don't think anyone here at least is claiming Burrow is going to just turn this franchise around by him self. We realize that the OL, LB and secondary needs work. You have to start some where and why not start with the most important position in football with probably the greatest college QB season in history. Burrow could absolutely bust but so could Chase. We'll see.
  3. Bengals should just let the clock expire since they'll fuck up whoever they draft anyway!!!!
  4. I've been all in on Burrow for awhile now but the Dolphins do have the fire power to make a trade interesting.
  5. I've got my room booked from the 22nd to 25th. I'll probably just do day 1 at the draft because I've never been to Vegas. I'm pretty sure they're going to set it up around the new Raiders stadium which looks bad ass btw.
  6. LB class is supposedly weak this draft, No idea where the LB Murray from Oklahoma is projected or if he's even entering the draft but I like him.
  7. I'm going to Vegas for the draft. Merry Christmas!!!
  8. Obviously want to lock up the 1st pick today but didnt want to get dominated on the process.
  9. On his Birthday? Savage. This was long overdue. Andy has had an actual decent pocket mist of the year but hes playing like hes under pressure every snap. Dude looks shell shocked. All you need to see is the horrendous throw to Tate on the sideline last week. I would've pulled Dalton right there. This gives us a chance to see if Finley has anything. If not (likely) draft a qb number 1. I like Burrow.
  10. Whatd they finish last year 0-7? Pretty much the same team that finished last year although the OL may be worse. Massive lack of talent.
  11. I don't think this team is trying to tank. Take a QB next draft and let him sit for a year while you build the line. Only strategy they have.
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