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  1. totally expected a loss. come on 3-1 team leading the patriots against a 1-3 team that only beat the browns. pleasantly surprised here. kept waiting for the worst thing to happen every drive and 3 of them it did. luckily the defense came up big today. 3 turnovers and a win is massive. 2-3 into the bye after the way this team looked in the first couple is huge. fuck the stealers and get to 3-3 whodey.
  2. lol couldn't make it to the thread today. watched every minute but the thread is awesome.
  3. I voted no. If they win this weekend and get 2-3 going into the bye I'd feel better. 1 and 4 will be difficult to come back from.
  4. lol you are definitely new around here. That's pretty tame for this site.
  5. makes no sense. pac man gives us nothing anymore other than holding calls and getting burnt.
  6. just had to keep them out of the end zone. thats it. mother fucker.
  7. they arent going to call rogers for grounding when we had 12 men on the field that play.

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