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  1. I dont buy the whole poorly paid assistants. Did these assistants not sign contracts? The money was right when they signed but now after two poor seasons they're treated unfair?
  2. Well Marvin is denying the ESPN report so wtf?
  3. This is some embarrassing shit. Cleveland sucks ass no doubt and have sucked forever but even they haven't quit this season. The Bengals are a gutless bunch and a reflection of Marvin. After the story broke this morning, Mike should just fire him. This is sad.
  4. watching that game its hard to think they aren't playing for draft position. Obviously unlikely but that's how bad it looked.
  5. Clean house. Everybody top to bottom. It's crazy when you look at the Bears production through the season and they come in here and just obliterate their averages. On both sides of the ball. It ain't just one thing here or there that needs to change its all of it.
  6. People actual paid money to watch this team quit.
  7. I think they spiked it? Or Marvin called a timeout lol.
  8. Every series has me scratching my. What the fuck was that sequence?
  9. This is some pathetic defense on display. Shit.
  10. Nope they look like they ain't doing this shit today.
  11. I can get behind this. Interested to see where he's projected with that fresh Rimington award.

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