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  1. Looks like a much easier schedule on paper but with so much of a roster overhaul and the time it may take to gel I'll say 6 wins.
  2. I saw a pretty sweet bengals helmet edit somewhere I'll try and find it but it had less stripes and the ones that remained were thicker. It looked awesome and probably the only change to the helmet I'd be cool with. Found it.
  3. Amen!! Fuck Jeremy Hill.
  4. I'll root for him wherever he ends up. Other than the North.
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001112321/article/bengals-releasing-qb-andy-dalton-after-nine-seasons
  6. Wonderful off season. I am concerned about the O line but not everything can be fixed in one off season. I thought we had a great draft and really like the Higgins pick. Gives Burrow a WR to grow with and he's young at 21 years old. I look at last year as a wash. Lost AJ, Jonah and Boling immediately. Then the Cordy fiasco wtf was that? The first 8-9 games were really brutal with only 1 of the first 4 being at home. Looking back I feel like Zac was dealt about the shittiest hand one could be dealt and now hopefully we get to see what he can really do as a coach.
  7. The Ravens really owned this draft. Queen, Dobbins, Harrison and Proche. They got a haul. Dobbins and Lamar yikes.
  8. Yeah Jones is who I'm looking at. PFF had him as the top pass blocking OT last year. I also like Mims and Pittman.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cincinnati.com/amp/3002669001
  10. Theres a story on Cincinnati.com that a Patriots jet was at Wellington air pack last night. No idea why or If its satire.
  11. It would take the Bengals absolutely fleecing Miami. I'm thinking all the picks. At least all 1s and 2s this year and a 1 and 2 next year. I don't know if Brown even goes for that. He passed up a ridiculous offer to stay put and draft Akili Smith. You can't write a better story than Joe Burrow to the Bengals and it's the quickest way to get fans back in the stands. Also you have to wonder if Brown would rather pay 1 first round picks salary as opposed to 3 this year. If Cincy did trade out I'd look at Herbert or just ride Dalton 1 more year.
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