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  1. Burfict Green Dalton Chad Dillon Rudi HM: Boomer
  2. Every team has fans that believe the league and or officials are against them. Even New England and Pittsburgh.
  3. I was there with a couple buddies. Around the end of the 3rd quarter they were about ready to leave. Luckily I wasn't. That game was awesome. The stadium was so loud by the end it was shaking. One of my favorites.
  4. Core was at taste of NFL last night and says he'll be fine and good to go at the start of training camp.
  5. Compared to Reggie, Williams is young. I think he has potential but I'm giving him a pass on his first year as a starter. It took Nelson some time also. He wasn't an immediate bad ass like he has been the past few years in the league.
  6. Bengals accidentally gave Pac-Man Reggie's money. Reggie was a great safety for us but The Bengals drafted Shawn Williams and he looked great in limited time. Not as good as a starter. He's still young though.
  7. Apparently tmz has a video of him going ape shit. Internet is already blasting him. I watched the video. He was mad but who wouldn't be?
  8. Anyone that lumps Burfict in with off the field issues lose all credibility.
  9. Is cody core practice squad eligible? I can't see the Bengals carrying 7 WR on the roster.
  10. Straight outta Cincinnati. Pretty cool little read on Kroger history.
  11. Dude, Kroger is national and the biggest grocery store chain in America. Also I've heard it's actually a decent place to work with a union and everything but I completely agree that the line needs some serious love. Every other position group is serviceable. OL, LB and maybe a DB today sounds right to me.
  12. I feel the same way. Except Burfict. I'd have his babies.
  13. Yup right when the Vikings traded up, the heads were talking about how this would be a good spot for Mixon and then 7 picks or so later the Bengals take him and they're all like WTF!!!