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  1. whodey365

    Fight after the game...

    Infuriating!! AJ caught a ball inside the red zone and went out of bounds to stop the clock also iirc.
  2. The biggest bull shit of this game is Mixon carrying the ball 10 times. Why the fuck?
  3. What is this play calling though? It's raining, receivers are dropping everything and the bengals aren't even lining up with a back in the back field.
  4. If Austin doesn't get it figured out maybe try the LB coach whats his name at Coordinator, He has head coach experience.
  5. Yup. Fired Leslie Frazier and Marvin took over the Defense.
  6. Nice td but just hasn't felt like a win all day. Defense sucks but needs a stop right now.
  7. whodey365

    Props to Trey

    Yup props to the whole line. Was very surprised to leave that game with no sacks.
  8. whodey dont care how ugly feelsgoodman
  9. gotta get some kind of points right now

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