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  1. On his Birthday? Savage. This was long overdue. Andy has had an actual decent pocket mist of the year but hes playing like hes under pressure every snap. Dude looks shell shocked. All you need to see is the horrendous throw to Tate on the sideline last week. I would've pulled Dalton right there. This gives us a chance to see if Finley has anything. If not (likely) draft a qb number 1. I like Burrow.
  2. Whatd they finish last year 0-7? Pretty much the same team that finished last year although the OL may be worse. Massive lack of talent.
  3. I don't think this team is trying to tank. Take a QB next draft and let him sit for a year while you build the line. Only strategy they have.
  4. I'm about to board the fire taylor train. I know he has injuries everywhere but the players on offense havent changed much and they continue to fail week in to produce even first downs. Forget points. Ridiculous.
  5. If I was in charge, i would cal Rex Ryan and give him a blank check to come coach the defense. Gives Zac that Wade Phillips type that Mcvay has and Rex has had some great defenses. If you cant get Rex try Jack Del Rio again. There's not enough experience on the coaching staff and a veteran DC could be a big help.
  6. Tbh I feel bad for Zac. Pretty unbelievable start with the injuries and retirements. This team is void of talent. Is anyone really that surprised they're this bad?
  7. Giving 2 teams their first win in back to back weeks is pretty bad. Worst Bengal team that I can remember in quite awhile.
  8. Webb might be the shittiest corner I've ever seen. Huge offseasons acquisition lol.
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