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  1. I think they're awesome. I hated the previous uniform other than color rush. White on white is my favorite followed by black on black.
  2. I'll be there. Inlaws live up there. Hotels are all booked up that weekend and supposedly they're making room on streets for the draft.
  3. Zac should've been fired weeks ago at least no later than the Dunlap fiasco. Carlos getting 11 snaps a game and Geno can't beat out a guy named Christian Covington? Shouldve fired Zac and have Simmons interim the rest of the year to at least see if he has any capability. Now the main reason for attracting a quality coach has his knee torn to shit and nobody knows how he'll recover til at least draft season.
  4. 5-10-1 Vegas had Bengals at 5.5 games this season so I'll go with that.
  5. Also if any firings happen in season I'd think bye week after Tennessee.
  6. IDK Wade Phillips? Honestly anybody other than Anarumo.
  7. Good teams win Great teams cover! Can we fire Zac yet? I've seen enough.
  8. According to Bengals beat writer Ben Baby, the Bengals only have 3.8 million in wiggle room til they unload Dalton's 17 million. EL OH EL!
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