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  1. whodey365

    Iloka cut?

    If it was just for financial reasons why not cut mj93? I dont like this move. George has been really solid and still quite young.
  2. I thought they looked really good. Joe didnt find a bunch of room but Gio did. Both went against the same defense.
  3. news flash Ogbuhei still blows!!!
  4. nope. I was listening to pregame on iheart and around 6:55 they gave the whole spiel about how they cant stream nfl games via internet. Gotta buy the game pass crap.
  5. its not streaming on internet radio because rules.
  6. anybody else in Dayton area have NFLN blacked out currently? Was trying to check on Browns and Giants and get Blacked out message. I thought blackouts were only 75 miles around stadium.
  7. whodey365

    Urban Meyer, anyone?

    This whole Urban Meyer situation is bull shit. So the battered wife tells Urban's wife that she's battered and supposedly tells Urban. Urban then asks the abuser about it and he denies the abuse. The battered doesn't report it and now Urban is the villain? WTF is going on here?
  8. whodey365

    Lafell released

    Seems strange that they've been "lobbying for his release for some time now".
  9. PUP https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/7/26/17616440/bengals-te-tyler-eifert-begin-training-camp-pup-list-back-injury
  10. Time for some more redeeming!!! Nah Adam was in the right here but sure sucks when trouble seems to always find you.
  11. I think you get the same seat every game. I went to buy the pass and you could pick your seat.
  12. Yeah thinking bout doing this. I try to go to at least 1 game a year and I usually spend around 150 a ticket and I sit in the 300s anyway. I prefer it up there. Was already planning on going to the TNF home opener this year so I might as well just get the jungle pass. I'd love to have season tickets but I work every other Sunday so if I can't make it to a game with jungle pass I'm only out 20 bucks. A great deal indeed.

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