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  1. It would take the Bengals absolutely fleecing Miami. I'm thinking all the picks. At least all 1s and 2s this year and a 1 and 2 next year. I don't know if Brown even goes for that. He passed up a ridiculous offer to stay put and draft Akili Smith. You can't write a better story than Joe Burrow to the Bengals and it's the quickest way to get fans back in the stands. Also you have to wonder if Brown would rather pay 1 first round picks salary as opposed to 3 this year. If Cincy did trade out I'd look at Herbert or just ride Dalton 1 more year.
  2. I was for the idea of getting 3 first rounders from Miami until someone on twitter asked would you trade Joe Burrow for the Bengals last 3 1st round picks? Would you do it for the Bengals last 5 1st round picks?
  3. we'll get our B.W. Webb and John Jerry types when free agency starts in Cincy next week. Just be patient.
  4. According to Bengals beat writer Ben Baby, the Bengals only have 3.8 million in wiggle room til they unload Dalton's 17 million. EL OH EL!
  5. I'm thinking about going to the open house this Saturday. I've never had season tickets. Usually go to 1-2 games a year and last year was the 49er game. I said never again after that game. I like to sit in the 300s first couple of rows but before I decide to actually commit to 10 games a year I'm going to wait and see what this off season looks like.
  6. He talked about it. LSU strength coach family owns a cigar shop and handed them out after the game. Burrow was waiting to do his presser and decided to smoke it while waiting. Says it was his first and only time smoking a cigar.
  7. Unless a team like Miami offers the farm, Joe Burrow will be selected first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals and he will play for them.
  8. I just had a buddy say the same shit to me last night. "The playoffs are good enough for ownership they dont want to win more than that." Yeah because winning in the playoffs wouldn't put more butts in seats. Okay....
  9. I was 3 in 88 so no hate here. I want to believe had the Bengals won one of those games that they'd be an entirely different franchise now. I don't really care who wins but my step dad is a huge 9er fan so that'd be kind of cool for him. Also I went to the San Fran game this year and met a bunch of 9er fans and they were all really cool.
  10. The smart move would've been to hire a QB coach to head coach. No?
  11. Obviously Dalton plays a huge role in this with his quick release but it seems like the OL isn't in as bad of shape.
  12. If the dolphins or any other team make a ridiculous offer to come up then yes you have an argument there, Although there was a report somewhere yesterday I think that the Dolphins have no interest in moving up to number 1. Could be smoke screen who knows. One of the biggest bungals in history was not taking the insane offer from the Saints. I'd also like to point out that the personal attacks aren't necessary it's not that serious,
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