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  1. Nah they signed OSU long snapper. Forget his name. Nick Seme. I think he was only in over the weekend for a tryout. Bengals had him at long snapper but listed as DL by the Buckeyes. Interview with him on first page of thread.
  2. My buddy married a stealer "fan". Before he did he asked her what she thought of the bus. She had no idea who that was. More than likely shes not an actual fan. She bought that shirt because Goodwill was all out of Yankee shirts.
  3. Draft started well day 1 and 2 but idk about today.
  4. Guess they're content with ced, Fisher and hart on the right side?
  5. Did Arden key get drafted or the 1 handed linebacker?
  6. Lol Rick hates this draft.
  7. Notebloom or Reid?
  8. they traded a free comp pick to move up 22 spots good deal
  9. oh we still have 11? cool
  10. 12 picks is a little much.
  11. traded way back damn
  12. we have 11 picks lol why trade back unless youre trying to come back up?

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