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  1. Brain cramp. I actually said Whitesnake originally but went and edited it for some reason. Awesome reference though.
  2. Extra points for playing Def Leopard while working on a vintage muscle car.
  3. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Nah. I don't ignore people simply because we might disagree on something. Just tired of politics on both sides.
  4. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    I am not going to get into a political debate with you. Your comparison was innacurate and disrespectful to the people that actually lived/died during that era. We get enough of that junk from the shitheads on both sides. We don't really need it here in a football forum.
  5. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    If he was an elite QB he would be on a roster right now. Way to bring up the holocaust though. you are awesome.
  6. Unfortunately perception is reality and stirring the proverbial pot is more important than the truth in sports media and broader media. Oderint Dum metuant.
  7. Had never heard that. My father was stationed at Ft. Bliss TX at the time so we did not get much in the way of Bengal news. I always thought he simply chose MNF over another year. It it seems odd now but before the internet was widespread we got very little Bengal news out west. A few highlights on the evening news if we were lucky and two games a year vs the Oilers was about it.
  8. To this day I think we would have had something the next year if he had stayed. I understood the MNF gig was a big deal but man I wanted him to come back. One my favorite stretches of Bengal football outside of 1981 and 1988.
  9. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    This is the NFL. Ray Rice was black balled because his skills were eroded. Same thing with Kaepernick. If either were outstanding players they would have been on a time pretty quickly. Not saying it is right or wrong either way but the NFL is a business.
  10. Ron~Popeil

  11. Onto the Patriots

    Something does feel off. My theory is that in trying to appease the league and the media we lost our defensive edge. Our defensive identity is swagger and physical toughness. Not any more.
  12. Is it possible that in trying to placate the league and talking heads that we lost our edge? Last years team would hammer this squad.
  13. Down 28-0 and Dre celebrating a routine pass defense.....

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