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  1. They rebuilt half the offensive line this off season. The skill players were not the problem.
  2. Yeah look how shitty the Geno Atkins pick turned out. Fuckin 32 inch smurf arms.
  3. He is the reason they make sand paper dildos. Just needs to be butt hurt about something.
  4. I live in western PA. Most people here are nice but there is a large contingent of horrific human beings that think the relative success of their chosen team somehow equates to their own personal station in life. They are obnoxious when their team wins and hilariously so when they lose. The schadenfreude makes it bearable. Especially the superbowl loss to the Packers and the loss this year to the Jags.
  5. I was at this one with my Father as well. It was my first game ever as he had just retired from the army and we moved home to SW Ohio. He became a Bengals fan from the very beginning. My parents first date was a Bengals game at Nippert stadium. He passed 13 months ago at 4:34 pm literally as the clock was expiring as the Bengals beat the Eagles. The game wasn't important but my Mother insisted that we turn it on for him in his hospital room. He was unconscious with no brain activity by that point but I like to think that somewhere on some level he enjoyed that last one. It is interesting the way sports can mark time in life. All of my greatest memories of Dad involved the Reds or the Bengals in some way.
  6. Ron~Popeil

    'New' Truck

    I see that all the time here in Pennsitucky. We have annual emissions inspections here so I am not sure how they get away with it. I don't really care about the politics of it, but it does create a safety hazard. Add that to the ubiquitous stealer sticker on the bumper and you have your average hill billy yinzer.
  7. Ron~Popeil

    To toke or not to toke?

    It so happens that my state of PA will be starting its medicinal marijuana program in 2018. I have relapse/remitting multiple sclerosis which is a qualifying condition. I have never tried it but am curious as to whether or not it would actually be worth the hoops to get my card ($200 and a 3 hour round trip drive to a doctor in Pittsburgh.) Has anyone in other medicinal states used it for pain management or nerve disorders? My father died of agent orange related Parkinsons' disease last year and never used it because my mother was worried about how it might affect his VA benefits. I kind of think it might have made his last years more bearable for him. I have worked at home as a currency trader since the diagnosis in 2014 so no employer drug test concerns to speak of. I am a libertarian so I don't really care about the politics of it, I just wonder if the benefit would be worth the expense and travel. I am okay to travel most of the time but it is difficult when I am in relapse mode. Any politics free advice would be welcome.
  8. Ron~Popeil

    Pick Plays

    Only illegal if your zip code isn't 02035, 15212, or 54304.
  9. This team was beaten before kickoff. You can tell by their body language that they are mailing it in. Started in the locker room in Pittsburgh.
  10. Ron~Popeil

    2018 Coaching prospects

    Jim Tressel. No ninja.
  11. He is exactly right, he needed more carries. You don't complain about it publicly though.
  12. I could deal with that provided my other conditions are met. If for no other reason than it would cause a ton of heartburn here in western PA.
  13. I am a Marvin fan and will always be thankful to him for making us relevant again after the 1990s. At some point though, the next step needs to be taken. I don't think he is capable of taking us there.
  14. GM Marvin Lewis hires his friend Bill Cowher. Burdock shreds Big Jen's knee on the way to our first superbowl win.

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