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  1. Zak is not a legit NFL coach and Joe B knows it after another shitty game plan and coaching. Why would he sign a second contract here? If things don't change soon I think JB starts thinking about a better opportunity to get back to a SB somewhere else.
  2. Wow, how do you not tie it there on the road? what a fucking loser call.
  3. I've read he had an ankle issue but still...Perine is a good backup with blocking skills but when do we see what Evans has to offer as a RB for more than a play here and there?
  4. I think Krumrie is a no brainer. I voted Fulcher 2nd, do people not remember the area he had in Riverfront that hosted Fulchers Vultures? He was a great safety who could change games as a roving hard hitter. He was Jack Tatum, an enforcer type player that played cleaner, LOL. And I still think we should add 3-5 nominees every year, we have plenty of good players to do that.
  5. Again not playing this 75% new line together all preseason was stupid and now we are paying for it in real wins and losses.
  6. Not the first time he's done that actually. His last play which he was penalized for by ripping off a players helmet was a bit much also. He's a dirty player trying to live up to his brother's career...fuck him.
  7. Released yes, but I think it's one of those handshake deals where the player is "promised" a spot if he doesn't bolt to another team. He's not subject to the waiver wire and claims from other teams.
  8. Welp, none of my bootleg streaming sites are working, gonna have to fix that in the next 3 weeks, damn.
  9. Another putrid contribution to the NFL by the Browns. Too much money for the amount of brains in that franchise.
  10. I'm real OK with this years selections although I said last year there should be 3-5 selections the first 2 years to jump start our ROH. If Krumrie isn't in next year it's all bullshit anyway 😆
  11. So you think Bates will definately be resigned? In time to lift FT or next year?
  12. Looks like he got his height from Mom, LOL. Excellent research and info as usual BJ, thanks for your efforts.
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