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  1. What is the standard, because Vigil and Brown are fringe talents at best. It's hard to develop on the bench, for him not to get any snaps even in a blowout like last week doesn't make any sense.
  2. Name one player that is in the HOF that openly quit on a team.
  3. I thought this new day was about playing the rookies, why add only one LB this offseason despite the obvious needs and not play him?
  4. He's also a HOF'er, no in the HOF has ever quit on a team.
  5. I hope you are right I'm sure that there were a few blown assignments that caused these wide open spaces on the field, I can assure that's not how it was designed. The defense had zero discipline last Sunday, they fell for every misdirection and screen play they Niners ran, that's on the players as they have seen these plays before but they didn't play like it. It's a New Dey, so obviously not...
  6. Dunlap was upfront about the effort, I didn't hear from Kirkpatrick and I can't say that I wanted too...he's pretty much useless in my book, he should go back to making shitty rap music because this football thing ain't working out. The "moral" victory at Seattle was more bad than good, the Bengals were acting like they won that game when in reality they didn't, although they should have. They should have been pissed off, not encouraged and played angry vs. SF instead of that weak sauce they displayed on Sunday. There are no participation trophies in the NFL, either you win or lose. If you lose games you should win it's not a moral victory because the media thinks you will be a shitty team and you actually compete. That's a loser/little brother mentality, it breeds a false sense of security and mediocrity.
  7. Agreed, it's not like the 5-2 defense didn't put guys in the proper places to make the play last week, the players just didn't make any plays. Kirkpatrick was awful last week, the LBs looked scared to hit anyone, and the DL, except for Geno, couldn't do much of anything. Every team puts up a clunker of a game throughout the season, hopefully last week was the floor for the Bengals.
  8. Rudolph looked pretty good, I wouldn't be surprised if he played well. Ben was probably playing hurt and holding the team back, so maybe Rudolph is an upgrade over Ben. If that is the case then the trade will work out, getting a top talent in an area of need is good business.
  9. I wasn't there but from watching the game on TV it seemed like some guys weren't laying it all out, specifically #27 &#52. That was a pitiful defensive performance, one of the worst of all time and the stats back that up. The defensive alignments worked well in Seattle, it was the effort and the tackling that wasn't the same. As for the booing, atleast it shows that the fans are emotionally invested in the outcome of the game.
  10. Whomever put this roster together needs to be fired, going into the season with this oline and LB corp was a disaster waiting to happen.
  11. That's important, hopefully they will rebound and play better in the following weeks.
  12. Yeah let's not act like Dalton didn't directly contribute to this loss by his fumbles and inconsistent play. Dalton in the 3rd quarter left a lot to be desired. Sure he threw for a bunch of yards, but ultimately the Bengals lost a game they should have won.
  13. The NFL was started by organization crime bosses, the information is readily available for anyone to find. If you think billionaires are going to leave the result of games up, in which billions of dollars are wagered every week, to random chance and not do everything in their power to influence the outcomes then you are naive at best. Every week there are way too blatant of missed calls that occur that have direct influence on the outcome of the game to just be coincidental. If you think the NFL isn't fixed then I bet you think that WWE is real as well, it's all sports entertainment.
  14. But it provides more opportunities to sell advertising via commercials....after all it's a business first and foremost.
  15. He was slightly above average in some areas and slightly below in others. Last night was awful, he has to improve dramatically if the Bears are going to do anything. The other teams are going to force him to beat them by throwing the ball and based on last night he doesn't look capable.
  16. Trubisky looked awful, the Bears passed on Mahommes and Watson for this guy....someone is getting fired if he doesn't improve. The Bears lost to their most hated rival at home even though they gave up only 10 points, something they haven't done since 1932. They wasted a great defensive performance, holding a future HOFer to 10 points isn't easy.
  17. The Bengals are going to have a big test of their physical and mental toughness on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how they respond to the crowd noise and physical nature of the game. On offense the Seahawks are going to want to pound the run as their WR corp is inexperienced and banged up, the defense will have to bow their backs and make them pass the ball. On defense the Seahawks have a solid front seven but can be beat in the long passing game. Can the Bengals protect Dalton long enough to give him enough time to find the open guy and can they run the ball enough to stay out of 3rd and long situations which will allow the pass rush and crowd noise to become a factor? We shall see Sunday afternoon.
  18. The Seahawks will be dealing with a few notable injuries, especially to their WR corp... https://12thmanrising.com/2019/09/03/seahawks-injuries-bengals-game/
  19. I think the Bengals will use a 5-2-4 defense when they are not in a nickel package. It's the only reason why keeping 11 DL and 4 LB makes sense.
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