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  1. The scholarship is more like an HB-1 Visa these tech companies use to enslave Asian immigrants who come to the US. 44% of Facebook’s employees are Asians with the majority immigrants from India. If you screw up, you lose your sponsorship and go hone in shame. Same with a college scholarship.
  2. There will be too many high end HC jobs available for Bieniemy to even give us a call back. The fact that he played here is probably a BAD thing after being in Kansas City. This would be his last resort.
  3. There is no excuse for 3 of their QBs to get taken out by contact tracing. What, they all got in the hot tub with Driskel?
  4. Any player has to be under contract and be a member of the player’s union. You cant simply suit up and play for fun.
  5. Just make sure it is slow developing instead of a jet sweep.
  6. Maybe they just didn’t want to waste the bandwidth?
  7. That’s not true. Paying for Joe’s rehab is money out of the Brown’s own pocket. And they had to sign another QB pushing them farther over the mandatory 95% salary cap minimum. Again more trust fund money spent. Think man!
  8. I would love to read the police report: NFL coach jabs finger into back of Vontaze Burfict’s neck, has limb ripped off.
  9. Good job Driskel! Gets the Covid and all the other QBs got too close to him for too long. You would think these teams would have figured out the proximity trackers by now.
  10. In case you didn’t realize this, there are plenty of tickets available for today’s game. Endzone seats can be had for $21. Good Field Level seats are $80 to $90 and even the best club seats available (2seats midfield Bengals side Sec 211 & 209) can be bought for $59 to $72 a piece. Considering there are only 12,000 seats available those figures are quite stunning and sad. https://www.vividseats.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals-tickets/bengals-11-29-3524424.html
  11. And the fact is Kap has already turned down offers to be a backup. The Ravens were set to offer him a contract until his girlfriend set out a Tweet comparing Ray Lewis to a slave owner. Nobody needs that shit.
  12. You want a guy who was 3-16 his last 2 years, averaged 177 yards per game passing lifetime, and completed less than 60% of his passes? What, because for 1 year he was successful in a gimmick offense on a team with the #2 defense? An offense that relied on his legs which are now 7 years older and everyone knows how to stop? Pass.
  13. Come on Harry, us Old timers know what happens next. Allen wins 2 or 3 games and has us competitive in most. Coach Zac looks brilliant and all is good. Next year we start off 0-8 and some radio guy is stuck up on a billboard for two months. It’s what we do.
  14. It is interesting that 2 of the most famous athletes in history are not well known in the US and no Clapton, not a knock on you just how the US rolls. 3 times as many people watch the UEFA Champions League final than the Super Bowl each year. The World Cup final will typically beat the Super Bowl by a factor of 15 to 20.
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