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  1. I don't think you are a troll and am very OK with your input. If the Bengals do draft Joe Burrow, then what for you? Giving up your tix and the team? I hope not.
  2. Be kind and benevolent, Mr Spicoli. He's a little Ohio State pixilated because the best part of him squirted out between the gap in Archie Griffin's front teeth.
  3. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Terrible comparison, Crackfish Bob. God Forbid! Didn't he go to the UFL (whaterver) rather than be picked by the Bengals? You know, my , Pumpkin's father's quote about going to bed thinking we had Steve Young?
  4. I don't understand why you are so skeptical about drafting Joe Burrow and seem to be into trading down. Its like if you have a chance to take the hottest girl in school to the prom and she's willing to go with you, you blow her off for 3rd best or lower. It isn't like this opportunity is going to roll around with us needing a quarterback and a great looking one right there for the picking and a local product to boot.
  5. Not impressed or under impressed at best. Bounced around some. coached offense and defense. Sounds like a one eyed jack of all trades and ace of none. I think they could have done better and done better in house ie Duffner. Waiting for the "he came cheap" chants which, tbh, may be right.
  6. Steve Tovar ... Joe Kelly Even if the Bengals did trade down with the Miami Hairy Blow Holes (God forbid!) Clemson's Simmons wouldn't be there for their first pick. LB crew so incredibly thin this year that I don't think there will even be anyone there at the top of the second round, even a slider, who would be better than the best O Line or Wide Receiver who slides out of the first. I'm thinking WR to shore up that crew with undependable John Loss III.
  7. Maybe with his money he can buy our LaRosa's and replace that shitty sweet sauce they drown everything in. Just don't fuck with Graeter's.
  8. Are people actually overlooking the fact that Joe actually likes Cincinnati? Easy three hour drive for his parents from Athens. Come up the night before the home games, stay at the Westin, dinner at a Jeff Ruby restaurant, Ruth's Christ or Mortons, sit in the owners box for the game, dine on Gold Star Chili after the game. Does it get any better than this? No, I don't think so.
  9. Fellow OU alum son saw the below sig on Facebook. Well worth posting here. I will leave it as my sig for awhile bc pretty large. Original article from the NY Times. Where were the local rags and Hobson? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/13/sports/as-joe-burrow-spoke-of-hunger-his-hometown-felt-the-lift.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share&fbclid=IwAR0jfV0Ff8n1QVCA5pBiFA4pyMMrtZJ-kvebSwe-Bi_4xKf81CF-b4XBVd8
  10. Beckham must have been really drunk and mistook the LSU players for NFL refs. Too lazy to look it up but Athens Joe was almost arrested for smoking a see-gar in the non smoking locker room.
  11. Maybe they were filming Andy Dalton as a potential replacement for Mr Giselle's replacement. Anyway, I think they should forfeit their first round draft choice to us since we were the victims. And we know there was no way they could have won that game without some insider information. Not their first? At least their third since they already don't have a second rounder.
  12. He also has the 4th highest score on the Jurassic Park first person shooter video game in the lobby of the Cinemark Western Hills 14 under the name A.S.S. and it only cost him $27,000 to earn it.
  13. Next year the Browns will have the first pick in the draft and take him for Baker Chokefield's replacement. Trevor the Transgender will fit right in as their next ass hat bust.
  14. Ross's hours of practice and experience to say nothing of his veteran leadership will help Joe improve his skills at Super Mario Cart.
  15. Excuse me, please Not to be rude. It wasn't me It was my food. Here I sit broken hearted Came to poop and only farted. Hmmmm... Tennessee Titans DBacks coach and West Side Football God left the team to return to coaching at The OSU. Cincinnati's DBacks coach left for (who cares) leaving us with an opening. We can't interview or poach a coach while his team is still in the playoffs but nothing to prevent us from pursuing a college coach. Getting Kerry Combs here would be a good move. Strong ties and following in the community and he has lots of experience recruiting players from his years at Colerain. oops... Sorry for the interruption. Where were we? Oh, yeah. Bashing Zac. Can Mike Brown be far behind. Carry on
  16. Smart guy, I also hope he was smart enough to invest wisely. Carolina just took a hella hit that will affect their draft strategy significantly. One more linebacker taken in the first round of the draft, one fewer candidate to slide to the first pick in round two. God Bless and good luck to a guy I had wanted to see in orange and black since he was drafted.
  17. The list isn't mine. Its from the article and all your questions are answered, including the CAP money. A.J. has said if he does not have a contract and is franchised he will not come to the voluntary mini camp and probably hold out preseason. I want him under contract and here for a few years for veteran stability for the new quarterback and not a temp who will be gone in a year or we go through the same dog and pony show again. Brandon Scherff has been mentioned a few times as a FA. Losing Glenn frees up a boatload of $$ that could be used on him with a few bucks in change left over. I think any LB there in the second round will be almost a reach because the field is so thin. Best slider OL or WR. Should be one there. LSU C Cushenberry is a Junior but if he would come out I would like to see him a Bengal with a mid round pick. Bring in Joe's father as a defensive coach. Was defensive coordinator at Ohio University.
  18. From the Enquirer article. Was not bald when he was here.
  19. Yeah, I see your logic. The only thing holding me back right now is I can see spending the big bucks and having them issue him some other number. Looking into getting an Athens High School jersey.
  20. No thanks to Trevor the Transgender under any circumstances. He looks like Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner without any makeup.
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