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  1. Line: Caesars: CIN -2 (-110) Consensus: CIN -1 (-106) Westgate: CIN -1 (-110) Wynn: CIN -2 (-110) Cheech "The Goombah" Pasthalagoo: Cin big win Fageddaboutit Here's how writers around the country see the 49ers-Bengals matchup shaking out: Nick Wagoner, ESPN: 49ers 27, Bengals 23 Ben Baby, ESPN: 49ers 24, Bengals 17 Cynthia Frelund, NFL.com: 49ers 24, Bengals 23 Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk: Bengals 24, 49ers 20 Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk: Bengals 23, 49ers 20 Vincent Frank, Forbes: 49ers 30, Bengals 17 Tyler Dragon, Cincinnati Enquirer: Bengals 24, 49ers 17
  2. I have a square avatar. Speaking of test... Yeah, still works. Carry on and Pittsburgh Sucks
  3. Dear John Ross III. Stay healthy. Catch the ball. Your friend (subject to change), High School Harry
  4. The Bengals are historically and notoriously bad at covering tight ends. Tight ends are a rarity on the streets of San Francisco but the Castro District 69ers have a good tight end in George Kittle. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/9/13/20861667/film-room-can-49ers-te-george-kittle-be-stopped Hopefully the Bengals will be able to fill the void and clog up this San Francisco asshole.
  5. Or water fountain if you can find one and it has enough water pressure to fill the bottle and you want to stand there for five minutes.
  6. Can we lock this thread? It has run its course and time to move on.
  7. Note/reminder to those going to the game ... As Mr Schooler noted elsewhere, this may be the hottest home game ever. Definitely close but hot nonetheless. The Bengals do permit unopened bottles of water to be carried into the stadium. I usually take one and refill it from the sink in the restroom throughout the game. The concession stands inside will not give you an empty cup, will sell you one for the price of a soda. The fans go ape shit bitching over this but the company (not Mike Brown) keeps track of how much soda they sell by counting cups gone. The policy is somewhat different in Pittsburgh where they refill their water bottles in the urinals and bring their own hot dog buns for their famous Floater Sandwiches. Little kraut, little dark mustard, BOOM. Pittsburgh Kielbasa. Carry on.
  8. Take Fat Randy out of the equation and the average drops significantly.
  9. Boomer is the cream of that crop. Would be great to see him make it and I am not a Boomer super fan.
  10. Big Cheech, The Goombah, Pastalazoo who operates out the back room of the Newport Eagles Hall sez he don't give a ratto's retto what NF'nL or you think and if you got a problem with that, he'll make you a soprano but not related to Tony. Cheech said that he took a bath on the point spread as it was and the head ref will have a hard time blowing his whistle in the next game on accounts of he only has four finger and no thumbs on each hand like Chuckie in Sons of Anarchy. Capiche? He also said if the OU stands for Ohio University, the 110 are performing at halftime Sunday. Cheech said the same to you and if you don't get a smaller sig he will play hide the salami in your own personal retto. Badda bing, badda boom.
  11. The Cincinnati Bengals have announced that Jeff Driskel has been waived from the injured reserve and received an injury settlement. He suffered what was initially believed to be a season-ending hamstring injury in the preseason.
  12. This piece of shit should be in a cage for rape and murder of the English language.
  13. Step up and suspend his ass if he wares it again. He's not above the rules. Its not like he plays for the Patriots or anything. Too bad we don't still have Pac or Burf. They would steal it off his wrist and he wouldn't miss it until after the game.
  14. Too bad we couldn't trade him for an O lineman or a 6th round draft pick.
  15. Two of the D linemen were actually on the inactive squad (Brown and Willis) And in late breaking news, we are down to 10 defensive linemen since Willis was just cut and a linebacker added. The Bengals today signed free agent LB LaRoy Reynolds and waived DE Jordan Willis. Reynolds (6-1, 228), a seventh-year player out of the University of Virginia, was originally a college free agent signee of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013. He has spent time with the Jaguars (2013-15), Chicago Bears (’15), Atlanta Falcons (’16-17) and Philadelphia Eagles (’18). He was with the San Francisco 49ers this preseason, but was released on final cuts. Reynolds has played in 84 career games (seven starts), and has 81 tackles and two fumble recoveries. Willis, a third-year player, saw action in 32 games with the Bengals since joining the team as a third-round draft pick in 2017
  16. Goofing on this and what LeTig (I think) said sarcastically (maybe) about having to get the game over in time for 48 Minutes. As you probably know, in professional wrestling, at least in the old days, it was the referee who controlled the match. He's the one who passed off the sliver of razor blade for the blood, he's the one who told Dick the Bruiser and Cowboy Bob Ellis "Let's bring it home" when it was time to end the match in time for the crowd of drunken hillbillies to clear and the wrestlers to be out of the locker rooms by midnight since the Cincinnati Gardens was only rented for the day. Yeah, an exaggeration to say they didn't want to make 60 Minutes any shorter and lose commercial revenue but... Conspiracy Theory Harry the Homer honestly thinks... It was an incomplete pass, not a fumble. One guy obviously had Andy by the top of the shoulder pads, an obvious horse collar. Andy got hit in the face with a helmet. One bad call, two or at least one of two non calls. Incomplete pass, major penalties would have been +15 yards, first down and still some time on the clock for another play or more or at least closer to Randy's field goal range. The Shield did not want the Seagulps to lose breaking their much ballyhooed opening day streak to the lowly Bengals, especially after The Cleveland Golden Browns shit the bed so miserably. Probably not, but food for thought.
  17. Mr Go, Paypal will not accept your paypal@fnnsports.com. for some reason. Suggestions? Would prefer to send to you and have you forward.
  18. Does make one wonder, doesn't it? Ain't gonna happen but I would trade Ericson to New Oakland for a serviceable OT if they have one. After the dumbass fumble Sunday I am having doubts if he could be expendable and the same or better on the roster already.
  19. Great and Ugly geno atkins (5), sam hubbard (4) carl lawson (3), carlos dunlap (2): 14 pressures bobby hart (6), andre smith (5), michael jordan (4): 15 allowed pressures 55 12:14 PM - Sep 9, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy
  20. I really don't want to see Randy get the blame for the loss. He is what he is and we all know it. I would lay the loss more on Kirkpatrick. I honestly think the Seagulps saw that he is an egotistical hot head and can be provoked into doing something moronically stupid very easily. And they did.
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