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  1. And just now, Ohio Gov closing all the bars and restaurants except for carry out and delivery. Hello, Netflix and pizza guy. Good bye, Keto diet.
  2. Let's hope so. There is here at my house, anyway. Uplifting news since they closed Belterra Casino.
  3. Bengals were offering that and free Depends but Kroger is sold out of both in the Coronafrenzy. And if you need TP, you're shit out of luck.
  4. Jonathan Joseph is available. He can pick up where he left off.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/browns-release-veteran-lb-christian-kirksey-6-seasons-152435170--nfl.html Browns just cut LB Christian Kirksey in a financial move. Interested? If the price is right? Worth a thought.
  6. Note the wrist bands for LSU and Athens High School
  7. Isn't that what happened to Placebo Burris? Self inflicted by a loaded pistol with the safety in his pocket? In a night club, saw a hot girl and schwinnnggg BANG!
  8. Ross has blazing speed from the line right up to the first defensive player to jam him about four feet into his route. Also have to factor in that he stops his run downfield to ask directions because he forgot where he is supposed to go. Besides IR.
  9. Chris Smith visited. Signed with Panthers. Used us to up the price? Maybe. But fuck him.
  10. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/03/dre-kirkpatrick-hot-seat-cincinnati-bengals-cut-candidate/ Could Dre Kirkpatrick be on the hot seat this offseason with the Cincinnati Bengals? That's our boy Kirkpatrick, oft-targeted by opposing quarterbacks and Bengals fans alike, carries a hefty cap number into next season. The Zac Taylor-led coaching staff wiggling out of that number and making additions to cornerback through other means has been a consistent hypothetical from the fanbase (and before Taylor’s arrival, really). During a comprehensive look at combine takeaways, Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic might’ve provided the first serious fuel for the proverbial fire: “We’ve likely seen the end of Darqueze Dennard’s time in Cincinnati with both sides focused in other directions. The Bengals would like to use the money saved on letting go of Dre Kirkpatrick to help fund a younger, high-quality replacement.” If Taylor’s staff has seen enough from Kirkpatrick, who posted a 61.7 grade at Pro Football Focus last year and let up three touchdowns on 30 targets, cutting him would certainly make some sense. Kirkpatrick is the team’s third-highest cap charge in 2020 at about $11 million and cutting him would save around $8 million against the cap. But there’s a catch — that would leave the Bengals without a starting boundary player while already losing Darqueze Dennard to the market. The coaching staff presumably likes Darius Phillips, but it would necessitate a starter-quality add in free agency. Both cutting Kirkpatrick and being more active than usual in free agency is probably “believe it when seeing it” material for Bengals faithful. But with Taylor’s staff sitting on a full year of experience and film and not currently scrambling to merely assemble a staff, big changes could be coming.
  11. What he said. Well, assuming someone really super doesn't slide.
  12. Since the old board died, have not seen anyone, don't know who, if anyone still goes. End Zone Russ' (EZR) print shop primo tailgate site closed and has since reopened as a trendy hipster coffee shoppe. Used to tailgate in the open parking lot next to it but that was fenced in and may even have been closed in and turned into some sort of retail or something. I don't know. I don't even pass there now. Go straight down Walnut into the heart of The Banks and over to the stadium. I think they were meeting over the river in KY somewhere but too far to walk from my parking spot by Fountain Square. I would like to run into them again. When I was on the field with Ickey Woods last season we were right in front of the south end zone (and close to 104), was looking for MOC and crew and did not see them. They may have bailed. I would bet C Hamet Bengali/Coyotele is still there. They always hung out until the last minute to go in. I think the guys on here do, too. I have hung around the entrance to 104 looking for an unusual suspect. I go early and chill before going to my seat. Beat the rush through the security and into the stadium.
  13. Not sure about Mims. At least in the second round. Dugger intrigues the hell out of me. Would not break my heart to see him put in stripes at 2 just to see what he can do. Eventual Williams replacement if nothing else and the thought of him and Jesse Bates at safety is a good thought. But if the Bengals do as the Bengals do, round 2 will be a wide receiver with some other juicy prospects still on the board. Who won't be there at 3. Still thinking trade down rather than taking the cream of the crop is a very real Bengal possibility.
  14. My seats are nowhere near. I walk past 104 on the Plaza level on the way to my seats. Would really like to run into you all some time.
  15. Another personal fave is Kiki DeAyla. Don't think he ever made it on the field but makes the Bengals All Name Team whose captain is Samoa Samoa.
  16. The recently departed Buckeye Bozo posted on his Facialbook page that he votes for Steve Tovar.
  17. Maybe not exactly "not priorities" but "more pressing needs elsewhere". Can't wait for the whole draft. Not just the first pick but all the rest. Some really interesting guys will go lower. I so don't want them to do the usual Bengal thing and pick a bunch of chumps with so much talent that will undoubtedly fall into the second and third round. Be great to pick up an extra second rounder for Andy and dump Glenn and perhaps Dre for some extra gelt down the line.
  18. Ge-off Speaks ... For the Bengals second pick, 33rd overall, Hobson has the Bengals taking edge Terrell Lewis from Alabama. Here’s what he says: *** "High Ceiling + Injuries = Bengal For Sure. Maybe third or fourth round but...
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