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  1. Yes. While Chad was busy arriving in a Ford F-600 Tonka truck and wearing some sort of experimental helmet, Ced kept us in that game! Sorry to hear this.
  2. I noticed the interaction of the players with Taylor as well. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it means everything, I don't know. But there is a different energy about the club.
  3. Never read one of those about any team.
  4. Can't stand that guy, strutting around on the sideline like some Mississippi pimp...
  5. I don't know if we'll win a game this year but I'd love to see a well managed game. I've always wondered what that's like.
  6. His pizza looks fiery, explosive and unpredictable, like it could go off and attack a Dominoes pizza after the slightest bit of provocation.
  7. "Is it hot enough for you?" yuck, yuck, yuck....
  8. There's lots of thing I won't miss about ML but this type of shit is right at the top. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lewis was talkative in response to most of Gelb’s questions. But the answers became short and quick when certain topics came up, like why did the Bengals fail in the postseason on his watch? “The other team ended up with more points,” Lewis said.
  9. Isaac Curtis with the 'double hand' over the shoulder ball spike. That's a little more rare than the single hand one.

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