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  1. Yep, nothing but domestic violence responses in the comments. He doesn't exactly have a surplus of goodwill to fall back on and should just STFU.
  2. this will be an easy victory by a score of 27-27.
  3. I mean I can't decide if I want to jerk off like 6 times today or just release a tantric orgasm upon the world in like 2 weeks....
  4. I have a full on rager. I am so hard right now a cat couldn't use my dick as a scratching post.
  5. I am taking a yoga class to assist efforts in self-fellatiating myself in the event of an 0-16 stooler season.
  6. I wonder if Jimmy Garoppolo is still banging that porno chick.
  7. well as they say in ebonics..........we be fucked.
  8. Sandra Bullock in the movie Runaway Bride > Randy Bullock
  9. you expect me to believe all those water bottles and trash are just floating down the river in a huge pile? GTF outta here with that nonsense.
  10. "The crowd has to cheer better, we have to coach better, we have to get better as a team and play better that way. OK?"
  11. All these mature well thought out & reasonable answers to questions is all so foreign to me as a Bengals fan. This is like living in a bizzaro world where up is down, down is up, you say hello when you leave and good by when you arrive.
  12. The entire shit bag organization probably has a rape culture and should be exterminated from the League*. But it won't be because they sell lots of turrible rags to the inbred fuck stick bandwagon turd fan base.
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